A light-weight, mobile, text-based, futuristic Mythology-themed RPG. Create your Hero, explore, battle enemies, find loot, get gear and more! Leave feedback for the game here.

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Suggested Improvements

Addition to clan update...

Add in the clan chat appearing in global and the /clan shortcut. I feel like it really helped clan chat be more active, which will be useful for some clan activities in the proposed update

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Oct 17th 2019

Plotline (Part 1)

At level 5, the Codebreaker will bring you in for the story mission "The Aether Within". This is explain who the Codebreaker actually is: the lead scientist, who, through life-preserving technology, has been able to keep this role for over 200 years. He was also the one that discovered the Aether, the power that gives Heroes their strength to fend off evil. However, not much is known of it, except that it can crystalize and take a more solid form. Scientists are deeply studying the power within these crystals, but no such progress in Aether research has occurred for the past 30 years.

As you receive the ship for the moon, the Quartermaster summons you to headquarters in "Chiron's Rise". The leader of the followers of the long lost Chiron has suddenly appeared and broken down a section of the outer wall. She left a message: Bring me the savior or your city is mine. You, having no idea who this "savior" was, were kind of reluctant to take on the job of slaying the Prime Jackal herself. Nevertheless, you decided to do it anyway.

After you've put her down, the "Cave of the Daunting" mission becomes available in the Traitor's Snare. As you explore the cave, you find strange marking looking like arrows pointing up. One of them in particular looks like a eye with an X over it. Then you go into the room where you find who this "savior" is.
Sevro Tinta.

Submitted by Spitfyre on Oct 17th 2019

Actual Gear Sets

Yeah, I get it, there’s the godly gear sets that I haven’t even touched that are way better than the first four, BUT, I think it would be better if we had certain pieces of gear give us certain bonuses, instead of it being just random chance that something is a set item. I have a few samples in mind already:

The Doom Slayer Set
Has everything but a class item, primary is Laser Rifle), special is Super Shotgun, and heavy is BFG-9000
(yes, this set is based off of DOOM.)
If x pieces are equipped:
2 - +150% critical chance, +210% attack.
3 - Critical hits are now x6 the normal damage amount.
5 - Base Primary atk is now x2 from normal.
6 - Critical hits are now x8 the normal damage amount.
FULL SET - +3.33% instakill chance (does not work on public events)

The War Tank Set
Has everything but a class item, primary is Greataxe of War, special is Infantry XIII, heavy is Ruthless Minigun.
If you have x pieces of gear equipped:
2 - +150% defense, +210% HP
3 - Now has a 8% chance to block an attack.
5 - Enemy critical hits now have a 10% chance of dealing 1/10 original damage amount.
6 - now has a 12% chance to block an attack.
FULL SET - +3.33% chance to deflect 15%-25% of enemy attack

I may post more sets in the comments. (Let me know if Tank is too op.)
The memories to get them would be teal, and you would only be able to obtain them through killing a PE (20% chance), by opening a red memory cache (0.75% chance), or by defeating a Titan (1.2% chance). So it would be so hard to get these thing that are beefier than GODLIES. Yes. They are.
I’ll be back to give more ideas because my omega sped mind is spilling them out at this point.

Submitted by Spitfyre on Oct 16th 2019

Daily Blessing

I really liked the 1k battles per day system in the final days of season 1. I would suggest that the system comes back, but obviously much less rewarding than the event one. By adding this, players wil want to log in everyday to get their daily loot. The scale of the loot could increase if you complete the daily every day for a few days. The loot still has to be good though. Here is an idea of how the rewards would look:

When under lv20, daily blessings give 1 purple memory and 3 blue memories. They also give a 50% boost to a random stat for the rest of the day.
It will take 500 battles to earn the rewards.

When between 20 and 40, daily blessings give 5 purple memories, 5 AC and 5 VM. They also give a 100% boost to a random stat for the rest of the day. It will take 500 battles to gain the rewards.

When between 40 and 60, daily blessings give 1 red memory, 10 purples, 5 AC and 10 VM. They also give a 200% boost to a random stat for the rest of the day. It will take 700 battles to earn the rewards.

When between 60 and 80, daily blessings give 3 red memories, 7 AC, 15 VM and a 150% boost to XP and Drachma for the rest of the day. Additionally, they gain 300% boost for 2 random stats until the day ends. It will take 1000 battles to earn the rewards.

When between 80 and and 98, daily blessings give 5 red memories, 50 of each resource (like iron) 10 AC, 20 VM and a 400% boost to all stats for the rest of the day.

When at 99, daily blessings give 25 red memories, 12 AC, 25 VM, a 500% boost to all stats, and a 999% increase in drachma. Additionally, they reward 3 yellow memories when you are above 20k power.

That's my idea for a daily blessing system. The rewards are only from personal experience of what I would consider very good at that level.

Submitted by Eben887 on Oct 16th 2019

New class after 99 (Arkshija’s idea in more detail)

So I totally agree with this guy on the fact that they’re should not only be more diversity to these classes but also with 99+ classes gives us more endgame material to work with. Okay, so let’s see...

At 99, if your class is Warrior, then you have the option to choose one of two classes:
+150% atk
+100% crit

+150% atk
+100% eva

At 99, if your class is Giant, then you have the option to choose:
+150% def
+100% health

+150% def
+100% xp

If your class is Augur, then you may choose:
+150% xp
+100% atk

+150% drachma
+100% crit

Upon achieving these classes, your level would reset, bringing base HP back to 100, as well as your core count, but everything THAT ISN'T GODLY you keep, including bikes and ships. And the ship to Olympus would be 25x more expensive, as well as the level cap and decode rank cap would then be 200. Then, after killing Zeus’ true form, you can finally say that you’ve completed the game.
Oh yeah. Core cap’s now 5000. Have fun.

Submitted by Spitfyre on Oct 15th 2019

Gear Level

You should get XP for the weapons / equipment by killing enemies.
White Gear
Lv 2: 10 XP / Lv 3: 50 XP / Lv 4: 120 XP / Lv 5: 250 XP
Green Gear
Lv 2: 50 XP / Lv 3: 150 XP / Lv 4: 400 XP / Lv 5: 1000 XP / Lv 6: 2200 XP
Blue Gear
Lv 2: 80 XP / Lv 3: 200 XP / Lv 4: 500 XP / Lv 5: 1500 XP / Lv 6: 3200 XP / Lv 7: 7000 XP
Purple Gear
Lv 2: 150 XP / Lv 3: 500 XP / Lv 4: 1200 XP / Lv 5: 3000 XP / Lv 6: 6800 XP / Lv 7: 14000 XP / Lv 8: 30000
Red Gear
Lv 2: 240 XP / Lv 3: 600 XP / Lv 4: 2000 XP / Lv 5: 4500 XP / Lv 6: 10000 XP / Lv 7: 24000 XP / Lv 8: 50000 / Lv 9: 120000
Yellow Gear
Lv 2: 500 XP / Lv 3: 1200 XP / Lv 4: 3000 XP / Lv 5: 6400 XP / Lv 6: 14000 XP / Lv 7: 32000 XP / Lv 8: 70000 / Lv 9: 160000 / Lv 10: 500000

You get XP different for each opponent type.
Normal: 10 per Kill
Titans: 50 per Kill
War Mech: 200 per Kill
30 Million LP Titan: 1000 per 1 Million Damage
Super Titan: 500 per Million Damge
Sentinel: 250 per 100k Damage

For each level up, the Gear will get a % boost. (For example: Yellow Gear. ATK 127% on level 9. At level 10: ATK 150%)
For the maxed level the gear will get a higher boost then the normal viele up boost.

Sorry for the wrong english.
Bye, Stayalone.

Submitted by Stayalone on Oct 15th 2019


I think you should be able to trade memories and gear to other players. You need to be level 10 to trade, when you are level 10-20 you can only trade white items, 21-30 can trade green and white, 31-40 can trade blue, green and white items, 41-50 can trade purple, blue, green, and white, and 51-60 can trade all but godly. Only lvl 99s can trade godly items.

