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Suggested Improvements

Keyboard Support on Mobile - reaply


I play Titan Conquest on the iPhone version. Sometimes my phone gets hot while playing (as I am working in a lab supporting my companies covid-19 modules stationary) and I have access to my company laptop for charging my phone. I have brought along a bluetooth keyboard for my phone and unfortunately it doesn’t work with the game and it would make my life that much easier. If you supported keyboard functionality for the mobile version, it would go a long way.

Submitted by Guest on Feb 19th 2021

Pin locked gear to the top of the list

This would make it a lot easier to find special weapons or armour that may otherwise be buried under a mountain of higher tier gear

Submitted by Guest on Feb 17th 2021

OPTION for Auto Decode & Dismantle option for Blues / Purples, and/or Reds

especially purples. ewww purples

- Poseidon

Submitted by Poseidon on Feb 16th 2021

Hide Chat Elements

An option outside of simple UI to hide the hamster gifs that crop up in chat

Submitted by Guest on Feb 15th 2021

New Zone: The Shadowlands

The Shadowlands has Shadow enemies, which are 2x stronger, but give 2x the gains.

Submitted by Guest on Feb 11th 2021

Dismantling help

Instead of having just the color, we can dismantle only Riots, Thief, Slayer, Scholar, no set, etc
Or by perks
Will help a LOT with shops.

Submitted by Guest on Feb 10th 2021

Roast Bhelogan Day to be every day

The title explains it all

Submitted by Guest on Feb 5th 2021

Buffer days of February

Since there is only 28 days in February, and since the 500 ac reward requires 28 days, we ask to reduce the require to either 24 days or buffers if you miss a day. This is unfair since other months have buffer days.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Feb 5th 2021

Enemy Maps

Make maps a 1/2000 drop from enemies depending on their prefix (Argus, Virgo, etc.). That map sends them to a multi-enemy dungeon, with the difficulty based off of your level (formula being (item level+1)/4 as a percentage).
At the end of the dungeon you’d receive memories based off of your level as well as a set of boosters to deal with that enemy prefix, and infusion materials.

Submitted by Anti on Feb 3rd 2021

Chat Brag Event

A regular, scheduled event for past POTD where they compete for top 3 temporary fancy chat frame with boosting effects.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 30th 2021

Clan Leaderboards

Please add the toggle to different seasons on the clan leaderboard.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 25th 2021


It was very backwards trying to get here. Found no link on the main pages and typing in suggestions on the wiki search gave me nothing. I found the feedback page by going to the chat links page🤔

My suggestion is simple: add the feedback link to an appropriate page such as the game wiki or help page and/or when you search for suggestions make it come up with the link for feedback too.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 25th 2021

New Arena featuring Titans

We currently have only the Iron Arena, which by about lvl 80 becomes irrelevant.

I propose a new Platinum Arena location. Navigable for players that have reached MO. All player mobs are derived from level 99 characters, and Got Tier players are spawned as Titan Grade units.


Submitted by Guest on Jan 21st 2021

Event ticket as a lottery win

1% chance that a lottery winner will be awarded a consumeable ticket item instead of AC etc.
Tickets correlate to the special events (Core Titan, Air Drop etc), and if a ticket holder consumes one then that event is guaranteed to spawn at the top of the hour.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 17th 2021


Every day a new item is sold at the Auctioneer. Players bid via AC with the highest bidder taking the prize. Items for auction can include anything from Core or Material Bundles and Pulses etc, to premium gear and unique emblems. Every 12 hours a new auction is initiated, and the previous resolved.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 17th 2021

VM Store

Once you hit 99 bounties are pretty much irrelevant, and the VM store loses interest early on.
I would advocate having Boosters, Cores and Materials added to the VM store. These 3 still hold relevance at high levels, which in turn would make grinding bounties for marks more applicable to mid / end game players.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 17th 2021

Expiration date on items

Put date expired for items for better server management, if it will have any effect. it forces users to use items. except for booster and cores, and special items.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 10th 2021

Tab in lower-left corner of the UI showing avg stats like DMG HP DEF etc.

That part of the UI is unused so that would be a pretty nice and convenient feature to keep track of your progress or to see how changing a weapon really affects your total stats.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 8th 2021

Titan Hunter Booster and Bike

Similar to the bounty hunter variants that highlight bounty monster names yellow - The titan hunter instead highlights Zone Names yellow if they have an active titan spawned inside. This will aid titan farming no end.

Submitted by Guest on Jan 8th 2021

Memory Devolution

1 Yellow = 25 Reds
1 Red = 4 Purples
1 Purple = 4 Blues
1 Blue = 3 Greens
1 Green = 3 Whites

Submitted by Guest on Jan 4th 2021

Memory Evolution

3 Whites = 1 Green
3 Greens = 1 Blue
4 Blues = 1 Purple
4 Purples = 1 Red
25 Reds = 1 Yellow

Submitted by Guest on Jan 4th 2021

Memory Rush

Similar to the Snowstorm, but for memories, hopefully spread through more areas. Would help the DR grind. Could be called "Nostalgia" because.. you know.. rush of memories hehe

Submitted by Guest on Dec 31st 2020

more poseidon stuff please

-Godly Version of Red Trident
-More Trident Emblems
-More Poseidon Emblems
-Neptune as a planet


Yours truly,
Lord of the Seas

Submitted by Guest on Dec 29th 2020

Custom Emblem uploading for Subscribers

Self explanatory, but it would add a nice touch.

The money bundles that have the emblem uploading can stay,, but for Subscribers, it would be nice to have the oppertunity.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 28th 2020

Event/Special XP Ideas

Here are some ideas for non-standard 'Increased XP by %% for next X days!' options:

1) Roaming mob/titan (like Santa) that when killed gives you a % of your overall Character XP instead of standard 'Titan/Mob' amount (could be like 10% or something)

2) Instead of gifting AC (which is awesome!) or other things (on those 'present' days), you could also gift a % of Character XP. (e.g. 5% of total Character XP gifted).

3) After earning a certain % of Character XP, you are granted a buff for the remainder of the day towards XP earning (e.g. Character has 1T XP and you earn 250B, so you gain 10% more XP for remainder of day, etc)

Submitted by Guest on Dec 28th 2020

Hero/Enemy cards whited out

I've noticed that the game has been noticably faster when a snowstorm is happening and the cards are whited out. An option in settings to white out or black out all cards would help a lot for people with slower internet. Please do consider.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 24th 2020

Bigger spawn rates for lvl 99 zones

At lvl 99, maybe we can have more than 60-70 enemies in a zone. This will help with multiple people in one zone.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 22nd 2020

An update on Awoir's dog every day

We need daily updates!

Submitted by Guest on Dec 21st 2020

Selling pulses

With the monthly rewards this month, I noticed pulses.

Dupes for most are worthless.
Maybe we can sell them (Drachma or AC)

Submitted by Guest on Dec 21st 2020

Clan dungeon

Everyday u can fight the 'clan boss' in 1min. Every 1M dmg u get 1AC. max 20AC

Submitted by Guest on Dec 18th 2020

Player of the Week/Month

Basically POTD but weekly and monthly

Submitted by Guest on Dec 18th 2020

See Inactive Cores

I would like to be able to see the number of Cores that are "stored" for when I enter GT. Maybe if it displayed that number under the amount of Cores that are active on the Gear page?

Submitted by Guest on Dec 17th 2020

Bike dismantling

No need to explain

Submitted by Guest on Dec 17th 2020

Snowballs for Drachma

For a certain amount of Drachma (10k), you can make 1 snowball.
You can make 100 a day

Submitted by Guest on Dec 16th 2020

Boost every 1k players

Every one thousand players, there is a double XP/Drachma event for a week.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 15th 2020

Yellow special name color

I think it would be cool

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Dec 15th 2020

Color gradient for subscribers

It’s harder to read the chat when people with same colors or color gradient have a discussion. To make the colors more diverse I suggest that subscribers should be able to make their own chat color gradient.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 14th 2020

The V Chain

If someone does that sign, the chain starts. After 5 do it, every V after it is 1 (or 5) AC at the end. Talking or a person doing the V twice ends the chain.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 13th 2020

Custom Names for Gear

Could be fun to have own names for all the gear

Submitted by Guest on Dec 12th 2020


Non-AP crowding at MO and AP players coming back to Zeus is a problem.

I suggest more, healthier spawns of Zeus, AP players getting a instance of MO, AP having more spawns, and AP having a pre-GT only area.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 11th 2020

PE Ideas

Ancient Titan
HP: 500 Billion
Drops: 1 AC per 100k DMG (Max 50, Multi kill friendly)

Godly Titan
HP: 100 Billion
Drops: 1 Yellow memory per 1 mil DMG (5 max, not multi kill friendly)

Snowball Titan
HP: 250 billion
Drops: 1 Snowball per 50k DMG, max 100. Multi kill friendly

Submitted by Guest on Dec 11th 2020

Making eating a ban-able offense in the game

It’s just a sin

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Dec 11th 2020


Add a casino so u could win AC and other stuff but youll need certain tokens to spend there

Submitted by Guest on Dec 11th 2020

Ship designs

Make ships more than just have access to planets. Maybe but specific furniture or engines for your ships for boosts or unique buffs like borgen bikes.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Dec 11th 2020

Get rid of bounty daily tasks

No one likes them being required. Please get rid of them.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Dec 10th 2020

Max Cores Triumph

Add Triumph for getting all Max Cores.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 9th 2020


A Clan bank.

