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It’d be cool if getting player of the day got you some additional reward. The reward could be a PotD-only piece of gear, an emblem, AC, VM, or some items.

Submitted by 54an3 on Apr 13th 2020
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Buy things in bulk

Make it so I can buy boosters in bulk and infuse in bulk. I'm sure there are other things I should do in bulk but I'm too much of a noob to know yet.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
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Variable AC gift amounts

I’ve noticed multiple people say they were maybe 20-30 AC short of an item, and I would love to help them out, but the minimum gift amount is 100, and if I don’t have at least 100, I can’t do anything.

I propose changing it so that you can gift any amount of AC to a player, just have to type the number in.

Submitted by CatsAndIT on Jul 25th 2020
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Power week 2020 exclusive emblem

If someone were to design an appropriate emblem to represent power week 2020, could it then be distributed to all participants in the competition? Just as a been there done that got the t shirt sorta thing. I'm willing to try and sketch one out if necessary.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on May 3rd 2020
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'Go to [Area]' Toggle

It would be great if there was a settings toggle to change the 'Go to' functionality from randomly choosing a next area to sequentially going down the list. This would help a TON for card farming, and bounty farming too. It could be tied to some kind of achievement if you want to keep it this way for the beginning of the leveling process as well.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 22nd 2020
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Way to Vendor Unneeded Pulses

I would like to see a way to sell or deconstruct excess Pulses that I no longer need. Maybe they could break down into Infusion materials or something instead of simply Drachma.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 28th 2020
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Ancient coin ways to buy

Hi, Firestream. Some people have don't have payPal and have either googlePlay or APple gift cards. I was thining that maybe add them as in app purchases on mobile to be able to buy them for mayb ea bit mroe to compinsate for the cut that the companies take for in-app purchases, but I think this might be a viable option for those who either don't have or don't wish to use payPal.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 18th 2020
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Stat Points

Idea for the future add in stat points via 3-5 points per level that give side bonuses for second characters an 3rd and so forthcoming too make the grind a bit easier but faster so than speed runs can be completed. These points don't carry over too new season fresh characters

Submitted by Guest on Aug 3rd 2020
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