Submitted by ConquestLord on Oct 15th 2019

Class bonuses

So, personally, I think that instead of giving just a solid percentage bonus for that particular class, I feel like it should be more of a multiplier and then the actual class bonus on top of that. I was thinking something like:

x1.5 attack
+15% dual strike chance

x1.5 defense
+15% damage absorb (replenish half damage given by enemy as health)

x1.2 xp
x1.2 drachma
+3% MEGA loot chance (10 times amount of loot recived; only works on chests)

So maybe you're wondering: well how all I going to incorporate these mechanics into gear? Class items. For warrior, a sword; giant gets shield; augur gets grimoire. The stats would be like (+.004%*decide rank*rarity tier), so...yeah.
Also, with class items come HEROICS. HEROICS are bronze rarity and basically are tier 7. Only class items can be heroic, only because a heroic heavy would be WAY too op. I have a few sample names here:

Sparta's Blade
400 atk
250 def
+200% all perks
+20% dual strike

Golem Targe
250 atk
400 def
+200% all perks
+20% damage absorb

Cynth Tome
300 atk
300 atk
+200% all perks
+5% MEGA loot chance

The only to get HEROICS would be to pass these trials which are the story missions except at the end, you must defeat a Titan summoned by unknown magics.
I think it's a good idea, but really it's up to you. (And holy crap I make so many rules. Sorry. Again.)

Submitted by Spitfyre on Oct 14th 2019

Me using my thonk for another list of ideas

I’ll try not to be as demanding this time. (Well....)
Ok, so the cores can bring up your perk % by 1, right? But think about how hard it is to actually ac-blam!-ulate enough cores for it to make a good difference. So my idea was cores with rarity or something. Starting at rare with the normal +1%, then going to legendary for +2%, triumphant for either +3% or +5%, and the all mighty godly core giving you +15% in that particular stat, as well as a yellow “Balancer Core” granting +2% for every stat. (Red+ require lvl 90+ to get. If you do go with this the core cap may need to be raised to 5k.)
An attack speed stat. I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates having to wait 2 seconds for a 10 use super to attack. This could also improve a few other things in the game. So the stat would start at 1.000. The cores would give +.002 to the stat, as well as they’d be godly (so possibly a 1/300 chance of obtaining them). The cap for the stat would be 2.500, meaning that your attacks go 2.5 times faster than normal. I’m still debating if putting that stat on gear would be too OP or not.
As well as a looting stat, which is basically the same thing as the attack speed except for this: stat core gives +.006, stat caps at 2.999, and it can be affected IF YOU DIE. For every death the stat decreases by (.010*hero lvl), meaning if you die at 99, you lose .990 of you’re loot stat. The multiplier is based both how much loot you receive as well as how good it actually is. White, green and blue would be 1.000-1.750, green, Blu, purple 1.750-2.200, G,B,P,R 2.200-2.650, and blue, purple, red, and that extremely rare chance of a yellow comes at 2.650-2.999. The stat can not go below 0.501.
And when you get around to it, enemy lore. I feel like if you are going to start giving this game any story, it should start with where all these Titanites came from(That’s just the name I came up with for them, but I think it makes sense.), as well as the actual titans themselves. Getting yourself familiar with the characters you’re using will give you that general idea of what the story should be, can be, and how you should project it. I think that’s the right word.
Sorry if I sound demanding again, it’s just the way I write. (Also thanks for considering my ideas and putting some of them in the game. Don’t know if I ever said that.) Keep up the good work, man.

Submitted by Spitfyre on Oct 12th 2019

New gear sets Ninja/Marksman

Similar to other gear sets, Ninja would be geared towards a drastic evade increase and Marksman to a drastic crit increase

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Oct 6th 2019

Option to mute players in chat.

I've seen a couple of players spamming the chat with nonsense or being rude to people. Would it be possible to add an option to mute players?

Submitted by awkbirb on Sep 26th 2019

Random xp/drach boosts

Similar to the random chance of a vendor sale on the hour, a random chance for a xp/drach multiplier on the hour

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Sep 24th 2019

The F-bomb

I 100% stole this from kenny. A one use, very rare item that insta kills everything in the area. You still receive all rewards, reduced by half. Also, it kills with hot Fudge sauce, hence the F-bomb, so you get a tasty snack!

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Sep 20th 2019

combining gear sets

I think combination sets would be an awesome addition to the game allowing players to mix set bonuses to get a new set bonuses. They dont really act differently other than you get a little more for your buck when using a combination set over a normal one. To make it more clearer a normal set gives you a total of +4% to the stats it has. Well when using a combined set depending on the amount of sets being used youll get that +4% from all the sets so using 2 sets will give you +8% and a bonus +2%(that extra buck) and if your using 3 sets +12%(that extra buck doesnt change as you use more sets) but using a godly set alone gives you +12% and adding a normal set will give you +16% in total(plus and addition +4% as that extra buck for using a godly set) rarity effects these sets the same way they do normal sets. so without further a do I give you a list of some combined sets I came up with. If you have any of your own comment below and I'll add them to list(these numbers dont have to be used exactly but the idea of this would be great)

Combination Sets:
Assassin +4% Atk +3% Crit +3% Ev(5 Fighter + 3 Thief)
Explorer + 4% Drach +4% Xp +2% Lp(4 Thief + 4 Scholar)
Guardian +5% Hp +3% Def +2% Ev(6 Riot + 2 Thief)
Wanderer +5% Xp +3% Drach +2%Lp(6 Thief + 2 Scholar)
Acolyte +5%Hp +5% Xp(4 Riot + 4 Scholar)
Marksmen +7% Drach +5% Xp +2% Lp +1% Atk(4 Thief + 3 Scholar + 1 Fighter)
Beserker +5% Crit +3% Atk +3% Def +1% Ev(5 Fighter + 2 Riot +1 Thief)
Warlord +4% Atk +4% Hp +4% Xp(3 Fighter + 3 Riot + 2 Scholar)

Godly combined set(cant combine godly sets together)
Destroyer +10% Atk +6% Crit +2% Xp +2% Lp(6 Slayer + 2 Fighter)
Savior + 9% Hp + 9% Def + 1%Ev +1% Drach(7 Oracle + 1 Riot)

Submitted by dragon9967 on Sep 12th 2019

Power calculation change

Def and Att should be equal in the Power Level equation. Slayer vs Oracle is a prim example. Oracle has the higher power but they are the same stats just on def vs att.

Submitted by Adorsey84 on Sep 11th 2019

Combining Memories

The title says it all really. With the conversion rate, it should be 3 of the same colour, resulting in a random, higher-tiered memory. Though if you wanted a specific type of memory (weapon, armour etc.) you would need a special "Type Key".
(Just a side note, I am surprised that no one thought of this before)

Submitted by DahBushIsAlive on Sep 11th 2019

Pressing home twice should put you at the main city.

Basically pressing home once will bring you to the planet your on, pressing it a second time once your there should put you back in Acropolis.

Submitted by Telic on Sep 11th 2019

Mech Pets

Mech pets that you can configure
there would be a mech shop where you buy the base mech at first. you can change parts on the mech and these parts would be brought from the mech shop or looted from enemies that have their own mechs.
Mechs would have their own levels which determines how many parts you can put on the mech.

Submitted by silverk on Sep 10th 2019

A Method of Increasing Core Cap

I have heard that the current cap on cores for a stat is 1000 each.

While most players will not hit this any time soon, this is going to be the increasing norm as time goes on. It would be nice if there was a balanced way of increasing the cap for dedicated players.

One suggestion is to increase the level cap from 99 to some new upper limit, or have it uncapped entirely. For every level past 99, the core limit in each stat could increase by perhaps 5 or 10 each. Because the exp from level to level seems to increase exponentially, while the core bonuses and cap increases would not be this way, it would demand increasing amounts of effort for a player to gain the same amount of strength increase while still always giving them something to work toward. However, there will still be an issue of having lots of excess cores, which should be put to use somehow, I think.