Players can add and remove stuff as they please. New tab to approve clan members giving/taking.

Cost to open a clan bank: 50 AC, or Clan Rank 25

Submitted by Guest on Dec 8th 2020

Bike in Quick Actions

Would be nice if it showed the equipped bike in Quick Actions, along with the gear. Would be convenient to check.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 7th 2020

Daily Stats

Remove daily missions and put total daily gear exp.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 6th 2020


Option to turn off images in battle. I notice when battles white image, it respond faster, having it turn off, could maybe increase more speed.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 4th 2020

Christmas Event Modifications

Santa should be guaranteed snowballs.

Science System should take snowballs.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 4th 2020

Shop List Active Requirements

If you're inactive for X days you drop off the shop list. Inactivity should consider chat activity or battles/kills too. For example, Cosmic is "I quit" but it says he is online recently.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 3rd 2020

Revenge Stacking

If a mob has killed different players the revenge bonus stacks diminishingly.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 2nd 2020

Bike Flexibility

Few QoL custom tabs in battle to switch bikes for optimizing battle.

Submitted by Guest on Dec 1st 2020

Server lag?

Get rid of drachma, exp, lp sphere/orbs, change relevant missions, etc

Submitted by Guest on Dec 1st 2020

add snowball rewards to daily tasks

nothing else to add

Submitted by Guest on Dec 1st 2020

mercy drops for ac

with ac now being a "end game" requirement for gt and the drop rates being somewhere around 1% on normal mobs. their should be a system implemented if a player gets more then 100 kills without an ac drop a mercy timer should be kick in. for example every 100 kills the 1% goes up 1%.
another example is after 200 kills it auto drops 1 ac if no other ac has dropped

Submitted by Guest on Dec 1st 2020

better lotto (once again)

now that snowballs are a important thing. why not make the drachma lotto give you snowballs instead?
most of the time whoever wins the drachma lotto what they win is a dissapointing amount.
and instead of being "lucky" and getting snowballs instead of valuable ac
you would make both prizes of the lotto be useful and interesting and something worth getting.

Submitted by Sironix on Dec 1st 2020

Newbie Gift

At a large drachma percent cost (and above sone absolute drachma), players can send a standard gift package to newbies.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 30th 2020

Hide / Disable 'Alts' Showing in Zones

It can be super confusing that Alts / Other Characters show up in zones where that player is not currently active (at least on that character). If that could be hidden, that would help a lot for a variety of reasons, including Clan Control.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 30th 2020

Clans / Clan Control

I grouped this in one feedback because I feel it's too integrated to split. After Clan Control concluded, I feel there could be improvements to it that might make it more competitive but also make it a bit more fair for smaller clans. Although there are 30k plus registered players, the amount of active (or super active) players is a small percentage, making it a hard barrier of entry to anyone not in a top clan during that event. The following suggestions are based on that knowledge:

1) Reduce Clan size to 10 players. This helps increase the amount of competitive clans.
- Potentially add a 'Guild' feature that lets multiple Clans join a Guild. (Maybe only 2?) This would help with the desire to group up clans, but still keep clans as individual entities for items such as Clan Control.

2) Double the amount of reward tiers. (Same total amount given out as now, but with clan sizes halved, doubling makes sense.)

3) Once an area has been captured by Clan [ABC], then any other Clan trying to take it gets x2 points per kill. Clan [ABC] can still kill to retain, but gets only x1 points (current amount) per kill to fortify.
- This would help greatly with adding more chaos and incentive to competition. Even a smaller clan or less powerful one can fight with the more powerful ones and it keeps it more competitive until the very end.

4) Add a limit to how many zones can be captured.
- This would help greatly with competition. It was probably neat being part of a clan that took a dozen or two zones, but it only stifled further competition, and if someone couldn't be constantly active, they weren't tanking their clan as a result.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 30th 2020

Core Locking

The ability to lock cores.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 29th 2020

Team Raid/Team Dungeon/Labyrinth Maze/Unlimited Floors

Pseudo Code
1. Enter 4 players(you can change it fs)
2. After 4 players select Accept, a countdown will begin
3. They will be brought to an area filled with mobs, they must clear it to pass and go to the next level
(60 mobs in 1 minute) The power of the mobs scale with the power of 4 players combine or as they rise through the floor, the mobs increase in power. Or the mobs on planets can be used. earth is floor 1-10 etc etc
4. If they die, a 10 second countdown will commence before they revive.
4. Or to revive, they could use revive potion drop within the dungeon.
5. prize is boosters to ac
6. Cooldown time of 1 hr to try again after all players died in the dungeon.

Or there should've a save point in the dungeon (5, 10, 15....) to know if they want to proceed or to the next floor
If they die, there could be a penalty in stats.
Dieng in the dungeon will drop the ac-blam!-ulated prizes
I think we need skills or lifeline uses in the dungeon so this idea could be far away but i hope fs notice this.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 29th 2020

Daily Ticket

Super rare item that satisfies daily requirements for when you're too busy.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 28th 2020

Yellow Tier Gear Name

Now that the God Tier exists, but requires all Onyx to be there, it's confusing calling Yellow gear 'Godly'.

Suggestion: Legendary

Submitted by Guest on Nov 28th 2020

Button Swaps

Maybe an option to swap primary atk with heavy, so that it aligns with the Back to Patrolling button, making it much easier to farm with heavy. Could be a sub thing too, if you wish.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 28th 2020

Mob Pack

Maybe certain areas could have a risk of mobs grouping together. For example, in area A you attack mob X but when the fight screen pulls up it turns out you're fighting X and Z - and it got a surprise hit on you.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 27th 2020

Craftable Gear

I would like to see the feature to use Zeus Shards to craft BiS gear. Doing so would remove a significant paywall and improve grinding momentum. This way, players can simply continue to farm Zeus for shards as well as XP/D, instead of taking a few months to solely farm AC.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 27th 2020

Near Death boost

Extra exp when you're near death.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 26th 2020

Triumph / Bobblehead Collection

I think it would be neat if the Triumphs or Bobbleheads that you didn't have (but were eligible to get on your account) were displayed but grayed out or something.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 25th 2020

Clan Chat Notice

It would be cool if Clan Chat could have a 'Notice' posted like General has. This way the 'Message of the Day' (on the Acropolis main page) could also (or instead) be posted in Clan Chat at the top too.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 25th 2020

Lil smooth.

For faster exp grinding, Make it easier for players to obtain primary weapons which are cheap and also good damage dealers, also instead of putting 3 or more titans at one location, put 1 or 2 in each location of every planet. Some people take days even months to get to max level, some quit in between, as a dev you wouldnt want people quitting in btw right?

Submitted by Guest on Nov 25th 2020

Hermes Boots Borgen

Borgen boots (Hermes) based on speed. Maybe something like chance for initial surprise attack critical, increased dodging, more take cover opportunities, etc.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 25th 2020

Feedback Loop Link on Titan Conquest

It would be neat if there was a direct link in the game to this place. Maybe even in the Test environment (if you didn't want it listed in the Prod one or something).

Submitted by Guest on Nov 24th 2020

Custom Chat - Permanence

It would be wonderful if there was a toggle or something to make Custom chats permanent so that inactivity doesn't remove you from them.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 24th 2020

Alternative Vaults

It would be super neat if there were rotating Vaults, and opening of the Vault either kicked off (or started the timer to) an event such as a Titan Rush or Air Drop. Either that, or it gave the opener of the Vault the ability to choose an hour within the next 24 or something.

This should/could be tied to actual logic in finding the numbers (e.g. hotter/colder response to every entry) and maybe costs something other than AC to enter (maybe Drachma or something)

Submitted by Guest on Nov 23rd 2020

Juicy Zeusy

There should be an Ultra Titan that has a ton of health that must be killed in X amount of time (maybe 60 minutes?) and if not, no one gets anything, but if so, then X damage = Y [something]. Maybe AC or something like that.

I propose this titan's name to be Juicy Zeusy, as it could be a Juiced Up Zeus.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 23rd 2020

Super Titan Buff?

I feel like with the number of high damage out put players, its time that we up the health on Super Titans. we used to chip away at em for hours, now we can kill them in 20 minutes, meaning that if you arent online as soon as it happens, youre SOL for the rewards. id say 1 trillion health would definitely be reasonable for the number of players just cranking out damage

Submitted by Guest on Nov 23rd 2020

Alternative Super Titans

Super Titans could use some variety:

1) Legendary Super Titan (drops yellows, maybe much more health, maybe not multi-kill friendly?)
2) Awesome Super Titan (e.g. you have to have Mount Olympus to reach this one, and maybe a different name, but drops something neat)
3) Booster Super Titan (Drops Boosters instead of Memories)

Submitted by Guest on Nov 23rd 2020

Auction House

I am suggesting an auction house system because some people don't have enough AC for player shops. The AH can run on Drachma, or AC. The winning player gets the gear in the Postmaster.

