A light-weight, mobile, text-based, futuristic Mythology-themed RPG. Create your Hero, explore, battle enemies, find loot, get gear and more! Leave feedback for the game here.

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Suggested Improvements

Dismantle Leveling

Would be nice to see an increase in exp gained and rarer infusion materials when dismantling as you progress through the game.

Submitted by XanderNacht25 on Aug 18th 2019

T6 Mobs

Up until the recent update there were both 5 tiers of gear rarity, and 5 tiers of mob - This felt like an intended level of consistency.

Now there is a 6th tier of gear however (Godly), I cant help but feel that a 6th mob tier should also be introduced in conjunction (along with a 6th tier of applicable chests and caches...if not already in place).

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 18th 2019

Multiple Set Tags

At the moment an item can proc 1 set perk (Riot, Thief etc) from a pool at a set percentage.

I propose changing this to proc up to 2x tags at a lower percentage rate.
A good rarity rate in my mind would be the following: if an item rolls to be a set - then roll to ascertain number of tags - 95% 1x set tag, 5% 2x set tags.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 10th 2019

Racial Skills

At the moment we only have skills associated with class. The only attributes linked to race are a slight boost to stats.
I propose added skills, with a similar cooldown to class skills - Some ideas as follows:

Enrage: Both the current mob and the player becomes enraged for x turns.

Stone Wall: Shields against all damage for x turns (similar to ghost cloak).

Healing aura: Both the player and the current mob gains a regen buff for x turns.

Scavenge: Players gain a boost to drac find for x turns.

Study: Players gain a boost to xp for x turns.

Berserk: Player gains a multiplicative boost to attack of 50% for x turns, but becomes uncontrolable (auto attack till skill expires).

Shield Break: All attacks against shield do double dmg for x turns.

Guts: For x turns any attack that deals mortal damage does not kill the player, but instead leaves them at 1hp.

Refresh: Instantly refreshes the players class skill.

Lucky Blow: For x turns Crit Rate is increased by 100% (multiplicative).

Absorb: For x turns enemy attacks instead heal the player.

Payback: For x turns dmg received is reflected back.

Obviously there are more skills here than classes (and the list could be longer). Therefore I propose a level based unlock system, akin to a skill tree - Every level you gain a stat point to either strengthen existing skills or to unlock new ones.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 10th 2019

Booster Overhaul

Boosters just arent worth it to higher level players as the stat appears to be additive.
To give an example for this the +50% Drach boost costs 3 AC - This may seem like a good purchase for a low level player, but what about a high level?

Lets say you have a stat of 1000% drach find - Enabling this boost will only change that to 1050% (a mere drop in the ocean).
This makes booster purchases useless once you pass a certain level, so my idea is to make the boosts 'multiplicative' as opposed to 'additive'.

This will make boosters viable at every level.

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 8th 2019

Cores on Weekend Vendor (not p2w)

It'd be a great way to ensure everyone at least looks at Borghen every weekend he appears.

Have him sell 1 of each core for Drachma, with a rising cost. For example, Defense Core 1 could be 100,000 Drac, then the next one 1 mil, then 10 mil, then 100 mil, then 1 bil

Then the costs reset the following week. It helps keep Borghen visited and entice players with shiny stuff, and also ensures there's some guaranteed progression (players love that)

Submitted by Telran on Aug 3rd 2019

Chest Event

All chest/cache types have a double spawn rate, with analytics tracked to offer out a leaderboard prize for total kills.

2 new chest types introduced for the event - Platinum Chest: Contains AC & VM's
Mimic: Looks like a regular Plat Chest, but is actually a tough mob type - Contains 1x Red Memory

Submitted by DarkSol on Aug 3rd 2019

Territories Minigame

Clan territories - Minigame, Each hour 50 zones are chosen to be disignated as a territory, deploy a barracks at the area to gain a random buff (double drops, increased gains, etc) which can be attacked by any other clan, Territories change hourly, barracks hp = 500k, can be healed by clan members.

Submitted by Prat on Jul 12th 2019

The Endgame

Zeus with his last dying breathe looks at you and says "This is only the beginning, I am the puppet"
- After you take down Zeus for the first time you are taken back to "The Acropolis" and told in killing Zeus you have angered the real boss The Master and now they're after destruction.
- Level cap is now gone, power cap gone, core cap gone.
- You gain access to the lv 100+ zone for every planet, a new area unlocks on Mount Olympus
- Enemies in the lv 100+ zone vary in strength but incredibly stronger than normal
- The Master sits in the new Final Area of Mount Olympus, Providence.