Another method (although perhaps harder to implement) would be to increase the number of cores necessary to gain a 1% increase in a stat. For example, core slots 1001-1100 would need two cores to gain 1% in a stat, and 1101-1200 would need 3 cores to gain 1%, and so on. This would be a solution to having copious cores needlessly wasting away in an inventory.

Submitted by z on Sep 7th 2019

Improving the connection with your character.

Just like old RPGs, having a backstory or even a rudimentary character art would improve our connection with the game. I'd like to see a physical representation of my character, even if it is a pixelated mess lol male and female options would be great as well. The thing that will hook people is making the game a little more pen and paper rpg like.

Submitted by Trickfoot on Sep 6th 2019

New Gear

Equipment that charges itself by killing Titans. If you kill a Titan, you get + 1% (All Boosts or Selected). You could get them in Epic Legendary or Godly. Epic would be max 75%. Legendary-125 and Godly-200%

Sorry for wrong English.

Submitted by Stayalone on Sep 6th 2019

Bounty icons

Basically some type of icon that would be for bounty mobs to easily distinguish what mob is for your bounty while you're searching the area.

Submitted by Telic on Sep 5th 2019

Better "Yes" and "No" Boxes for Desktop

Allow for the yes and no options when accepting a captcha reward or for when decoding engrams to be navigated with the arrow keys and accepted with the enter key. It is very annoying to click back and forth to the bottom of the screen when doing multiple decodes on a portrait monitor, this would speed up the process and maybe save someone from a broken wrist.


Submitted by ScottIce on Sep 4th 2019

Power Leaderboards = highest power achieved

Instead of having the real time power that would show people's farming gear, I believe people would like to see players with their highest power achieved so that it doesn't represent if a player is using Kratos or slayer gear. Therefore the leaderboards could reflect the "real" power levels.

Submitted by Adorsey84 on Sep 3rd 2019

Search Players

This is an edit towards Search Name. You should have Searching players, clans in better areas than Help/FAQ. This would help out stupendously with new players, since some of them would be looking for it somewhere other than Help/FAQ. I’d recommend being able to Search a name in the Chat area, or make a new tab.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


Submitted by Magma on Sep 2nd 2019

More Bases like Acropolis on other planets [Social Hubs]

After playing this game for awhile i have been wondering why is there only one main social hub on earth [Acropolis]
I would like to suggest the following:
- Social Hubs on Different Planets
- Weapon vendors on said planets to sell planet specific weapons to help in hunting monsters [EX. 5% more damage on mobs on mars]
- Clan Events , Weekly events, Daily events, Clan points, to give memory [different colours] on completion of these said events
- Public Events to be and hourly thing have some higher tier or harder public events too
- Clan PVP events too [Ex. Clan Wars]

If you need help in naming said planets or having some ideas i would love to have a chat to give u more ideas
Do hit me up should it be necessary
Thank you

Submitted by XxDamoclesxX on Sep 2nd 2019

Search Name

Searching Players:
The game should have a better way to find people, it is super tedious to find anyone who isn’t on the leaderboard. That’s why you should add a Search Name function, since you can basically find no one if they’re not typing in chat or in your clan.

Searching Clans:
You should also add a Search Clan option as well. This function could show the top clans, clans most averaging towards you. This could make small clans grow, which is always good.

Thanks for reading, have a great day,


Submitted by Magma on Sep 2nd 2019

Planet names in Bounty Tracker list

As you unlock more and more planets, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the monsters you want to hunt. I can't remember which monsters spawn where, so I find myself clicking each monster and trying to find the ones that are on the same planet. Usually I hunt planet per planet and I don't want to visit a planet twice, just because I forgot to choose a bounty.

It has happened more than once now that I checked every monster, but still ended up choosing the wrong one and thus had to hurry, if I wanted to finish the bounties on both planets.

It would be very helpful, if the names of the planets would show in the Bounty Tracker list. Maybe right next to the name, or above the rewards. I checked the open submissions via ctrl + F and saw someone suggesting to sort the monsters by planet. This would also be quite helpful.


Submitted by doke on Sep 2nd 2019

QoL chat improvement

You get no real notification if somebody writes a message in the clan chat. You always have to open the clan chat once in a while to see if there is something new in it. Adding tabs would solve the problem. Having a tab for global chat, clan chat and maybe even more tabs for custom chats would be a really good improvement to the now quite clunky chat. I imagine it like this: https://gyazo.com/e3ed0b9ea95b4294e0ab42e558a8f3a7

Submitted by Sabedel on Sep 1st 2019

Triumph icons on the chat

Near the chat name it could show an icon for each unlocked triumph, some kind of medal or a medal that "evolves" for each unlocked triumph. Each season has its own triumphs then the medal/s will also change between season. This medal/s would act as some kind of unlockables on each season and after a new season obviously will not be possible to get previous ones.

Submitted by Arkshija on Sep 1st 2019

Single character setting

Would be good to have some settings that affects only one character. The most important maybe is the Auto decode/dismantle white and greens. We have it obviously activated for our mainc haracter but we have to disable it when we switch to our low level character. And we have to enable again after switching back.

Submitted by Arkshija on Sep 1st 2019

Customized Alerts

Be able to choose in My Settings automatic alerts for specific shop discounts and a minimum. For example, you could choose all ship/bike discouts or greater than 10%.

Submitted by Mykil on Sep 1st 2019

Seasonal Event Titans

Seasonal Event Titans:
This Titan would not be like any other, you’ll neither gain Xp/Drachma, you’ll however gain other types of rewards. You’ll be able to attack it at any time, of any day. The Titan will have basically Infinite health, so killing it will be impossible. Maybe you’re saying, why should I want this to be in the game if I don’t get rewards, well you do! Before you get rewards, you’ll need to have a specific amount of BATTLES towards the Titan. When you reach this specific goal, you’ll get an amazing reward.

First off, you’ll need to be level 10 or higher to be able to even go to the Seasonal Titan.
Second, you need to have a power level of at least 100-200.
You can travel to the moon.
Rewards should look like the following:

Your Seasonal Rewards
10 Battles: 500 Xp (Award: Participate in a Seasonal Titan Battle.)
100 Battles: 1,500 Xp, XP boost, Green Memory.
500 Battles: 5,000 Xp, 2* XP boost, LP boost, 5* Green memory, 1 Blue Memory.
1,000 Battles: 10,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 2* LP boost, 15* Green Memory, 5* Blue Memory.
5,000 Battles: 100,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 5* LP boost, 15* Blue Memory, 3* Purple Memory.
10,000 Battles: 1,000,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 5* LP boost, 8* Purple Memory.
20,000 Battles: 5,000,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 5* LP boost, 10* Purple Memory, 1 Red Memory.
30,000 Battles: 10,000,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 5* LP boost, 20* Purple Memory, 3* Red memory.
40,000 Battles: 30,000,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 5* LP boost, 10* Red memories.
50,000 Battles: 50,000,000 XP, 5* XP boost, 5* LP boost, 15* Red memories. (Award: 50,000 Battles on “Seasonal Titan”)
100,000 Battles: 300,000,000 XP, 2,000,000,000 Drachma, 5* all boosts, 3* Yellow Memories.
125,000 Battles 600,000,000 XP, 3,000,000,000 Drachma, 5* all boosts, 8* Yellow Memories.
150,000 Battles 2,000,000,000 XP, 25,000,000,000 Drachma, 20* all boosts, 25* Yellow Memories, Rarest Item in the game. (Triumph: No game, no life. Reach 150,000 Battles in one day on “Seasonal Titan.”)