The person who put the gear up gets 90% of the AC or Drachma earned. The other 10% is taxed. Taxed AC is rounded down, so if I won a Slayer Helmet in the AH for 1k AC, they get 900 and the other 100 is taxed.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 22nd 2020

Drachma Transfer

This is an option to give other players 5%, 10%, or 15% of your Drachma to another player. You can do this once a day, and only to people who are level 99. So I cannot give a friend of mine that just started a few million Drachma. That would be too OP.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 20th 2020

Pop up notifications for ios

Since most people use iOS devices to play tc instead of android I feel like it would be a good touch

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Nov 19th 2020

Clan Chat Online List

It would be neat if Clan Chat/other Custom chats would show who is currently online (maybe at the bottom, and maybe make it toggle-able, in case people don't want that to show)

Submitted by Guest on Nov 19th 2020

Triumph Unlocked Chat Color

The chat blast for when a Triumph is unlocked by someone should be a different color than the 'New Player' or 'Player XXXX hit ### Level' blasts, to make them stick out.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 18th 2020

Max Cores Triumph, Bump, and Locking

Multiple Cores Related Ideas:

1) It would be neat to tie a Triumph to hitting Max Cores.

2) When you hit that Triumph, allow a bump to the 'max' amount. Maybe double the Max?

As it stands, unlocking the Core limit when you hit God Tier seems a bit unnecessary (at least for now), as you're already at the most powerful gear level you can be, and it only makes you even more powerful. Adding an incremental update to Cores allotments along the way could help the more incremental gain of power, while still allowing for the achievement of God Tier to matter (uncapped Cores).

3) Please allow us to 'lock' (or whatever) the cores in our Inventory so that they aren't accidentally used after we hit the Core Cap. I can easily see that being infuriating if you accidentally tapped/clicked 'Use All' and wasted 100s of Cores.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 18th 2020

All Zeus Zone

The leap between Mount Olympus and Astral Plane is punishing and literally takes months of real-world persistent farming (even if going 100b a day, with Crazy Tapper, multiple transposes). This is further elongated by the reality that there are multiple people farming Zeus as the best source of XP, and only two Zeus' at a time (which is a massive improvement over there being only one).

I propose that after receiving the 1k Zeus Shard Triumph, you unlock a Zeus-Only area, or something like that, that is a stepping stone between Mount Olympus and Astral Plane, to help a bit with the grind to Onyx. It doesn't lessen the requirements, but gives you a more reliable source of XP. As it stands right now, burnout is very possible due largely to the scarcity of Zeus' for XP each day.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 18th 2020

Tweak bounties

Remove the time limit (30 mins / 60 mins / 120 mins) and change the bounties timer to be in-line with the daily rewards system. You still have to start the bounty but you have until the end of the day to complete it so that they don't all count as failures but starting a bounty and not finishing it before the end of the day still counts as a failure. Tweak the rewards as necessary.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 18th 2020

idea for infusing

add a 10x, 50x, custom, and Max infuse options, so people don't have to click 200 times to max infuse a piece of gear.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 18th 2020


Memory ONLY 99 - Get to lvl 99 only decoding shop gear.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 16th 2020

Core / Super / Crawl Summon

An incredibly rare random drop that allows players to independently summon a core or super titan or initiate a bobble crawl.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 12th 2020


After the recent merging of RaZR and IRON, I had an idea for this. Instead of having 2 separate clans, the clan leader can request a merge with another clan leader to lump the clans together. Only clans in the top 50 (maybe 100) can merge. Here is an example. Lets say BEST and BCON wanted to merge. Firestream will send a merge request to pure fire x2. If Pure says yes, the clan merges and the average clan points is the clan points for the clan*.

*Rounded up

This means (At the time of writing) the clan total for BEST and BCON would be 17,596,483. Members for the merged clan go up to 40.

Clam merging is great for clan control weeks, and for having a larger clan.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 9th 2020

Use for duplicate pulses

As most of us TC players know, Pulses are used to unlock name colors. But what if you have multiple pulses? They can't just do nothing. Maybe there can be more name colors for these pulses, like 5 or 10 to unlock the name color.

Submitted by Thunderblade on Nov 9th 2020

"Today's stats" showing AC earned

If "today's stats", that is, stats shown at the bottom of the page while patrolling, shows the AC earned that day, it would be more convenient.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 9th 2020

Sub QoL / New Items

Subscribers get different icons next to room names whenever a room has a chest, core, or a titan is alive there.

Submitted by Guest on Nov 7th 2020

Worshipping system for GT

Players could "worship" GT players, which could add to their strength. Also, some small perks to the worshippers, set by the Gods themselves. Gods can unlock better perks, the more followers they have.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 31st 2020

Transposition, but as cores

Could be something GT specific. Maybe some amount of xp/drach for some amount of cores to each stat, and that ratio gets worse the more you do it in a day. Could change it to one particular stat for more cores, but more loot needed as well.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 31st 2020

Core Titan balance

Could make CT similar to Super Hammy and have some enrage at the end to reduce multikills, keeping max 50 limit, or changing the limit to something like 25 or 20.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 31st 2020

Dark Arena - Higher levels

Higher levels could be based on some particular ships, unlocked by some ship. Would mean there'd be a level for people with MO ships, Idk if AP would be needed. Also, the higher arenas could have dark heroes of players who have unlocked that particular arena only. So MO arena would have MO players only.
Hopefully that'll lead to better loot as well.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 31st 2020

Leaderboard for PE Pulses

Submitted by Guest on Oct 29th 2020

Ship Upgrades

Similar to some submitted improvements, perhaps Ships could be upgraded when a certain LP level has been reached, to increase the XP / Drachma rewarded by those areas. Maybe upgrading the ship could even unlock new zones or increase difficulty (so that more zones become viable for farming when at max level and with Mount Olympus access), to spread it out so there isn't so much competition for Mount Olympus titans / Zeus'.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 27th 2020

Triumph - Kratos Only

I think it would be really neat if there was a toggle (at character creation or My Settings) to select 'Kratos Only' run, so that I don't accidentally equip a piece of gear when I go to Infuse / Dismantle / Unlock it. On mobile especially, some phones have issues with taps registering when you slide, and this could easily be an infuriating end to a run, that should be simple to avoid.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 27th 2020

Astral Plane Ticket

I think it would be neat if, once a character has access to Mount Olympus (or maybe once they've killed Zeus?) they could unlock a daily (weekly?) bounty that rewarded an Astral Plane Ticket (much like the Dark Arena), to give a taste of the Astral Plane and a boost to Gear XP (until death of course).

Submitted by Guest on Oct 27th 2020

Bounty Highlight Color Adjustment

Request the text color for highlighted bounty targets be adjusted for better visibility on phones with night mode. Night mode automatically adjusts screen brightness and colors for viewing in dark spaces, but the current highlight yellow is almost indistinguishable from white. Recommend adding shifting the yellow to a slightly darker yellow OR possibly a yellow-green.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 27th 2020

Gear management

Suggestion for a multiple-select-and-dismantle/lock interface for gear, kind of like a checkbox thing. Also, an option to view each gear type separately would be helpful to sort out gear, since only of a type show up in the gear menu as of now.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 26th 2020

Community perk

Option to choose community perk we need (if community goal completed) from 3 community perks available, similar to how we choose 1 out of 3 lucky day bonus available, would make community perks more valuable.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 23rd 2020

Cores from Titans

Would be cool if Titans had a very small chance of dropping cores.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 23rd 2020

Use for clan points/marks

Random material 1000:1
Random booster 10,000:1
Random core 100,000:1
Or a new feature thats function like a slot machine where you would pay clan marks/points to receive items on random, works like transposjtion where the amount is increasing every roll.

Submitted by Overlife on Oct 23rd 2020

Ghost Cloak Reward Color

Ghost Cloaks are currently 'white' in the rewards list, but that doesn't properly denote their value. Based on their usefulness and AC cost, they should probably be red or maybe yellow, so that it's easier to tell when you get one from killing a mob/titan, and/or you can find them easier in the Bounty rewards lists.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 22nd 2020

About chests

Chests currently seem to have a spawn limit for an overall instance. It could be much better if the limit was for each area or planet, would make it much more consistent, and would also again make it rewarding to farm kills and clear out an area over and over again.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 20th 2020

Proportionate Daily Community Goal Reward

Many times when we are unable to finish the DCG, it would be more helpful to work towards completing the DCG and not abandon it, if there is a proportionate DCG based on percentage of completion. For eg. If we complete 90% of the DCG, we could be given 90% of the perk for completing it fully, say if the perk we get by completing it fully is 400% Xp, for 90% completion rewards would be 90% of 400%, i.e. 360%.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 18th 2020

Awakening and subclass unlocking. Including specific race ranks or class rank. Including areas for a specific area for only Spartans and other.