Submitted by Prat on Jul 9th 2019

Bounty Rewards & Scaling Rewards

I know I’m 100% an outlier when it comes to considering bounties, but what bounties would give me in rewards would take literal seconds on MO. Vs. the 30 possible minutes I’d have to spend searching and clearing zones for a single enemy. So, I feel like it should scale with planets unlocked rather than player level. The time it takes vs. rewards for pretty much any 99 is really underwhelming as well as for people who are power leveling faster than their bounties can keep up. So, when thinking about working on changing the bounties from level scaled to planets unlocked scaling, I think the main thing to take into consideration is how much they could actually make on that specific planet as well. For me on Mount Olympus, it ranges anywhere from 2-5 billion an hour, so being able to do a 30 minute bounty for idk, say 1 billion drachma, some purples, maybe a couple cores, and items would be time well spent in my opinion. The current rewards including the core and the purples/red are just not enough to keep me interested in doing bounties, much like the rest of the people that spend time doing bounties and giving their general feedback on them.

Submitted by TrojanSCore on Jul 3rd 2019

Golden Apple

2 options
1: Golden apple is auto used when hp goes to 0 and refills your health. Like an auto revive.

2: Could cause you to enrage on an enemy and have a crit attack every hit for 10 hits...

Submitted by Adorsey84 on Jul 1st 2019

More Comprehensive Clan System

Purpose : Add more to the Clan system to allow for more cooperation and engagement between the Clan and Clan Members.
More detailed information at : https://docs.google.com/do-blam!-ent/d/1M4vcnQvGPxQ2bAFecp61-dmQFftumlilq8VbnyFJ79g

1) Clan Resource Gathering - Collect ALL the shinies!
- Allow clans members to donate unneeded resources to the clan in return for points. These points can be purely leader board material or can be used for temporary buffs.
2) Clan Expansion - Not just member limits anymore!
- Allow clans to use resources to build/improve the clan. Better buffs for players to buy, bigger member list, etc.
3) Clan Raids? - Work together or die together!
- Once a clan grows up enough, let them fund raids on super hard bosses for fun and lovely loot!
4) Clan Wide Buffs - Work together and thrive together!
-Give clan leaders the ability to use Raid Points to give the entire clan buffs and bonuses.
5) Achievements and Rewards for Clans, Seasonal and otherwise - More bragging rights!
-Give rewards to top clans for each season, or for reaching milestones.
6) Misc Features - Minor things that I’d like to see
-Mainly just small things that don't matter much, such as Clan Chat specific alerts.

Submitted by hsidnomeL on Jun 28th 2019

Additions for Clans, Additional Triumphs, Front Page Leaderboards

1. Allow clans to collect XP/Drachma like HS2 - via a percentage of earnings from battles
2. Allow Players to transfer VM to clan
3. Added Triumphs - Buy all sparrows, 99 in 24 hrs or under, 1B in Drachma, Purchase Light Seeker, 10 Million Battles, 10 Million Kills, 100,000 Titans Killed
4. Top 10 Leaderboard on front page like HS2 - Titans Killed, Battles, Missions

Submitted by Pitch Black on Jun 25th 2019

Implement QoL Features from DRPG

There are some features in the new UI on DRPG that are very nice and would be a good addition to TC. I asked a few people what they liked from DRPG and compiled a list:

·Friends list.
·Being able to create multiple characters before hitting 99 for the sake of doing different runs.
·Popup of gear after decoding with perk comparison and option to equip/dismantle immediately.
·Area to see boosters / missions / bounties while in battle.
·Enemy levels would be a huge help for new players to see what they should and shouldn't attack.
·Clan chat messages appear in global chat.
·Top half of battle screen is a primary attack button.
·Clan contribution, to see how much everyone is contributing to the clan XP.
·Navigational breadcrumbs to make it easier to travel back to planets.
·Have planet areas list directly below the planet, instead of underneath the entire planet list.
·More stats in the "daily stats" such as Titans killed, chests opened, etc.
·Gear page with perk columns instead of each perk just listed next to the item in no particular order. Ability to sort by perk?
·Some text like perks on the gear page are a bit small. Bold text and a bit bigger font size would help, maybe even use a different font.
·Inventory: writing the item info next to the item (at least on PC) would clear a lot of vertical space and that would make it easier to check.
·Responsive Design: there's so much blank/wasted space on PC.