1,000 Battles: 500 XP.
5,000 Battles: 25,000 XP, 15,000 Drachmas, 5* All boosts.
15,000 Battles: 150,000 XP, 75,000 Drachmas, 5* All boosts.
30,000 Battles: 1,000,000 XP, 750,000 Drachmas, 5* All boosts, 5* Purple memories.
50,000 Battles: 5,000,000 XP, 750,000 Drachmas, 5* All boosts, 15* Purple memories.
100,000 Battles: 25,000,000 XP, 10,000,000 Drachmas, 5* All boosts, 15* Purple Memories, *3 Red memories.
200,000 Battles: 75,000,000 XP, 50,000,000 Drachmas, 10* All boosts, *8 Red memories.
500,000 Battles: 500,000,000 XP, 350,000,000 Drachmas, 15* All Boosts, *15 Red Memories, 5* Yellow Memories.
750,000 Battles: 3,000,000,000 XP, 2,500,000,000 Drachmas, 20* All boosts, 15* Yellow memories.
1,000,000 Battles: 10,000,000,000 XP, 10,000,000,000 Drachmas, 25* All boosts, 25* Yellow memories, (Triumph: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Reach 1,000,000 Battles on Seasonal Titan in one month.)

50,000: 5* Purple Memories, Green Bike.
100,000: 10* Purple Memories, Blue Bike.
300,000: 20* Purple Memories.
500,000: 5* Red Memories, Purple Bike.
1,000,000: 10* Red memories, Red Bike.
5,000,000: 5* Yellow Memories, Yellow Bike.
10,000,000: 20* Yellow Memories, New ship (Gain Access to a new location), new tier bike, (Triumph: Overcome the odds, get 10,000,000 Battles in a single season). What is that, is that a new equipment? Gain a SEASON TITAN exclusive gear, this can help you show off to your friends!

Community Seasonal Rewards:
1,000,000 Battles: *5 Purple Memories
5,000,000 Battles: *10 Purple Memories
15,000,000 Battles: *15 Purple Memories
20,000,000 Battles: *20 Purples Memories
35,000,000 Battles: 10* Red memories
50,000,000 Battles: 25* Red memories
75,000,000 Battles: 5* Yellow Memories
100,000,000 Battles: *8 Yellow Memories
200,000,000 Battles: 20* Yellow Memories
300,000,000 Battles: 20* Yellow Memories, Red Bike, (Achievement: Team Work)
400,000,000 Battles: 25* Yellow Memories, Red Bike, (Achievement: Team Work)
500,000,000 Battles: 30* Yellow Memories, (Achievement: Team Work)
750,000,000 Battles: 50* Yellow Memories, Yellow Bike, (Achievement: Team Work)
1,000,000,000 Battles: 100* Yellow Memories, (Triumph: Affirmative, the Seasonal Titan was Battled 1,000,000,000 times from the server.)

The above rewards are in no way accurate, they are simply just place holders. If this was added, the devs would have entirely different rewards.

The Seasonal Titan will change after each season, sometimes the same ones will come back. However, this will have to be done manually, since the same ST could spawn. This could be reworked in an aspect to fit the game properly, or to make it better. Remember, this is not supposed to be a normal Titan. This is supposed to be something other than anything the likes of this game has seen.

Seasonal Titan EXCLUSIVE gear:
These exclusive gear will be randomly selected from Primary, Secondary, Heavy, all the armor pieces. They will not be measured up to your power, or level. The gear will grow more powerful each battle on the Seasonal Titan, they will start from an extraordinarily weak stage and grow. However, these gear only work on the selected Season Titan, so fighting a different one will do nothing towards it. While some gear do this, a few don’t. If you’re lucky enough to get the 1/100 chance gear from the Seasonal Titan Memory, you can make it grow more powerful on every single ST.
Seasonal Titan Memory:
These are rare memory that you can randomly obtain from battling the ST. They contain ST EXCLUSIVE gear, which is one of the most powerful gear around.

Seasonal Titan Shop:
In the seasonal Titan shop, you can buy gear! The gear here are Seasonal Exclusive gear, however not as powerful as the ones in the memories.
That doesn’t mean they’re weak, they could definitely help you out if you’re a low level.

Seasonal Titan Battle Leaderboard:
This leaderboard will track how much Battles you have done in the past season. This can also show you how you compare to everyone else on the Seasonal Leaderboard.

Top 10 Players:
The top ten players on most battles of the season will receive Insanely strong gear, potentially the best.

Top 100 Players:
The top one hundred players on most battles of the season will receive a few insane gear, will you be this lucky?

Top 1,000 Players:
The top 1,000 Players will receive some great rewards, and armor.

Top 10,000 Players
The top 10,000 Players will receive an achievement, (Achievement: Better luck next time!)

Thanks for reading, please do have a great day!

- Magma

Submitted by Magma on Sep 1st 2019

Some new emblem ideas.

I've thought up some more emblems ideas if you wanted to take them into thought.
1. Gold coin emblem (Ancient coin emblem)
2. Silver coin emblem (Drachma coin emblem)
3. Knife emblem
4. An emblem based off of Shanye's personality
5. And an emblem based off of the war mech.
While they aren't all that important, it's just a thought I had.

Submitted by Nori Comin on Aug 31st 2019

Unconventional PVP

Traditional pvp doesnt seem viable with the game mechanics.

But maybe there could be daily 1v1 matchups of some sort of "comparable players" (power, leaderboard balance?) where they compete against each other using activity such as kills, battles, etc for a chance to win. This could generate an Arena currency (both receive, but winner gets more) for an Arena shop (???). There could also be an Arena leaderboard that generates weekly currency rewards.

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 31st 2019

Core Transparency

Be able to see other people's core #s on their profile perk page. Ie:

Atk +1000% (50)

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 31st 2019

Normal PE Improvement

The rewards for PE leaderboard seem lackluster to me. Maybe every 100,000 damage should guarantee a purple, up to a maximum of 10 (not including multihit)? And #1 spot also gets 5 reds down to #5 getting 1 - on the condition they got 1 million damage too?

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 30th 2019

Item Use in Battle

Changes to battle screen. Be able to use cloak or the enrage or no enrage items, etc, in the middle of battle.

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 30th 2019

Wrong monster info

The info on Silenus Colossus says it can be found on both Jupiter and Phobos even though Silenus mobs are only found on Jupiter.

Submitted by rafanson on Aug 30th 2019

Infuse QoL

Could we have an option to select the amount of times to infuse? Perhaps a +/- toggle where the cost increases until you click ok.

If you have enough mats to infuse multiple times it can be tedious confirming 1 at a time....

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 28th 2019


I think the idea of a material alchemist would be a good addition.

For a small amount of drac and at a conversion rate of 10:1 you can transmute one type of material into the next tier.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 28th 2019

Item Use

Means to choose how many to use besides all or one. Mission quality of life improvement.

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 28th 2019


PvP would be a great addition to end-game players and to have more goals in the game, PvP players will have different builds (high str, high hp and def, etc...)
And the winner will get rewards and kill counter,
PvP should be available at lvl 50 and higher.

Submitted by Berzerker on Aug 27th 2019

Clan Titans

Different Tiers of Titans, clan need to do "something" (add here total clan kills or whatever) to summon Titans. Rewards based on total damage. After killing a titan you unlock a new one to summon (needs more resources to summon). Maybe drops special clan set items.

Submitted by Arkshija on Aug 26th 2019

AC or VM Uses

Able to increase specific core cap with ac or vm. Occasionally more expensive as you raise the cap more. For example, maybe 25 ac or vm to go from 1000 to 1001 for def. Maybe 1010 to 1011 takes 30. Maybe further gate it somehow - like it can only be done every 25 missions or something on a random day of the week.

AC or VM cost to reset infusion on non-community gear.

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 26th 2019

Arena Mode

In arena mode you individually battle a progressively difficult series of enemies with a Titan at the end. Earth arena would be very easy with low level rewards, where Mount Olympus arena with T5 Zeus could possibly drop a Shard or godly level reward. Arena mode could be selectable from the Vendor who sets up the event, and are unlocked as you unlock planets.

Submitted by SpoonForWeapon on Aug 25th 2019


For 5 VM you can reroll the set of an item, and for 10 VM you can reset infusions (using this on community items changes them to private items). This should give endgame players

Submitted by Eben887 on Aug 25th 2019

Clan Shop

Player Activity - battles, missions completed, kills, avenging, supporting, public event leaderboards and kills - generates a clan currency which can be used to purchase special clan wide boosters, stat cores to be randomly distributed to participating clan members, lootbox with small chance of randomly generated "historical" equipment (like but near community) and randomly distributed but prioritized to weaker participating members, clan bosses who offer rewards limited to them, etc.