Ya know. There should be a awakening system for gear and even the hero it'self. The hero thing like for example, the classes gets a higher percentage of the certain stat. You can awaken the subclass into a higher rank by "class points" then soon awaken that class into a "masterworked subclass". if you want you could even have the races have specification on a subclass Or even having a special subclass you can only get for being a supporter and or unlocking a triumph or achievement. And for the gear it would "awaken" meaning it would upgrade the rarity of the gear, in foreword to that you'd need to use that weapon for a ever long time including when you have enough "Gear points" you can upgrade it as long as you have enough drachma and materials. The materials become more rarer and more hard to find as the go on. And perhaps you could have a 'reroll set' option when going to a higher rarity? that way reds get the chance to be slayer/oracle upon upgrade. Also there should be like you said settlements put for only specific for that certain class or race. Like Athens or Sparta for example. Oh and you should have a contest for people to write a backstory for each race and how they came to be and see who has the best one and use it. or do a poll for the best one. So you don't have to worry about doing it all by yourself.

I think that wraps it up for the ideas i have. I'll try to come up with better ones if you think these are bad or if you need me to explain some things i will just message me on the titan conquest thingy and i'll try to message you back as fast as i can.

Safe travels my guy.
- Kade Tomorrow

Submitted by Guest on Oct 12th 2020

Bulk Decode Non-Set Items

This would make life so much easier.
Filters to sort by set and stats would be great for decoding, but just a bulk decode for non-set items would get rid of most of the chaff in one click.

Submitted by DeenGrildo on Oct 11th 2020

Gear Loadout Update Option

Instead of saving the gear loadout each time you get better gear and deleting the old loadout, it would be very helpful if there was an update option to update an existing loadout with new gear each time.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 11th 2020

Clan LB season toggle

Only S2 players show up on clan LB as of now. Really would help if there was a season toggle on there, just like main LB, would help a lot to keep track of stuff, especially for contests within clans.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 8th 2020

DR stat boost scaling

It would be really great if there were some extra stat boosts for DR greater than 90, or maybe even just some additional stats added when you go from 98 to 99. It just seems a bit off that even for how grindy DR gets towards the end, it only gives 1+ stats per 3 levels.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 8th 2020

Staff Titans/PE's at Dark Arenas

I'd heard that initially it was planned that there would be VG bobbles or something. It would be cool if there were titans based on VG's at the arena's, would kinda fit in nicely. Just a thought.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 6th 2020

Location Point Bonus for Zones & Areas

I think it'd be cool if having double the LP needed for a zone would give a bonus to item drop rate or drach earned in that zone. That would make earning more LP a bit more exciting, and could have a bigger boost for having triple or quadruple the LP needed for a zone.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 3rd 2020

Way to Vendor Unneeded Pulses

I would like to see a way to sell or deconstruct excess Pulses that I no longer need. Maybe they could break down into Infusion materials or something instead of simply Drachma.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 28th 2020

Clan Shop Gear Expansion

I would like to see some updated clan gear that could bridge the gap between some of the BiS stuff from Borgen. For example, for some players it could be almost impossible to purchase items like Thunderbolt, but if they could purchase a lesser version with Clan Points that might be a nice option. And maybe there could be other requirements to purchase those pieces, like needing a full set of Slayer or Oracle or something instead of simply getting to MO that may help with balance issues.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 28th 2020

'Go to [Area]' Toggle

It would be great if there was a settings toggle to change the 'Go to' functionality from randomly choosing a next area to sequentially going down the list. This would help a TON for card farming, and bounty farming too. It could be tied to some kind of achievement if you want to keep it this way for the beginning of the leveling process as well.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 22nd 2020

Ancient coin ways to buy

Hi, Firestream. Some people have don't have payPal and have either googlePlay or APple gift cards. I was thining that maybe add them as in app purchases on mobile to be able to buy them for mayb ea bit mroe to compinsate for the cut that the companies take for in-app purchases, but I think this might be a viable option for those who either don't have or don't wish to use payPal.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 18th 2020

Scaled lottery

Make it so when a person wins the lottery. It scales with the drachma gain they have.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Sep 18th 2020

Quick Action Bar Notepad

It would be neat if I could put notes in the Quick Action Bar, like a little notepad only I could see. I could make notes about where I saw a rare, or where I needed to go for Titan Cards, or so on.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 16th 2020

Sellable un-Decoded Memories

Allow heroes to sell un-Decoded Memories in Hero Shops.

This would benefit in multiple ways:
-Max DR players could buy them to replenish shop
-Max DR players could sell them to generate AC
-Not Max DR players could buy them to rank up DR
-Not Max DR players could buy them to roll the dice on not-as-nice gear (as Max DR gear)

Allow it for sale for cheap and it would generate income for all shops selling, while also being beneficial to potentially any shop.
(e.g. Yellows for 10 AC, Reds for 5 AC, Purples for 3 AC, Blues for 2 AC, Whites for 1 AC)

This would create a smaller barrier-of-entry market that would not require a DR rank to sell (or buy), but would benefit literally everyone (whether buying or selling them).

Submitted by Guest on Sep 14th 2020

Custom Bounties

It would be super neat if we could create personal / custom bounties to track personal goals. (Not with rewards). Like, if I wanted to make 3B Drachma today, I could set that goal and have it appear near/in/above/below the Bounties (or even on the bottom bar?), and be able to more easily keep track of my personal goal(s) for today.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 4th 2020

Bottom Bar Customization Options

It would be great if we could either move the 'Today's Stats (etc)' info to the top or toggle the bottom bar (Drachma, LP, AC, VM) to show that (or other custom choices) instead.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 4th 2020

New booster

Make a booster where finding higher tiered enemies more common which could making grinding easier.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Aug 13th 2020

Ability to use Remedies in Patrol Screen

Like the HEART thing during battle

Submitted by Guest on Aug 13th 2020


Add a wiki page with all the probability of something happening e.g Ancient Coin Drop Rate

Submitted by Guest on Aug 10th 2020

Boosters in Combat

It would be awesome if the Combat screen would show what Boosters you have active (and how many hits/etc left). This can help avoid surprise crits because the Defense booster dropped, etc.

Submitted by Guest on Aug 4th 2020

Clan Members in Zone

Since zones are instanced by level, you can't tell what clans are active in a zone. Below the Clan Control info there should be a message that shows the number of members in the zone for each clan. It would help gauge what the competition is like for control over each zone other than only the current kill target. This count would span all instances.

Ex: "Clan members in this zone: RaZR (2), BEST (1), ELXR (3)"

Submitted by Guest on Aug 3rd 2020

Raids, Dungeons, Partys.

soo FS I talked too you back in the day about this topic during the drpg days. Now the time I think has come for the players to experience "six" man raids and dungeons which drop very vauleable gear for the self improvement of one's characters requires 50-85 for dungeons and 86-99 for raids. It would be a good team building idea. but also a good improvement for clans with the addition too adding party's for these players as we'll where do exp is shared for the clan members in a party for the enemy's they defeat on the same map together.

Submitted by Guest on Aug 3rd 2020

Stat Points

Idea for the future add in stat points via 3-5 points per level that give side bonuses for second characters an 3rd and so forthcoming too make the grind a bit easier but faster so than speed runs can be completed. These points don't carry over too new season fresh characters

Submitted by Guest on Aug 3rd 2020

Tiered/Longevity Triumphs

Color or picture of the triumph could change when hitting each tier. Perhaps tier specific emblems/backgrounds/name colors could be unlocked when hitting a specific tier. For example

100,000 -> 500,000 -> 1,000,000 kills etc. Tiers could go up to 10 and some new unlocks when reaching said tier.

New name color could be, reach tier 5 on 5 different triumphs. Just another little something that the hardcore players can grind for that can differentiate them a little more from casual players. Hitting a tier 10 in any category could reward AC or something.

Submitted by wsey54

Submitted by Guest on Aug 2nd 2020

Gambling System

Imagine all the AC people would spend. A great way to get the economy flowing. You could have various prizes such as xp, more AC, colors for your nametag, and more. If nothing else, it can be used as a valuable lesson to teach people gambling is almost never the answer ;D.

Submitted by Guest on Aug 1st 2020

Watchable ads to support the dev

Although 99% of the players don't spend money on the game, I definitely think that a majority of the players are those who cannot monetarily support the game directly. For such people, it would be amazing to have an option to willingly watch ads daily, just to support the dev with a tiny bit of revenue. Maybe it won't be much, but it will be something.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 25th 2020

Variable AC gift amounts

I’ve noticed multiple people say they were maybe 20-30 AC short of an item, and I would love to help them out, but the minimum gift amount is 100, and if I don’t have at least 100, I can’t do anything.

I propose changing it so that you can gift any amount of AC to a player, just have to type the number in.

Submitted by CatsAndIT on Jul 25th 2020

Showcase Gear

The Trident was supposed to be the first of many Showcase Gear that was going to be introduced to the game. Basically, it's special gear that had a graphic show up in your profile if you acquired it. Would like to see the idea implemented and have more pieces of gear that were special and had unique attributes to it. One idea would be

Weapons/Gear that level up by getting kills/taking damage instead of XP. However they all start at base 1 and only level up base and take awhile to level up but have no cap. (would be good to acquire if God Tier doesn't have a cap on infusions or if you wanted infusions into a stat other than base.)
The rarity would also change after a certain number of base levels and gain random perks that match up with how many that tier can actually have.
For example, A weapon would start white and base 1 with one random perk after you acquire it. For every base level up, you would need to get 3500 kills with that specific weapon. Every 100 base level ups, it would get promoted to a new rarity, so 101 base would make it green, and a 2nd random perk would get added and so on. Highest Yellow Primary I've seen so far is 590 so it would take a couple million kills to get that high up. Gear that is already that high up is still usable right away, but anyone willing to grind this weapon up that high would eventually be able to have the strongest weapon in the game if they can keep at it.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 22nd 2020

New triumph

I suggest a triumph where you have to get to lvl 99 and still have a kill death ratio that is less than one.