Submitted by venomousmuse on Jun 24th 2019

More from PE

I was thinking having each PE drop a very rare item that drops when the person kills it. This item needs to be collected from each PE to build some sort of weapon or anything you can think of to have an even greater reward to kill it and progression with the game.

Submitted by MatFear on Jun 20th 2019

Achievement for Unlocking All Cards for a given location

When you have unlocked all cards for a location (Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, etc.) you should be rewarded with an Achievement.

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 18th 2019

Monster Chests!

There should be a small chance when you encounter a chest that it is just a monster that LOOKS like a chest (called a Mimic in Dungeons & Dragons). It should be a challenging fight, making it a much more exciting encounter than just a chest bashing.

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 15th 2019

Add a PvP arena to the Acropolis!

I think it would be cool to be able to battle other players in the arena. Perhaps a tiered system of some kind, where you can battle players around your same level?

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 15th 2019

Allow Clans to buy more member slots as they rank up

Perhaps every 10 Clan rankups, a clan should have the option to buy an additional member slot. This would give rankups more meaning, and allow Clans to grow a little.

Submitted by Dolon on Jun 13th 2019

Bounties Timelimit improvement

Currently the bounties are timelimited.
The two most interesting ones are limited to 30 minutes which is very tight and you have mostly to stick to the game for the 30 minutes straight unless you are very lucky with the spawns.
The other bounties are very tight too.

My idea is the following:
Split up bounties into 2 or more tiers:

1. Tier
Daily - You accept those dailies and have until midnight (servertime) to finish them

2. Tier
Weekly - You accept those at anytime from monday 0:01am and have until sunday 11:59pm to clear those

You could do that for monthly and yearly too with a huge amount but I highly suggest that weekly and longer don't take a special enemy but just a planet.
Also it would be interesting to have "Epic Bounties" where you have to kill an amount of ultras in a week.

Also bounties that take longer than a day should be ramped up in their value of rewards.

This would improve the bountysystem a lot and would not force a player to stick to the game and can also do bounties over the course of the whole day.

Submitted by Akuma no Tsubasa on Jun 6th 2019

Another list uwu

A beastiary (did I spell that right?). Why? Because I’m a nerd for stats and I know there are other nerds for stats that play the game. Don’t ask. This can be as simple as a grimoire card library. You can achieve an enemy’s stats when their card is rank 10+.
If possible, a skill tree based on class. To me, it’s more fun to play a game when you unlock different ways to play the game. A skill tree is the perfect way to do that. Obviously, you’ll need skill points (1 per lvl, then 1 per 2b xp) which can either be earned when you level up or bought in the booster store with AC.
(If you forgot, add back the weekly and monthly goals when possible)
This might be a bit much, but how about gaining weapons and armor from the enemy themselves? Like by obtaining something like an Argus or Nymph memory. The lowest rarity is green in my mind.
I gotta remember that this isn’t my game. I make too many rules.

Submitted by Spitfyre on Jun 5th 2019

Leaderboards & Rewards

So here's the pitch: people are given a certain set of rewards for placing high on the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. Any specific items can be received for such feats, but the main leaderboards that could be looked at are LP, Dr, XP, Battles, etc. The type of boards that can be grinded and actually signify time spent in the game unlike deaths, referrals, etc. However, a glaring issue that can be seen already is difference between levels and loot gains, which is where the previously introduced level gap can come into play, and even out the playing field. For example, levels 1-15 can receive 10 XP Orbs, 10 LP Orbs, and 10 Dr Orbs if they place Top 10 on the weekly Xp Gained leaderboard, specifically for levels 1-15.

Submitted by TrojanSCore on Jun 4th 2019

Add something let us know witch enemies are low ranking.

I liked DestinyRPG because you can tell who is the weak and lower rank enemy by looking at their picture but in TitanConquest I can't tell because I only see the names but they don't really say much about them what does null, black, ash even mean are those even a rank or are they some special type of enemy? so maybe add cards for TitanConquest telling you what the ranks of the enemies are and what their titles mean.