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 24th 2019

Special Event Story Mazes

Basically, an irregular event (summer, christmas, or etc) featuring a maze with superior rewarding mobs. And the maze could have different floors that progress in mob difficulty, with finishing a floor itself coming with epic rewards. Also an event leaderboard based on time to 100% from initial entry that comes with ranked rewards too.

Submitted by Mykil on Aug 24th 2019


Cards have amazing potential. The passive bonus they add is nice, however it seems that after you have passed the planet the ranks on lower healthed enemies is rather pointless.

What I would suggest is that cards have a landmark, in theory (10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/99). Each time a landmark is hit, they unlock a bonus against that mob/tier.

For instance:

Level 10 will award that mob/tier with a 0.2% chance of obtaining an Ancient Coin from them.
Level 20: 0.2% chance of obtaining a Core
and so on.

Obviously the bonus can be whatever you feel is fair, it would just add a nice incentive to levelling up all enemy cards rather than just the ones on your current planet level.

Submitted by Hoozio on Aug 24th 2019

War Mech

It’d be cool to see the war mech get an upgrade. It needs better scaling and better loot.

Submitted by 54an3 on Aug 23rd 2019

Faith (Loyalty-system) and Professions (Job-system) Part 3

... continuing...

Even though a Hero may have up to 2 professions at a time and change professions at any given time (as long as you already unlocked it), there should be a cost of doing so. This will be explained below.
Also, a Hero CANNOT, normally, change Faith (loyalty).**
You can of course check other gods/titans/demigods to make up an strategy for your next Hero but other than that, normally, no.

You can however, persuade the gods.
After reaching level 99 and going to Mount Olympus, there should be a "vendor"(NPC) there to tell you that you can change your Faith if you're willing to abandon (lose) your current blessings (flat bonuses).
This will only apply to that Hero. It should be expensive and since your new God (the one you choose to trade for) doesn't trust you since you just abandon a God some clicks earlier, you gotta complete a very difficult Mission. Meaning you'll have no bonus between betraying your old god and gaining the trust of your new one.

Training system: Opens the door not only to become stronger, but to have more variables that will make the game have more depth, intense and well, frankly, will be more addictive. Lol.

A Hero cannot be Training and Fighting at the same time. A Hero cannot Train off-line (avoiding P2W arguements). This is not an Idle game. You're either playing and training or you're doing something else.

Weapon perks do NOT affect physical attributes. Weapons and gear can of course increase Def, Att, Hp, but never increase "Agility" (see below).

1) Physical qualities taken into account:
Addition of "Accuracy"(Acc) attribute so we miss less attacks and gives a small add bonus to Crt(critical) so it happens more often.
Addition of "Agility"(Agi) attribute so that at lower levels, "Def" is not everything that matter as this adds a small bonus to the Ev(evasion) attribute.
Addition of "Strength"(Str) to add a small bonus to the critical damage.

1.1.1) Physical attributes may vary between races/classes but differently from the fixed class/subclass bonus, Physical attributes can be TRAINED.

1.1.2) To Train an ability in particular, you can visit a vendor(NPC) that will "train you", as in: you'll pay for this expert to up this particular skill in 1 point. 100 being the highest a Hero can achieve in any particular skill.
Every level-up will enhance the skills base value by a marginal amount. I.e: 0.2% every level-up.
Every level-up will also increase the amount of Drachma and time it takes to "be trained" by these fine stoic experts.
You should be able to "Stop" the training and "Resume" the training at any point in time. Say there's a Super Titan and you want to fight it. You can go to your trainer, stop the training, fight the Super Titan, get pwned (yes, i'm old. I get it.) and then come back to finish your training.
No Drachma should be charged for stopping and resuming and progress shouldn't be lost.

1.1.3) Expert paid trainers can only do so much. They'll accept you as a student until level 80. From that point on, you yourself are an expert and the road to "Master"(Mas) (level 90) and "GrandMaster"(GM) (level 100) can only be achieved by those who frakking, (BSG reference), love grinding the most... I mean... err... By those who are faithful enough and spend time doing what their jobs are supposed to do.

After skill/job level 80 , you'll earn a certain amount of job/skill EXP by crafting or fighting regular mods with crossbows(or bows) or even fishrods (please, pretty please! Hahahaha) if you're willing to take the chance to die embarrsingly in combat.
Sure, fighting a mob with a fishrod with 2 atk and negative bonus to LP, Def, D, Crt and Ev will most certainly not be the best way to improve your fishing skills. Go fish!

I think this is all for the Faith-Profession-Training.

Submitted by Taikamya on Aug 23rd 2019

Faith (Loyalty-system) and Professions (Job-system) Part 2

... continuing...

2) Professions: Every mythological creature in general mythology have a meaning to exist, a "forced job" if you must. The Medusa guarded a temple, the Pegasus was the "body-guard" of Athena, just to say some ones, even if superficially.

2.0.1) A Hero can have up to 2 professions. 1 starter one (that can evolve) and 1 to be choosen later in the game.

2.0.2) A Hero can swipe professions and they'll keep what they earned, however it comes at a cost.***

2.1) Some professions are always unlocked (so beginners can get used to it) like {Fisherman} (you go fishing in any area that has a lake, pond or ocean, this should be decided whichever way is easiest to implement) and you grab fishes. You CAN'T use a fish from your inventory, instead, when you use "Take Cover" in a fight, if you have any item categorized as "fish" in your inventory, you'll recover 25% or 50% more health. Maybe some particular fish, like Tuna or swordfish or whatever, can recover half the life but reduce in half the cooldown of your Ultimate ability? That would also be nice. The "Take Cover" option would only consider the highest rarity fish first, so if the highest rarity is now what you want right now, you can save it in your {Vault}. - I'll be writing of {Vault System} in the next couple of days.

2.1.1) Other general professions could include:
{Teacher} where you earn a certain amount of drachma per hour, very useful for beginners, and old players as the drachma should scale with level. It could give a nice amount of drachma and you can't battle for... I don't know. 1 hour. You're not The Flash, you can't be two places at the same time. You either battle or go fishing, you either battle or go teaching.
Also: {Hoarder} - random loot caches appear on a more abundant level, (of course only the caches that you already unlocked), with 100 HP and you only gain 10% the intended loot. Bonus can be further enhanced by using matching Thief-set gear on your Hero.
{Spiritualist} - random +% bonus to EXP and Drachma. Random bonus resets every day at server reset. Bonus can be further enhanced by using matching Scholar-set gear on your Hero.

2.2) Other professions will be unlocked by reaching an achievement or by completing a Quest or by reaching goals (lvl 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 99).
2.2.1) Off the top of my head:
{Blacksmith} - Ability to forge equipments using materials, ability to upgrade current gear beyond it's Tier level (with random attribute gains), higher drop chance of materials, lower exp/drachma/ per hit and lower crit/ev for your Hero. Bonus can be further enhanced by using matching Riot-set gear on your Hero.
This can entertwine with the Faith system and double your material drop chance if you pledge loyalty to Hephasteus.
{Gatherer} [Must be a Fisherman or Hoarder to be able to evolve to Gatherer] - Higher drop chance of usable items like XP Sphere, Boosters and that type of stuff. Higher chance to enconter chests and caches on a map. Lower Hero's HP. Again, can be stacked with the god/titan/demigod that gives this boost. Bonus can be further enhanced by using matching Scholar-set gear on your Hero.
{Fighter} - +% Hp bonus to your Hero, +% Acc (Accuracy, or hit-chance) bonus. (Yes, I know, this parameter doesn't exist... yet). Bonus can be further enchanced by loyalty to Hades and/or by using a matching Fighter-set gear on your Hero.

OBS[2]: And again, an endless sea of possibilities to navigate through and give the game a welcome(is it? lol) grind and depth.

OBS***: Will be explained in the next part.