Submitted by Guest on Jul 22nd 2020

Community Loot Drop Box

Its just a way to recycle unused items such as xp orbs and such. The way it works is just like the community bonus, people will donate items and if the goal is reached, there will be a reward. It could have a leaderboard too. And I hope there could be soon a way to use clan marks too.

Submitted by Overlife on Jul 22nd 2020

Left handed mode for mobile versions of TC

There could be a toggle in the settings for 'Left handed Mode' on the mobile versions of TC that enables bottom bar to be reversed so that the 'Home' and 'Chat' button is on the left hand side and the XP/drachma counter is on the right. This would make it so that it'll be easier to hit the 'Home' and 'Chat' button if you were holding the phone with your left hand. Also, clicking on 'Chat' would also make it so the chat window appear on the left, but I know that this could interfere with the 'Home' menu also popping up on the left side so maybe the chat window move isn't as needed. Just think this would be nice for any left handed folks that do play this on mobile!

Submitted by Guest on Jul 22nd 2020

Clan points contributed

Could there be a way to have the total clan points contributed amount next to each member of a clan (basically total number of battles since they joined the clan)? This would make it easier to see who is contributing the most to the clan and would help with assigning titles.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 21st 2020

QoL stuff

Option to mass decode memories by item type and rarity.
Be able to see the level of gear while it's unequipped in the gear screen.
Add description to Linus Sight that states it prevents blindness.
Be able to see the type of gear in the transpose screen (helmet, primary, etc).
When tagged in chat, highlight the entire block of text only for the person who was tagged.
Be able to see the infusion level on gear while in the gear screen.
Be able to use the refresh button in the top right corner of combat without using a remedy .
Move remedies to the booster section of the inventory.
Add initial attack selection, boosters and remedies to quick action window.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 21st 2020

Ac gifts

I suggest that you enable people to gift small but specific amounts of ac. The reason Is that, while I may not be as wealthy as others in the game if if someone is miss like 11 ac for a sale that's about to end, I would love to be able to help them. I think it would be a good addition but limited to small gifts so it's less boosting and helping people skip grinding and more just helping out with a something small.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 20th 2020

Gear shop

I think it would be cool to have another Acropolis vendor similar to the weapon shop but that would see gear for players, and it would scale with levels. So there would be a similar amount of drachma scaling as with light ships so new players/triumph runners could get some armor that would last a while without spending precious ac and that would be more expensive than just decode armor.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 20th 2020

Select opening shot from Quick Actions

Quick actions is an awesome addition. Would it be plausible to select what the opening shot is from there instead of having to navigate to My Settings? Not too hard to do if it's implausible, just curious. :)

Submitted by Guest on Jul 19th 2020

Hero shops

Hero shops should not be accessible until you have one character at character level 99 on your account. I see a lot of players complaining that they aren't getting any better gear because they got some easy AC by referring someone and then buying max decode white gear. The "warning" at the top of the hero shop menu is not clear how the grind experience will be affected.

Submitted by ILACCT1 on Jul 19th 2020

Dark Arena Titans

Once God Tier starts, the dark aspect of players who've ascended should have a chance to spawn as titans in the Dark Arena.

Submitted by DeenGrildo on Jul 18th 2020

Negative boosters

Title says it all.

Introduce a negative booster which will lower your stats.

- Lowered attack allows for better Kratos farming, or leveling Slayer gear set weapons.
- Lowered defense allows for better armor leveling, particularly with high-defense sets like Oracle.

Submitted by CatsAndIT on Jul 15th 2020

Gear xp lbs

Just as a way to keep track of the community, an lb for # of onyx peices and/or average gear level

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Jul 13th 2020

Gear Transposition - Separate Costs for XP vs Drachma

Currently using Drachma for transposing feels rather worthless as most heroes (possibly everyone?) has less Drachma than XP. Would recommend making transposition free once a day for both XP and Drachma then have the increasing AC cost separate as well. This would make Drachma transposing more viable.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 10th 2020

Clan Wiki Page

Something that i think would be helpful to active clan leaders is exclusive wiki pages unique to each clan that leaders could edit to be able to deliver important information to clan mates like title systems or events for the clan, without clogging clan chat, having to repeat themselves several times or send several messages to keep clan mates updated. The best part is that it utilizes a system that's already been put in the game for similar reasons.

Pirolamb, Leader of the New Age Iron Gods

Submitted by Guest on Jul 10th 2020

Flavorful Text Descriptions

These can apply to locations, gear, or to enemies once you unlock their card. Just some brief flavor text to help establish the setting and the aesthetic of the game more prominently.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 8th 2020

Direct Trading

Direct Trading between players would allow for a more varied economy - rather than the mostly uniform 5AC, 25AC, etc., players could offer Drachma or VM in addition to AC and gear.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 8th 2020

TC council

I suggest we have a group of people to make up the council to help FS make decisions on priority of updates and future game dev. Not to be confused with vanguards who I know already help out here. There can be some overlap. I think we need some fresh faces (or at least fresher, not people that started yesterday) in the mix to help decide things that might impact the newer community more and not just the OG players. FS still has final say, but this could help facilitate more of then when and why from him. Members of the council could look through this list and comments they have heard in game as well. Take notes and just help out in deciding where things can go. This is just a suggestion to lighten the load some for FS. So he isn’t always the ears, eyes, and cogs of updates.

Submitted by TheThird0ne on Jul 8th 2020

Participation Awards

Woah, hold up! Before you roll your eyes at what you think is someone else wanting rewards for coming second last, just hear me out. Today I spent all my special and heavy ammo on the necropolis sentinel. 45 minutes in, 820,000 damage dealt out of 1,000,000 total and someone else got the kill. It's no wonder nobody else helped early on. My idea is simply that rewards are given based on damage dealt to bosses. I don't want the participation award, I want to guy who deals 1,000 damage and takes the kill to get less.
So, details: I have seen this implemented in a few similar games before. The whole server lags because the servers are trying to keep track of 60 players attacking one boss. But it should be possible if the server keeps track of damage dealt and sends rewards through the postmaster instead. This could also help new players out who die to a boss and then someone else defeats it. This is purely for bosses, not normal enemies.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 7th 2020

Gear defusion(de-infusion?)

Inspired by an unfortunate recent event, an option to remove infusions off gear.

Submitted by -Removed- on Jul 1st 2020

Bulk infusion

Infusing 1 at a time is a slow and tedious process, especially for yellow gear.

Submitted by -Removed- on Jul 1st 2020

Improve Gear Inventory & Hero Shop

- An option to display gear leveling bar in gear selection inventory as well.
- Option to filter gear views by sets (I think others have included this suggestion too)
- An option to mark inventory as "Sell-able" - which locks it from dismantles, and makes it viewable as an option in Hero Shop
- Limit Hero Shop items to those marked sell-able only

Submitted by Guest on Jun 30th 2020

Donate gear

The ability to donate gear to other players with the following restrictions:

A player can only accept ONE piece of gear from another player, per character (I.E. If I accept a piece of gear from Awoir, I cannot accept any more gear from Awoir or any other player on that particular character).

Gear is non-infusable.

Gear cannot be sold in a Hero Shop (but it can be dismantled).

Submitted by Guest on Jun 29th 2020

Hero shop: Filter by perks

The shop filters are amazing. I hope there are add'l filters at the shop filter screens such as searching for certain Fighter gear with +atk perks.

Submitted by -Removed- on Jun 29th 2020

Hide Public Event notification bar

Add a show/hide option for the Public Event notification bar at the top. Add it in to the UI so it doesn't mess up with clicking while farming, or maybe as an option in Settings

Submitted by Guest on Jun 28th 2020

Time to Mount Olympus Leaderboard

Add a category for Time to Mount Olympus on the leaderboards

Submitted by Guest on Jun 28th 2020


Add an item that can Inflict "Dazed" on yourself. Useful for those training their XP, since having a status inflicted on you gives more XP and Dr.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 27th 2020

Close Shop

Option to close shop and get 250AC back for those people who misclick on open shop or dont have good gear to sell.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 27th 2020

Gear: Add to Shop button

"SHP" button between Lock and Dismantle, as it's incredibly difficult to filter items to sell when you collect a lot

Submitted by -Removed- on Jun 27th 2020

Passive Skill System - Not to be confused with Skill Tree

These passive skills would start at level 1 and max out at 99. They would become increasingly hard to level as you move up in points and would impact different layers of the game and would be acquired via killing enemies. The mid-high range levels of skills taking a very long time to grind, making players needing to choose where they want to focus their time.

These could be some of the skills I can think of (change names how you see fit) :

Decoding - Very small chance to get a surge of decode points on decoding items on occasion (higher skill level giving a bigger surge).