Submitted by lilravo on Jun 3rd 2019

Clan\guild "blacksmith"\"Housing" buildings

Create another resource (stone\metal\brick\wood\whatever) that can be donated to a clan\guild to create buildings that go up in tier with upgrades that offer more bonuses for their members. (tier 1 cost x amount of resources and you need to be x guild level - tier 2 cost x amount of resources and you need to be x guild level etc)

Start with having a level 1 storage at guild rank 1 and members can donate resources to upgrade the storage to hold more so they can upgrade\build new buildings

maybe let us donate drachma\gear resources (iron\gold or whatever) to use at the armory building to give a +1% boost to a stat every upgrade with resource cost going up each time

Submitted by chunce on Jun 3rd 2019

Guild Raids - teired boss style

The Basics:
Guilds would have to be a certain level to participate. Lvl 5 - Vault of glass equivalent
Lvl 10 - etc

Different lvl of minibosses the guild would have to complete before moving on to the next one. One try a day per player until mini boss is killed..then unlocks the next one....

Loot per boss...everyone who participates gets something when boss is defeated...end raid bosses give possible raid gear and vc......

Submitted by Adorsey84 on Jun 3rd 2019

Achievement/Triumph/Tiered Triumph Ideas

I think anything on this list that can be obtained by the majority of players should be included as an achievement while the harder/more difficult ones that only dedicated players can achieve should be rewarded as triumphs.

- Use x number of items
- Reach lvl 99 without using any yellow/purple gears
- Reach lvl 99 without using any items
- Reach x amount of missions/bounties done
- Send x messages in chat
- Kill x Titans
- Kill x Gods
- Reach x amount of power
- Do x battles in a day
- Do x kills in a day
- Reach lvl 99 in less than x Days
- Check the Leaderboards x times
- Kill the strongest ennemy in the game
- Post gg in chat
- Reach lvl 99 with no special/heavy attacks
- Reach lvl 99 with no kills (Definitely an insane challenge)
- Reach lvl 99 without ever running away
- Salute another player x times
- Reach cores cap
- Reach lvl 99 with 0 battles
- Buy the Highest bike
- Clear an area on Mount Olympus
- Have x friends or more
- Reach 1T Drachmas
- Have 10000 Ancient Coins
- Reach lvl 99 using only Kratos
- Die at lvl 98 on a deathless run

List courtesy of GrandGreg13

More ideas

100k battles in a day
Triple 100s - 100k battles, 100b drachma, 100b XP

Courtesy of Muse/VenomousMuse
Extremist, get to 99 with at least 30k battles every day
Get the killing blow on a PE with less than 1000 total damage dealt
Level 99 codebreaker
be #1 in 5 leaderboards at one time

Tiered triumphs

These would be triumphs that change in your profile once a certain threshold is hit and it replaces the old number with the new in your profile. For example, 1000 kills, then when you reach 10k kills it overrides the other number and you get an item(s) to go along with it. 100k and then 500k then 1m and you can get very rare emblems for the later tier(s).

Submitted by wsey54 on Jun 3rd 2019

@ feature

do you know how you could @ someone on destinyRPG and it would show their name ? that would be cool to have here too since people could ping somebody but the chat would flash more so people know they are pinged too since people tend to miss convos or if somebody wants to talk to that person too.

Submitted by mergzy on Jun 3rd 2019

Melee weapon additon

I thought about what could work well in this game, and i think an addition of Melee weapons would be something that could tie to Greeks even in the future, especially Spartans since they were well acquainted with Melee weapons. Even if it is the future then everybody needs something to fight in close combat or to for example counter attack an enemy when they try to attack and miss like they do now but you simply attack them. Some people in the chat thought it would be a great idea so somebody suggested to post it here or reddit so here it is. To summaries I'm suggesting a new equipment slot for melee weapons which would act as a counter attack to enemy missing or evading in fact.

Submitted by mergzy on Jun 3rd 2019

Age of Triumphs/More Triumphs/Record Book/Titles/Seals etc.

This pulls straight from D1/D2 but can be rebranded/reworked for TC.

To add more longevity to the game after hitting 99, I think there should be something similar to D1/D2 regarding a triumph book. They can range from something as easy as getting 1000 kills lifetime to decoding over 100k engrams or something even harder. There could be points associated with each unlocked triumph like D2 and a leaderboard could be made for the score. After a certain amount of triumphs are met, a person can then unlock a seal/title that could be used in place of their clan tag so it can show next to their name in addition to getting a color that reflects the achievement. I think getting a title/seal should be difficult and only the most dedicated players would have a chance of unlocking these.

In regards to a record book, it would be somewhat similar to the leaderboards except it shows the all time for leaderboards that reset such as daily/weekly/monthly. For example, it would show who achieved the most battles in one day/week/month.

Submitted by wsey54 on Jun 3rd 2019

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