Submitted by Taikamya on Aug 23rd 2019

Faith (Loyalty-system) and Professions (Job-system) Part 1

Since it's a mythology sci-fi, I'd like to suggest some "real mythology" stuff.

1) Faith - Greek mythology is full of gods and each one has multiple perks.
1.1) A Hero can pledge loyalty to a god (or Titan or demigod or divine being) and have access to some of its perks.
1.1.1) This perks should increase and scale according to how many players are loyal to that entity in particular.
i.e: Pledging Loyalty to Athena should give you a +Flat% bonus in Atk. (For the sake of the arguement, let's say 5% Atk every 1.000 loyal players)
1.2) These perks are not Hero-exclusive. They can influence drop chance of materials from monsters, they can boost your "morale"(hp/atk/def/crit/ev) against a certain type of enemy and only that type of enemy. And the ideas can just flow naturally. A sea of endless possibilities to navigate.
1.2.1) Perks can be applied to certain weapons (+10% auto-rifle dmg or +50% Crit-dmg for heavy pistols or rocket launchers), a tax-cut in the market and lower general prices if loyal to Hermes, or faster generation of Ultimate ability and +%HP recover from taking cover if loyal do Aphrodite.

OBS[1]: Did I make my point? Could be a beginner Quest to find the "ancient shrine of the gods" that unlocks a new area and then you pledge loyalty to whatever and the perks can not only influence your Hero directly (as in the example above) but for example Hephasteus would increase (again, in +Flat%) the chance enemies have to drop materials.

Submitted by Taikamya on Aug 23rd 2019

Hermes Market and Hermes Package Delivery

A couple of options to implement the same idea:
Trade between players and create a community-driven market

1) A new vendor in Acropolis that allows players to put up offers for their items and players bid and/or directly buy them. This vendor would work as an escrow if you will. The offers could be anonymous (or not, this is irrelevant), the player sets a price and pays a tax based on that price.
I.e: You want to sell a green scholar-set item weapon with 50 Atk, you put 40.000 Drachma as the listed price and this vendor charges you 44.000 Drachma, which indicates 10% Tax.

The sole purpose of the Tax is to maintain a certain base level of pricing. Being so, this Tax should NOT be flat. Putting up an white-grade item for sale should cost less (tax-wise) than a blue-grade item.

2) A new world or area in Acropolis, that works like a Hub for players wanting to trade items. They set-up shops and players coming into this area will only see the shop name. Upon entering, instead of "primary/secondary/heavy", Should be a list of items with description and price. Players entering the shop should automatically be lead to the "Shop" chat channel. They can negotiate, bargain if they want or chat normally with the seller.
This option has a FLAT Tax to set-up the shop, regardless if the player will sell tons of stuff or none at all.

Maybe just a travelling fee for this area. Nothing really relevant. Like... "you must have 1.000 LP to access this area" and every time you travel there, you pay 1.000 Drachma. Just plain symbolic.

Upon buying an item, the item should arrive as if it were a message with an attachment and a note like... "The God Hermes has a deliver for you. It contains [put the item name here]". Hence the term "Hermes Package Delivery".

A button to "claim" the attachment of the message (or the content of the delivered packaged if you want to call it that) should only appear in such messages.

Disclaimer: Gear/Weapon vendors that already exist can have a more random stock as to have unique items in their possession. May not be too strong or too weak, it can maintain the current level, but more randomness an higher chance for discounts as they'll have competitors in either scenario.

Submitted by Taikamya on Aug 23rd 2019

Fixed set bonuses / New worlds / New achievements

One simple idea can have a huge impact in the game:
At whatever lvl, if a player decodes enough of a certain set item, it's bonus could be "learned" or "inherited".

A piece of Riot-set gear gives +3% Def and +1% Hp.
If you decode 1.000 white/green Riot set pieces, you unlock +3% Def and +1% Hp for your Hero. The same goes for 10.000 red Riot set pieces, you'll unlock the corresponding bonus for your Hero.

Sugestion: This unlock can be done via specific-Quest for example. Different Quests for different Tier of gear, or even based on the bonus it will unlock after.

Disclosure: In combination with the "New class after 99" suggestion by Arkshija, and/or/if, in combination with "Multiple Set Tags" suggestion by DarkSol; this could open the game to a whole new world of possibilities.

1) New worlds with higher-lvl enemies with special-defeat conditions.

2) Enemies with specific weakness and/or strengths to some set-gears. i.e: Hephaestus(the blacksmith, crafter, etc) Titan is weak to Scholar gear and strong against Fighter gear. Hermes(the god of trade and roads) Titan is weak to Fighter gear and strong against Scholar gear.

Submitted by Taikamya on Aug 23rd 2019

Different chats / better feedback

For the sake of all players, who may have doubts or suggestions or whatnot.

1) The "Help" chat channel, with some embed messages with answers or link to answers to some of the most regular questions, i.e: What are cards for? How can I become a vanguard? What are Location Points(LP) for? Where do I find AC? Is this game P2W?

1.1) Some players (if it helps) should become "Authorized" players meaning they are willing to help or if they have a title, should have the freedom to answer such questions, quoting sources of course, as to help new, coming back or even old players; fast and legit.

1.1.1) Authorized players should have a different color in their name in the "Help" chat channel or even a title so the players who reach out know this players is qualified to help them properly.

1.2) Implement a button (on mobile) or an input text box (on desktop) to ask something that the answers before didn't answer.

2) Implement the "Feedback" chat channel, with a link to this website. This way, people will save time and @firestream no longer have to keep posting it on the "Global" chat channel.

3) Is it possible to implement a "search" option on here (improveloop) so people can search for an idea they have to see if it was already suggested, implemented or is in the review process.

Submitted by Taikamya on Aug 23rd 2019

New class after 99

I still do not know how is the end game but would be interesting to add this as a pretige mechanic. Once you reach 99 you can rebirth as a new special class that has stronger skills or even new equipment slots as rings and after reaching 99 again will let you access new zones.

Submitted by Arkshija on Aug 23rd 2019

Collapsible bounty list

It would be nice if the bounty list were collapsible so that the normal attack/back to patrolling/top of enemy list are still in line while on a bounty (or 10)

(I'm playing on mobile so i cant speak to the desktop layout)

Submitted by Kwertii on Aug 20th 2019


So the idea behind this is to offer a grind mechanic that is less rng based.
The idea being that you can combine 2x items of the same type and rarity (e.g. 2x Godly Primary Weapons).

Both items to have max infusions as a prerequisite.

Once combined the new item will roll with 110% the average combined stats of the original - i.e. If both had a base attack of 100 then the combination result will be 110 base.

Given the prerequisite of having to have both items at max inf first (the idea being to not as a result make infusions obscelete) I suggest an increase in drop rate of gold.

Finally, the resulting item is reset to 0 infusions - with no limits on amount of times something can be combined.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 19th 2019

Dismantle Leveling

Would be nice to see an increase in exp gained and rarer infusion materials when dismantling as you progress through the game.

Submitted by XanderNacht25 on Aug 18th 2019

T6 Mobs

Up until the recent update there were both 5 tiers of gear rarity, and 5 tiers of mob - This felt like an intended level of consistency.

Now there is a 6th tier of gear however (Godly), I cant help but feel that a 6th mob tier should also be introduced in conjunction (along with a 6th tier of applicable chests and caches...if not already in place).

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 18th 2019

Multiple Set Tags

At the moment an item can proc 1 set perk (Riot, Thief etc) from a pool at a set percentage.

I propose changing this to proc up to 2x tags at a lower percentage rate.
A good rarity rate in my mind would be the following: if an item rolls to be a set - then roll to ascertain number of tags - 95% 1x set tag, 5% 2x set tags.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 10th 2019

Racial Skills

At the moment we only have skills associated with class. The only attributes linked to race are a slight boost to stats.
I propose added skills, with a similar cooldown to class skills - Some ideas as follows:

Enrage: Both the current mob and the player becomes enraged for x turns.

Stone Wall: Shields against all damage for x turns (similar to ghost cloak).

Healing aura: Both the player and the current mob gains a regen buff for x turns.