Gear Forging - Minimal chance for decoded gear to have 1 random increased perk stat, higher than the normal (skill points could increase the range of the increased stat or give a higher chance of it happening).

Gold Rush - Chance of getting 10x gold on enemy kill on rare occasions.

Haste - Increases the speed in which you can kill enemies and move to the next monster (could be hard to implement since things are mostly already instant, maybe it could allow you to bypass enemy kill window sometimes for faster farming).

Double Strike - Chance to do 2 attacks at once.

Crit Surge - Increasing the overall damage of critical hits.

Skill ??? - Chance to gain increased xp on gear.

Regeneration - Giving you very low hp regen per battle or possibly increasing the amount of the Take cover heal.

Shop Storage - Every 10 skill points upgrading your shop storage by a small amount.

Bounty - Gives an added bounty quest starting at level 1 with slightly increased rewards (higher end skills giving substantial rewards, decent AC etc).

AC Rush - Small surge of extra AC on rare occasion.

Defense - Lower the amount of damage you take from crits, or maybe a chance to gain ?% defense for 10 battles when using Take Heal.

PvP Skills (more on this later when I submit my PvP ideas).

Submitted by DragonWarrior7813 on Jun 26th 2020

Timely Manner

The Player Has 30 Minutes Of in Game Time
When The Times Up The Player Dies
The Player Can Buy More Time Using Drahma They Can Also Get Some Randomly From Titans And Enemies Are Also Enemies Are 2x Harder If They Get To Lvl 75 They Get The Triumph Called Timely Manner And If They Get To Lvl 99 The Triumph Timeless

Submitted by Phantom Mask on Jun 24th 2020

Bulk Gear Dismantle, non-themed

Add an option/toggle to dismantle gear that doesn't have a theme (Scholar, Slayer, etc.)

Submitted by -Removed- on Jun 24th 2020

Shop Sales

Being able to view the items that are sold would be quite beneficial in players learning which items sell best for them. Many times I would like to know what stats this item had that I had sold are but it is gone in the wind!

Submitted by Guest on Jun 24th 2020

Lottery Leaderboards

Although this addition would be luck-based unlike most of the other leaderboards, it would be cool to see who has won the most lotteries and who has won the biggest pots of ac and the amount. If this data isn’t recorded or retrievable, it could be implemented at the start of the next season.

Submitted by BlkDiamond6 on Jun 24th 2020

Wrath Of The Gods Mode

Theres should be mode to where you create a hero in this mode and you die once your character is deleted

There could also be a wall of all your "WOTGM" Heros died, what they died to, when and where.

Submitted by IZEROI on Jun 24th 2020

Bulk Decode Cost

Show the total drachma that is needed when bulk decoding memories. During the prompt that asks you 'yes or no' would work fine.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 22nd 2020

Enemies Passive Traits

Some enemies inflict more damage when faced by a specific race/class
Some enemies gives more xp/drachma
Some enemies have more crit chance but low defense
Some enemies have double the chance to be enrage
Some enemies inflict Status effect more often than others
etc etc.

Public events or titans:
Aphrodite can inflict covet and will skip a turn
Apollo inflict sleepyness (make % of atk lower) has more HP than other titan
Ares inflict more damage (bash - 1.25x damage) gets enraged more often
Artemis inflict hex (make % of def lower) increase the evasiveness of this PE
Athena inflict dizziness (can attack self and/or other players)
Hades can negate the use of subclass
Hera call Zeus and use thunderbolt (rarely)
Hestia inflict burn (high damage first then gets lowered with each turn)
Poseidon can cause stampede (force to run away)
Zeus inflict stun (can't do action for 2-5 turns)

- Overlife

Submitted by Guest on Jun 21st 2020

Clan War Ideas

Land Grab- A large prize is awarded to the clan (clan-wide buffs, memories, or AC perhaps) that can get the highest net positive increase of territory. For instance: A clan that took 2 zones and lost none would win vs a clan that took 5 but lost 4. Ties would be broken by total kills in that span of time and perhaps kills in each zone would be reset for a short time to make it fairer and not have to take 30k+ kill strongholds. Optional, 1v1, or server wide? This might be a few hours long
1v1 Titan Beatdown- An optional, 1v1 clan fight. Each clan would have a mega titan spawn in a seperate arena and whichever clan does the most damage or kill it in a certain amount of time (tbd) wins. This mode would not have prizes so as to prevent boosting. Another option is to limit each player to a certain amount of time (5 min) or # of attempts (3) and give the event a 1 day limit so that as many people can participate as possible. Also, the titan could always do a set amount of damage per turn based on level so low levels dont get one shot and high levels arent unkillable. Perhaps no cover in this match.
1v1 Kill based War- Optional war in which the clan that gets more kills than the other in a set amount of time wins.

Submitted by Boahp on Jun 18th 2020

Clan Territory Adjustments

Notifications when your clan captures or loses a zone.
A list of all zones owned by your clan (and maybe ones lost within 6 hours ago) on the clan page or its own page.
A leaderboard on each zone showing the # of kills of each clan in that zone
Clan abrieviation shown by the names of their territory, particularly on the change location screen.
Clan war event- More on that in another post soon.

Submitted by Boahp on Jun 18th 2020

Button customization

Something that allows us to control the size and position (outside of battle tho) of buttons on our battle screen. This way, for those who play a phone, it could be easier to spam tap by making the primary larger

Submitted by Boahp on Jun 18th 2020

Kamikaze mode

Take cover and run away are disabled. Death resets your character (for free) its kill or be killed...

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Jun 18th 2020

Better Transition from UW to MO

The area between Uw and Mo is way too barren. The bikes do not feel useful to buy, the amount of drachma and lp you get seem like nothing. The amount of lp to get to other areas is insane for most and it feels like you do much more than just buy uw to play it.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 18th 2020


Nationality on profile. Or besides the name. Or maybe an emblem

Submitted by Guest on Jun 18th 2020

Leveling Enemy Cards to unlock new area with powered up versions of previous enemies

I think it'd be kind of cool if leveling up those Enemy Cards had more of a point than just boosting exp gains a little. If getting the entire set leveled up unlocked a new zone with beefed up versions of the killed enemies, I think that'd help make the cards feel like a fun side form of progression. Maybe even have a teir of unlocks, like level 5 gets you one set of enemies, lvl 10 gets you an even stronger set of enemies etc.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 17th 2020

Requirements for planets/pet system.

1]In order to get to a new planet. Rather than having to grind for an expensive ship. Make the player interact with the game by giving planets certain requirements to enter. For example.

To enter Mercury.
Buy said ship(lower price)
Be level xx.
Kill xx amount of titanA
Kill xxx amount of mobC
Kill xxx mobs on planet X.
Have x purple gear.
Have decode rank xx

Something around those lines.
This would make the player interact more with the game, rather than just tapping at one spot for an overpriced ship.

2]{I know this is a long shot since its adding a whole new aspect to the game, but I will let this idea sit here}
2.Pet system with mythological creatures.

Pets can give you perk boosts.
Pets can be used to attack/heal(depending on the type of class pet)

1 pet per hero.
Pets can be upgraded with resources dropped by certain mobs
Pets will have their own icon,name,level,power displayed under your heros stats.

Pets can be bought only with drachma.
Pet resources can only be found through mob farming.
As the pet levels up, so does their perk boosts
Pets can have different unique icons that can be bought only with AC.

This way it will prevent the player from being lazy and using money to get stronger, it will make the player interact with the game more.

More details on pets will be provided if the idea will come into action.

I will write a fully detailed email then.
So far this is just a surface proposition.

Thanks for reading.
Hope this helps.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 17th 2020

Multiplayer gamemode

My idea is a gambit like gamemode,make it level bassed or power bassed. Then put the two teams on a random map area and make them attack certain amount enemys. Add mini bosses so its 5 out of 100 a normal enemy is 1 and a boss is 10 points get to 100 and you get the boss. The boss has to be immune to players till they find and kill its three envoys then everyone gets a buff and can attack it. After 25 seconds of attacking the boss it is immune again and you have to rekill the envoys and they get harder as you go. you get heavy weapon drops from enemys and so on. The more envoys you kill they stack and you deal more damage like,Envoy slayer x1 or x3 and the more you kill the more damage you do. after a every 30 kills your team can invade or they can invade you,and they get a sheild. Everytime they kill a player the score goes back 5,kill all players and it goes back 10. The players can gang up on the invader and when the boss is in play every death heals the boss. When the boss is dead that can be a win for that team and have two versions. Prime can be harder and one round who ever kills their boss in that round wins no retrys and the rewards are better. Normal can be three rounds first one to win two rounds wins.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 17th 2020


Put the name of the clan who owns the area.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 17th 2020

Delete all message

Self explain. Feature to delete all message in inbox and sent items

Submitted by Guest on Jun 16th 2020

Another way to use Clan Marks

The Managers could use there own CM for the following buffs that can be used by the other clan members. 1k CM = 500 atk drachma booster and other buffs etc etc


Submitted by Guest on Jun 16th 2020

Clan Battle

This feature could be like, declare war on random clan, then we will have another option to explore, saying clan war, then the clan war will spawn an Clan titan or something. Then the clan who has the most damage on that titan wins. Just like with PE or ST. While the damage will be fixed and with slightly higher chance for SE. This could have some tweaks to enhance gameplay.

