ImproveLoop allows people to create "Loops" to gather feedback from users. It can be used for existing apps, websites, podcasts and more. We strive to keep our system simple to use so that anybody can find benefit from it. Use this Loop to help us improve!

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Suggested Improvements

Add ability to view archived loops

Would be nice to see what got implemented or abandoned.

Submitted by OJ7 on Apr 22nd 2019

Popular times should roll rather than be static

When looking at a loop, it defaults to showing the Newest, but you can also look at Popular and then choose Today/Week/Month/Year. I was pretty surprised when I looked at the most popular for Week and only saw one I'd just submitted, though the same loop has one from the previous day with the same number of likes, and one from five days earlier with more likes. I infer from this that "Week" is now defined as "the current Monday-Sunday we are in", when I think it would be more useful for it to be "the previous seven days".

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 25th 2019

Loop filters for Owner/Manager

The loop owner or manager needs to be able to filter out posts by status.

Submitted by firestream on Mar 1st 2019

Remove vote

Would love the ability to remove my vote. I voted on an improvement, and then as I read through more, realized it wasn't exactly what I thought it was.

Submitted by hmhrex on Feb 28th 2019

Improvement Score

It would be awesome to get points for submitting improvements, points for likes on my submitted improvement, and points if my improvement gets implemented. This would encourage submissions, and the points could also serve as a reputation score, if you make them viewable by others.

Submitted by 54an3 on Feb 27th 2019

Combined view

How about a page where recent suggested improvements for loops I contribute to are listed together, kind of like the front page of Reddit. Versus individually checking them to see what's new.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 25th 2019

Attach image/file to improvement

When an improvement is submitted, you should be able to attach a screenshot to it.

Submitted by firestream on Feb 24th 2019

Join Loops

Even if one hasn't contributed to a loop yet, they should be able to join the loop to keep up with what is in it. Or at least include loops you have liked content on to be included in a separate section after loops you have contributed to.

Submitted by Shawndroid on Feb 6th 2019

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