Scavenge: Players gain a boost to drac find for x turns.

Study: Players gain a boost to xp for x turns.

Berserk: Player gains a multiplicative boost to attack of 50% for x turns, but becomes uncontrolable (auto attack till skill expires).

Shield Break: All attacks against shield do double dmg for x turns.

Guts: For x turns any attack that deals mortal damage does not kill the player, but instead leaves them at 1hp.

Refresh: Instantly refreshes the players class skill.

Lucky Blow: For x turns Crit Rate is increased by 100% (multiplicative).

Absorb: For x turns enemy attacks instead heal the player.

Payback: For x turns dmg received is reflected back.

Obviously there are more skills here than classes (and the list could be longer). Therefore I propose a level based unlock system, akin to a skill tree - Every level you gain a stat point to either strengthen existing skills or to unlock new ones.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 10th 2019

Booster Overhaul

Boosters just arent worth it to higher level players as the stat appears to be additive.
To give an example for this the +50% Drach boost costs 3 AC - This may seem like a good purchase for a low level player, but what about a high level?

Lets say you have a stat of 1000% drach find - Enabling this boost will only change that to 1050% (a mere drop in the ocean).
This makes booster purchases useless once you pass a certain level, so my idea is to make the boosts 'multiplicative' as opposed to 'additive'.

This will make boosters viable at every level.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 8th 2019

Cores on Weekend Vendor (not p2w)

It'd be a great way to ensure everyone at least looks at Borghen every weekend he appears.

Have him sell 1 of each core for Drachma, with a rising cost. For example, Defense Core 1 could be 100,000 Drac, then the next one 1 mil, then 10 mil, then 100 mil, then 1 bil

Then the costs reset the following week. It helps keep Borghen visited and entice players with shiny stuff, and also ensures there's some guaranteed progression (players love that)

Submitted by Telran on Aug 3rd 2019

Chest Event

All chest/cache types have a double spawn rate, with analytics tracked to offer out a leaderboard prize for total kills.

2 new chest types introduced for the event - Platinum Chest: Contains AC & VM's
Mimic: Looks like a regular Plat Chest, but is actually a tough mob type - Contains 1x Red Memory

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 3rd 2019

Territories Minigame

Clan territories - Minigame, Each hour 50 zones are chosen to be disignated as a territory, deploy a barracks at the area to gain a random buff (double drops, increased gains, etc) which can be attacked by any other clan, Territories change hourly, barracks hp = 500k, can be healed by clan members.

Submitted by Prat on Jul 12th 2019

The Endgame

Zeus with his last dying breathe looks at you and says "This is only the beginning, I am the puppet"
- After you take down Zeus for the first time you are taken back to "The Acropolis" and told in killing Zeus you have angered the real boss The Master and now they're after destruction.
- Level cap is now gone, power cap gone, core cap gone.
- You gain access to the lv 100+ zone for every planet, a new area unlocks on Mount Olympus
- Enemies in the lv 100+ zone vary in strength but incredibly stronger than normal
- The Master sits in the new Final Area of Mount Olympus, Providence.

Submitted by Prat on Jul 9th 2019

Bounty Rewards & Scaling Rewards

I know I’m 100% an outlier when it comes to considering bounties, but what bounties would give me in rewards would take literal seconds on MO. Vs. the 30 possible minutes I’d have to spend searching and clearing zones for a single enemy. So, I feel like it should scale with planets unlocked rather than player level. The time it takes vs. rewards for pretty much any 99 is really underwhelming as well as for people who are power leveling faster than their bounties can keep up. So, when thinking about working on changing the bounties from level scaled to planets unlocked scaling, I think the main thing to take into consideration is how much they could actually make on that specific planet as well. For me on Mount Olympus, it ranges anywhere from 2-5 billion an hour, so being able to do a 30 minute bounty for idk, say 1 billion drachma, some purples, maybe a couple cores, and items would be time well spent in my opinion. The current rewards including the core and the purples/red are just not enough to keep me interested in doing bounties, much like the rest of the people that spend time doing bounties and giving their general feedback on them.

Submitted by TrojanSCore on Jul 3rd 2019

Golden Apple

2 options
1: Golden apple is auto used when hp goes to 0 and refills your health. Like an auto revive.

2: Could cause you to enrage on an enemy and have a crit attack every hit for 10 hits...

Submitted by Adorsey84 on Jul 1st 2019

More Comprehensive Clan System

Purpose : Add more to the Clan system to allow for more cooperation and engagement between the Clan and Clan Members.
More detailed information at : https://docs.google.com/do-blam!-ent/d/1M4vcnQvGPxQ2bAFecp61-dmQFftumlilq8VbnyFJ79g

1) Clan Resource Gathering - Collect ALL the shinies!
- Allow clans members to donate unneeded resources to the clan in return for points. These points can be purely leader board material or can be used for temporary buffs.
2) Clan Expansion - Not just member limits anymore!
- Allow clans to use resources to build/improve the clan. Better buffs for players to buy, bigger member list, etc.
3) Clan Raids? - Work together or die together!
- Once a clan grows up enough, let them fund raids on super hard bosses for fun and lovely loot!
4) Clan Wide Buffs - Work together and thrive together!
-Give clan leaders the ability to use Raid Points to give the entire clan buffs and bonuses.
5) Achievements and Rewards for Clans, Seasonal and otherwise - More bragging rights!
-Give rewards to top clans for each season, or for reaching milestones.
6) Misc Features - Minor things that I’d like to see
-Mainly just small things that don't matter much, such as Clan Chat specific alerts.

Submitted by hsidnomeL on Jun 28th 2019

Additions for Clans, Additional Triumphs, Front Page Leaderboards

1. Allow clans to collect XP/Drachma like HS2 - via a percentage of earnings from battles
2. Allow Players to transfer VM to clan
3. Added Triumphs - Buy all sparrows, 99 in 24 hrs or under, 1B in Drachma, Purchase Light Seeker, 10 Million Battles, 10 Million Kills, 100,000 Titans Killed
4. Top 10 Leaderboard on front page like HS2 - Titans Killed, Battles, Missions

Submitted by Pitch Black on Jun 25th 2019

Implement QoL Features from DRPG

There are some features in the new UI on DRPG that are very nice and would be a good addition to TC. I asked a few people what they liked from DRPG and compiled a list:

·Friends list.
·Being able to create multiple characters before hitting 99 for the sake of doing different runs.
·Popup of gear after decoding with perk comparison and option to equip/dismantle immediately.
·Area to see boosters / missions / bounties while in battle.
·Enemy levels would be a huge help for new players to see what they should and shouldn't attack.
·Clan chat messages appear in global chat.
·Top half of battle screen is a primary attack button.
·Clan contribution, to see how much everyone is contributing to the clan XP.
·Navigational breadcrumbs to make it easier to travel back to planets.
·Have planet areas list directly below the planet, instead of underneath the entire planet list.
·More stats in the "daily stats" such as Titans killed, chests opened, etc.
·Gear page with perk columns instead of each perk just listed next to the item in no particular order. Ability to sort by perk?
·Some text like perks on the gear page are a bit small. Bold text and a bit bigger font size would help, maybe even use a different font.
·Inventory: writing the item info next to the item (at least on PC) would clear a lot of vertical space and that would make it easier to check.
·Responsive Design: there's so much blank/wasted space on PC.

Submitted by venomousmuse on Jun 24th 2019

More from PE

I was thinking having each PE drop a very rare item that drops when the person kills it. This item needs to be collected from each PE to build some sort of weapon or anything you can think of to have an even greater reward to kill it and progression with the game.

Submitted by MatFear on Jun 20th 2019

Achievement for Unlocking All Cards for a given location

When you have unlocked all cards for a location (Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, etc.) you should be rewarded with an Achievement.

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 18th 2019

Monster Chests!

There should be a small chance when you encounter a chest that it is just a monster that LOOKS like a chest (called a Mimic in Dungeons & Dragons). It should be a challenging fight, making it a much more exciting encounter than just a chest bashing.