- Overlife

Submitted by Guest on Jun 16th 2020

Self-selected Counter

While leveling to 99, the counter (bottom-left on mobile) tracks XP, then tracks Drachma after that. I submit that this counter could be changed by the player in settings (similar to first attack drop-down options). Options could include battles, kills, bounties, cards, missions, items sold/used, etc... This would aid players on their attempts for triumphs, achievements and colors.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 15th 2020

Skip battle summary page

Give option in setting to skip battle summary page after enemy is killed.

So when enemy is killed, automatically go back to patrolling without having to click “back to patrolling”

Submitted by Guest on Jun 13th 2020

Area rankers

For every number of kills in area will trigger a higher ranker mob to spawn. For example, every 10 kills in an area will trigger a General XXX to spawn in that area. This mob will only can be hit by max 10 heroes at once. If one dies then another can replace. The participants will get rewards..

Submitted by kingvin on Jun 12th 2020

Welcome menu

It would be helpful to new players to have a link to the welcome page or the wiki or both. It would help players to know what they are doing. I say this because the chat is often not seen on mobile so to do this would refer players to the wiki and the chat.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 10th 2020

Booster visibility

Twofold idea:

1. Instead of boosters showing how many you've used incrementing upward (I.E. You start a booster, and it is at 0/500), have it increment downward (I.E. When you start a booster, it starts at 500/500, and decreases by 1 per attack).

2. There's a lot of free space below the buttons in the combat UI, add in headings for active boosters, and how many uses are left (per the idea above). For example, if I'm fighting something, I see:
Super ability
Take Cover

Below that, you could add in the booster information.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 10th 2020

Bounties in Collapsible menu

On mobile the bounties crowd the screen quite a bit if you have more than one, possibly putting them in a collapsible menu labeled bounties would free up a lot of space and make the UI look a lot cleaner.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 10th 2020

Pantheon affilation of clan by Kamitsune

can Add the Japanese God (amaterasu,...), Norrenic God(odin,..),India (Shiva,....),Indian Animist(Wolf Totem,...) , after adding the other God every clan chose an affiliation of a Pantheon (group of gods) and after tot clan kill can summon God avatar give Clan bonus, the other pantheon clan can attack and kill God of the different faction to gain god power point or influence like this is be a sort of guild wars

Submitted by Guest on Jun 9th 2020

Hero shop

Was going to look at the hero shop for the names someone suggested, but there isnt a search/sort function. Adding one would be of great help!

Submitted by Guest on Jun 9th 2020

New God

can add some god from japanese mithology like yamato no orochi ,susano, and for small titan some yokai, can add some skill or status effect like freeze poison shock or fusion incantation and crafting things

Submitted by Guest on Jun 8th 2020


We need some TC merch. Maybe limited run once we hit 25k...?

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Jun 6th 2020

Community Goal

If the Community Goal was complete, i suggest for every hour, there is a chance that the community perk will be multiplied by 2, 3 or 4 times. Last 10 mins to 1 hour, just like lottery mechanics.

Submitted by Guest on Jun 2nd 2020

Clan Quests

Would like to see if there are Quests that can be completed by clans. Maybe something like dungeon that can be entered by a clan and must be cleared within a set of limited time. If completed then all the participants gets rewards..

Submitted by Guest on Jun 1st 2020

Sell all button.

The title says it all, on the sell screen, put a sell all button.

Submitted by Guest on May 30th 2020

New Triumph

A triumph for reaching 1k cores in every stat

Submitted by Guest on May 27th 2020

New Skill

A new skill that allows you to be enraged for a few attacks! Possible name.... Flipping The Table

Submitted by Guest on May 26th 2020

Suggestion for skill trees i TOTALLY didnt take from bungie....

Each season you have to unlock an artifact that gives you the skill tree option

Submitted by Kronos1307 on May 26th 2020

An EVERYONE WINS lottery chance

Pretty self explanatory, but every hour the lotto has a small chance to award all online players the ac/ drach winnings

Submitted by Kronos1307 on May 23rd 2020

"Use all cores"-Button on Inventory

A button that lets us use all cores instantly without the need to use each one by one would be a huge improvement.
Maybe a gold-version for subscribers that get to auto-use all cores they get, via a setting on your profile.

Submitted by Guest on May 23rd 2020


Side activites would be great

Submitted by Guest on May 23rd 2020

Sounds coin, bag, vendor, etc...

Would be nice to have coin, bag, vendor, etc... sounds. Those short low volume sound bites you here in most AAA RPGs.

Submitted by Guest on May 23rd 2020

World raid boss

Title, with tens of billions of hp, respawn in a few hours after it has been defeated. Rewards is based on damage and battle ranking

Submitted by Guest on May 19th 2020

all seasons clan leaderboards

I would love to see a leader board within clans to see all heroes in clan including season 1 and 2 heroes for battles and other leader boards also.

Submitted by Guest on May 17th 2020

Party hat helmet

We must have a helmet that a party hat. Shouldn’t give you any buffs but just something to have the collection you know.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on May 14th 2020

Scale lottery rewards by level

Drachma rewards are usually 100k-1m, but for any player over level 50 it's kinda useless. So why not scale drachma rewards with level so it can be meaningful to win?

Ex. Lvl 1- 100k
Lvl 10 - 1m
Lvl 50 - 10m
Lvl 75 - 100m
Lvl 99 - 1b
Or something of the sort.

Submitted by Guest on May 14th 2020

Daily Reward

Rewarding active players by login everyday.

Submitted by Guest on May 14th 2020


Hi I thought of this idé for pc players. Implementing hotkeys for different enemies and different attacks. Maybe the first enemy has a hotkey that is bind to number one on your keyboard and then you can bind primary attack to enter or something similar. It's just an idé to spice up the gameplay instead of lmb all the time.

Submitted by Guest on May 14th 2020

Gear customization

The option (for a small AC fee) to re brand gear to have a unique name. This would only work on decoded gear and not community gear though.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on May 12th 2020

Casual interaction/mini games

This is something that would be for further down the road. I love grinding in this game, but sometimes I just wanna hangout in chat and with my TC peoples. Not even sure what ideas could be but it would be cool to see ways for players to casually interact with like some kind of “minigames” or something. Any suggestions people have are welcomed. With how big the community is getting and how close the norms are I think we are almost to a point where this kind of thing could fit in the game.

Submitted by TheThird0ne on May 11th 2020

Refers and salute lists

I think it would be cool to see referred or saluted us in our profile. Sometime you forget and you want to see which kind folks saluted you and all. It’s also good to identify the boosters and also to see who referred NimbleThor so much.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on May 9th 2020

Improve website UX

The confirm button (i.e. when using all items) is too low for PC users. I suggest making it a floating confirm button in the middle of the screen.

Submitted by Guest on May 9th 2020

blocking others in global chat

thinking harmony wise or for players' preferences, there should be a way to block certain player's comments. essentially i cannot stand certain players' comments, so then let me block them and not see them

Submitted by Guest on May 9th 2020

XP Display Post lvl 99

It would be cool if the XP display at the bottom of the screen switched to showing total XP earned when a toon reaches level 99.

Submitted by TheBeardedB on May 9th 2020

Power week 2020 exclusive emblem

If someone were to design an appropriate emblem to represent power week 2020, could it then be distributed to all participants in the competition? Just as a been there done that got the t shirt sorta thing. I'm willing to try and sketch one out if necessary.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on May 8th 2020

Stop ST notifications

Make it so that you only get 1 notification for the ST or none at all.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on May 8th 2020


Bounties are in a relatively good spot I think. But there are two things I'd like to reccomend.

First: The enemy in question for a bounty is somewhat more likely to spawn in the same location as the player. I have failed bounties simply because I could not find enough of the enemies even when checking every location any worlds they were able to spawn in.

Second: A once a day bounty that provides more Vanguard Marks. This would be a harder than normal bounty that gives you 1 hour to complete. Let's say it takes either a Titan of a certain level or difficulty or it takes more enemies than normal maybe twice as much. The rewards would also be comparatively higher. Instead of 5 VM you would get any where from 10 -20 depending on the difficulty. This would provide a somewhat faster more reliable method of gaining VM.

Submitted by Guest on May 6th 2020

Move Run Away

Move the Run Away option so that it is pinned to the bottom of the combat screen instead of pinned to the bottom of the other combat options. When mindlessly going through supers I have many times clicked through to the Run Away option by accident.

Submitted by TheBeardedB on May 6th 2020

pet system in form of hamsters

the hamster amory. some help you tap, some help shield you, some just do nothing and act cutes. then the titans will go awwww and you jump in and give it a good smacking.

"you and what army?"

Submitted by Guest on May 5th 2020

Power week 2020 exclusive emblem

If someone were to design an appropriate emblem to represent power week 2020, could it then be distributed to all participants in the competition? Just as a been there done that got the t shirt sorta thing. I'm willing to try and sketch one out if necessary.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on May 3rd 2020

Boost/Item for auto combat in patrol

Have a timed item that can be bought for either AC or VM that allows you to auto-patrol an area for a set amount of time. There could be multiple levels/costs ranging from 10min to 1 hour. You should be able to set it to only farm up to a certain tier of enemy, but dying shouldn't de-activate the boost only require you to return to the same area to continue using it. It should have options for prioritizing higher tier enemies, with/without shields, chests. It should only be able to use the Primary Weapon and should use the take cover option when available.