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 15th 2019

Add a PvP arena to the Acropolis!

I think it would be cool to be able to battle other players in the arena. Perhaps a tiered system of some kind, where you can battle players around your same level?

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 15th 2019

Allow Clans to buy more member slots as they rank up

Perhaps every 10 Clan rankups, a clan should have the option to buy an additional member slot. This would give rankups more meaning, and allow Clans to grow a little.

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 13th 2019

Bounties Timelimit improvement

Currently the bounties are timelimited.
The two most interesting ones are limited to 30 minutes which is very tight and you have mostly to stick to the game for the 30 minutes straight unless you are very lucky with the spawns.
The other bounties are very tight too.

My idea is the following:
Split up bounties into 2 or more tiers:

1. Tier
Daily - You accept those dailies and have until midnight (servertime) to finish them

2. Tier
Weekly - You accept those at anytime from monday 0:01am and have until sunday 11:59pm to clear those

You could do that for monthly and yearly too with a huge amount but I highly suggest that weekly and longer don't take a special enemy but just a planet.
Also it would be interesting to have "Epic Bounties" where you have to kill an amount of ultras in a week.

Also bounties that take longer than a day should be ramped up in their value of rewards.

This would improve the bountysystem a lot and would not force a player to stick to the game and can also do bounties over the course of the whole day.

Submitted by Akuma no Tsubasa on Jun 6th 2019

Another list uwu

A beastiary (did I spell that right?). Why? Because I’m a nerd for stats and I know there are other nerds for stats that play the game. Don’t ask. This can be as simple as a grimoire card library. You can achieve an enemy’s stats when their card is rank 10+.
If possible, a skill tree based on class. To me, it’s more fun to play a game when you unlock different ways to play the game. A skill tree is the perfect way to do that. Obviously, you’ll need skill points (1 per lvl, then 1 per 2b xp) which can either be earned when you level up or bought in the booster store with AC.
(If you forgot, add back the weekly and monthly goals when possible)
This might be a bit much, but how about gaining weapons and armor from the enemy themselves? Like by obtaining something like an Argus or Nymph memory. The lowest rarity is green in my mind.
I gotta remember that this isn’t my game. I make too many rules.

Submitted by Spitfyre on Jun 5th 2019

Leaderboards & Rewards

So here's the pitch: people are given a certain set of rewards for placing high on the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. Any specific items can be received for such feats, but the main leaderboards that could be looked at are LP, Dr, XP, Battles, etc. The type of boards that can be grinded and actually signify time spent in the game unlike deaths, referrals, etc. However, a glaring issue that can be seen already is difference between levels and loot gains, which is where the previously introduced level gap can come into play, and even out the playing field. For example, levels 1-15 can receive 10 XP Orbs, 10 LP Orbs, and 10 Dr Orbs if they place Top 10 on the weekly Xp Gained leaderboard, specifically for levels 1-15.

Submitted by TrojanSCore on Jun 4th 2019

Add something let us know witch enemies are low ranking.

I liked DestinyRPG because you can tell who is the weak and lower rank enemy by looking at their picture but in TitanConquest I can't tell because I only see the names but they don't really say much about them what does null, black, ash even mean are those even a rank or are they some special type of enemy? so maybe add cards for TitanConquest telling you what the ranks of the enemies are and what their titles mean.

Submitted by lilravo on Jun 3rd 2019

Clan\guild "blacksmith"\"Housing" buildings

Create another resource (stone\metal\brick\wood\whatever) that can be donated to a clan\guild to create buildings that go up in tier with upgrades that offer more bonuses for their members. (tier 1 cost x amount of resources and you need to be x guild level - tier 2 cost x amount of resources and you need to be x guild level etc)

Start with having a level 1 storage at guild rank 1 and members can donate resources to upgrade the storage to hold more so they can upgrade\build new buildings

maybe let us donate drachma\gear resources (iron\gold or whatever) to use at the armory building to give a +1% boost to a stat every upgrade with resource cost going up each time

Submitted by chunce on Jun 3rd 2019

Guild Raids - teired boss style

The Basics:
Guilds would have to be a certain level to participate. Lvl 5 - Vault of glass equivalent
Lvl 10 - etc

Different lvl of minibosses the guild would have to complete before moving on to the next one. One try a day per player until mini boss is killed..then unlocks the next one....

Loot per boss...everyone who participates gets something when boss is defeated...end raid bosses give possible raid gear and vc......

Submitted by Adorsey84 on Jun 3rd 2019

Achievement/Triumph/Tiered Triumph Ideas

I think anything on this list that can be obtained by the majority of players should be included as an achievement while the harder/more difficult ones that only dedicated players can achieve should be rewarded as triumphs.

- Use x number of items
- Reach lvl 99 without using any yellow/purple gears
- Reach lvl 99 without using any items
- Reach x amount of missions/bounties done
- Send x messages in chat
- Kill x Titans
- Kill x Gods
- Reach x amount of power
- Do x battles in a day
- Do x kills in a day
- Reach lvl 99 in less than x Days
- Check the Leaderboards x times
- Kill the strongest ennemy in the game
- Post gg in chat
- Reach lvl 99 with no special/heavy attacks
- Reach lvl 99 with no kills (Definitely an insane challenge)
- Reach lvl 99 without ever running away
- Salute another player x times
- Reach cores cap
- Reach lvl 99 with 0 battles
- Buy the Highest bike
- Clear an area on Mount Olympus
- Have x friends or more
- Reach 1T Drachmas
- Have 10000 Ancient Coins
- Reach lvl 99 using only Kratos
- Die at lvl 98 on a deathless run

List courtesy of GrandGreg13

More ideas

100k battles in a day
Triple 100s - 100k battles, 100b drachma, 100b XP

Courtesy of Muse/VenomousMuse
Extremist, get to 99 with at least 30k battles every day
Get the killing blow on a PE with less than 1000 total damage dealt
Level 99 codebreaker
be #1 in 5 leaderboards at one time

Tiered triumphs

These would be triumphs that change in your profile once a certain threshold is hit and it replaces the old number with the new in your profile. For example, 1000 kills, then when you reach 10k kills it overrides the other number and you get an item(s) to go along with it. 100k and then 500k then 1m and you can get very rare emblems for the later tier(s).

Submitted by wsey54 on Jun 3rd 2019

@ feature

do you know how you could @ someone on destinyRPG and it would show their name ? that would be cool to have here too since people could ping somebody but the chat would flash more so people know they are pinged too since people tend to miss convos or if somebody wants to talk to that person too.

Submitted by mergzy on Jun 3rd 2019

Melee weapon additon

I thought about what could work well in this game, and i think an addition of Melee weapons would be something that could tie to Greeks even in the future, especially Spartans since they were well acquainted with Melee weapons. Even if it is the future then everybody needs something to fight in close combat or to for example counter attack an enemy when they try to attack and miss like they do now but you simply attack them. Some people in the chat thought it would be a great idea so somebody suggested to post it here or reddit so here it is. To summaries I'm suggesting a new equipment slot for melee weapons which would act as a counter attack to enemy missing or evading in fact.

Submitted by mergzy on Jun 3rd 2019

Age of Triumphs/More Triumphs/Record Book/Titles/Seals etc.

This pulls straight from D1/D2 but can be rebranded/reworked for TC.

To add more longevity to the game after hitting 99, I think there should be something similar to D1/D2 regarding a triumph book. They can range from something as easy as getting 1000 kills lifetime to decoding over 100k engrams or something even harder. There could be points associated with each unlocked triumph like D2 and a leaderboard could be made for the score. After a certain amount of triumphs are met, a person can then unlock a seal/title that could be used in place of their clan tag so it can show next to their name in addition to getting a color that reflects the achievement. I think getting a title/seal should be difficult and only the most dedicated players would have a chance of unlocking these.

In regards to a record book, it would be somewhat similar to the leaderboards except it shows the all time for leaderboards that reset such as daily/weekly/monthly. For example, it would show who achieved the most battles in one day/week/month.

Submitted by wsey54 on Jun 3rd 2019

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