Submitted by TheBeardedB on Apr 29th 2020

"Disable Auto-Lock" Setting when buying from vendors

It is quite annoying to have to manually unlock each item when buying from vendors on a new hero. I think it will help save time to have this enabled as an option.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 29th 2020

Status Effects

Just my initial thoughts and feedback on the new status effects, and some improvements off of the top of my head.

Overall I think its a nice idea, adds an extra layer of depth to the game and means late-endgame players can't just mindlessly click on PEs/STs/Titans. However I do think it should be limited to Saturn/Phobos and beyond, and not on the "starter" planets. I think that these effects could be too brutal against players just starting out and for those doing deathless runs, and could be a turn off for some just trying to get into the game.

General Feedback for all Effects:

The rate of infliction seems to be good, however the rate of it wearing off could use a bit more tweaking. Not sure if these are already a thing but I think it could help balance it out some more:

- If a player has multiple SEs on them, it increases the chance that one of the effects will wear off (maybe a 1.5x multiplier when inflicted with 2 status effects and a 2x multiplier when inflicted with all 3 effects) so that it's less likely that a player will be stuck with multiple SEs for long periods of time and be completely debilitated as a result.

- Make using "take cover" have an increased chance to remove a SE. not an insanely high chance but maybe 2-3x the chance for a regular attack to remove an effect.

- Have every consecutive attack where a SE is not cured make the next attack have a slightly higher chance to remove an effect (a small boost, maybe 1.025x the effect, but compounding so that after 30 battles the chance to be cured is doubled, after 50 battles the chance to be cured is ~3.5x etc) to help prevent incredibly long SEs that last for 100+ battles.

- After being cured from an effect, have a say 10-20 battle cooldown which prevents SEs from being instantly chained after one another.

Submitted by CosmicThunder90 on Apr 29th 2020

Underworld Cards

Currently there is no way to view cards you havent unlocked yet for Underwrold enemies other than getting a bounty for them, as when you go patrol an area at UW and click "Cards" it just shows the regular Earth enemies cards. Might want to show UW enemies cards to help those going for the 200 cards triumph.

Submitted by CosmicThunder90 on Apr 27th 2020

New special color

A new special color requiring a butt ton of zeus shards. Maybe 500? No ideas on that gradient. And maybe a special color for earning all Hard Mode triumphs. That one could be a red/black gradient.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 27th 2020

Season end rewards

So that the effort of one player throughout the season can be rewarded

Submitted by Guest on Apr 26th 2020

Disable Enemy Healing Bike

Simple suggestion: please add a bike that disables enemy healing.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

Gods/Titans Unique Card Bonuses

Going off my previous Tyche/Fortuna suggestion, I think it would be a swell idea to add unique bonuses for gaining the card rank of certain titans. For example defeating Athena would grant not only an XP/Drachma boost, but also an XP boost for all enemies killed; or a increased chance of winning the lottery for killing Tyche/Fortuna.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

New God/Titan

Due to a localized community outrage at a certain individual gaining approximately 2200 AC from the hourly lottery which enticed a different individual to pray to the luck gods, I hereby request that Tyche and Fortuna be added into the game as gods/titans to kill.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

Card XP/Drachma Bonus Percentage

Please add a visible percentage as to how much of an XP/Drachma bonus you get per rank on a card (or card set).

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020


I know there are hero shops that you can buy things for ac, you can also loan.
I suggest that a player be able to trade or make loans using drachma.
It is still a currency in the game and if an arrangement between 2 players is agreed upon, it should be honored.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 26th 2020

Run Away Gap

Please add a small gap in between Run Away and Take Cover on iOS like there is on the PC version.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

A list of all cards (finished & unfinished)

It would be extremely useful, especially for titans and special enemies.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 26th 2020


I have only played for a few days when posting this, but I haven't noticed much use for XP after reaching Level 99. So the Augur class doesn't seem like it would be the most optimized choice if one is going for a try-hard run in TC. I propose a prestige system which uses any experience gained towards gaining some kind of post-99 prestige points which can be spent on bonuses of some kind. Whether or not gaining these points will need the same amount of XP, or an increasing amount, the Augur class (especially if the class bonus can be upgraded) would be a strong contender for best build.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

New Race/Classes and Class Improvement

Only 3 races and classes was a very mild letdown right when getting into the game, and if the race is simply a display thing it might be easy to add. Just off the top of my head, some greek-like extra races could be Minoan, Cretan, Trojan, Aegean. And some new classes could be an Assassin which increases crit by 10%, a Cleric who heals 1HP every attack, or a Defender (bad name) who gains an initial shield beginning of a battle. I would also be very excited if class bonuses could be upgraded in some way.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

Card Sets

Pretty straightforward: Enemies such as Nymphs, Argus, Nessus, or even titans from certain areas all have cards associated with them, but a card set that gains progression based on how cards in a set are unlocked would be interesting. Potential for extra achievement/triumph/XP bonus to be added into the game.

Submitted by Kalveryan on Apr 26th 2020

Push notifications for messages

Think it's kind of self explanatory, but as someone who rarely checks my email, I would find it more convenient to get a push notification in addition to the email when I get messaged.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 24th 2020

Super important suggestion

Rename the admin title to Hamster King. Basically fs becomes the Hamster King of Titan Conquest, and the vanguard are his court.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 23rd 2020

Pooper scooper

An exclusive weapon you can get from a story( I dont have ideas for that yet, but specifics forthcoming) that doubles the hamster turd drop rate (from 1/50 to 1/25) while equipped upon hamster kill

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 23rd 2020


notifications when an event starts or when there's something to take part in. missing out on things because you're not in game sucks.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 22nd 2020

Weekly Raids

Having a weekly Titan that spawns every week and the whole community fights against it to take it down and win rewards.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 22nd 2020


Hard Mode Kratos 99
Exactly what it sounds like. Get to lvl 99 with the Kratos (starter) in Hard Mode.

100,000 Items Used
Use 100,000 items.

10,000 K/D Ratio
Your K/D Ratio needs to be 10,000 or over to unlock this. Triumph lost if K/D drops below 10,000. Triumph regained if K/D gets back over 10,000

200 Shards of Zeus
Get 200 Shards of Zeus.

10,000 Titans Killed
Kill 10,000 Titans.

1 Trillion XP
Have over 1 trillion XP.

500 Avenged Heroes
Avenge 500 heroes.

Submission by Conquestlord

Submitted by Guest on Apr 21st 2020

Supporter improvements.

In an attempt to figure out ways to make the supporter status more appealing but not conflict with subscriber status. Somethings I thought about I will list.
1.1st reset of a hero is half off.
I have had to reset hero's I don't know how many times.. Especially on deathless.

2.Give a 1-2% discount on the shipwright and weapons shop
While not financially helping the game, they are helping by leaving a review and that has to count for something. With the discount, that might make someone wanna spend that 5 bucks to get something cause its within their range. 50% of something is better then 100% of nothing

3.Ability to salute two times.
While not amazing and mainly looked over.. Supporters could render to salutes. They could not salute the same person twice, but may salute two separate people.

Submitted by Pure fire x2 on Apr 21st 2020

Dismantle Filter

Be able to filter bulk rarity dismantles: by set, perk, etc.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 21st 2020


Be able to add a short title to be attached to name in chat, profile, etc. It could cost, say, 250 AC the first time, and maybe gated by some ship if not a subscriber. Cost increases if changed within a certain window.


[The Tycoon]

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 21st 2020

New Triumph Ideas

I was looking through the leaderboards and came up with some ideas for triumphs based on the LBs that aren't linked to a triumph/name colour already.

1 Million DMG in a Single Hit - Self explanatory, just hit at least 1 million dmg in one a hit, based on the Highest Attack Made LB

24 Hour 99 - Achieved by reaching lvl 99 within 24 hours of hero creation, not an incredibly difficult triumph, more in the middle in terms of difficulty, could serve as a good introduction to speedrunning, based on the Time to Level 99 LB

10 Heros / 10 lvl 99 Heros - have either 10 heros or 10 lvl 99 heros on your account, I'm leaning towards 10 99s as it won't disadvantage s2 players who can only have one non-99 hero while s1 players can have two, based on Most Heroes LB

These 3 triumphs would also bring the total to 20 triumphs in the game, a nice even number compared to the 17 currently.

Hope you like this suggestion :)

Submitted by CosmicThunder90 on Apr 21st 2020

One Time Consistent Activity Award

As an example:

If you pull off 30 days of 1000 kills, 1000 battles, etc in a row you get a Free Item From Borgen Voucher. He is stingy though and says the fine print excludes the Thunderbolt.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 20th 2020


Should allow trading so can give items to beginner level people

Submitted by Guest on Apr 20th 2020

Purchasable Territory boosters.

I believe we should have a way to purchase and use territory boosters with clan currency. A few ideas for it would be stat boosts, stopping the kill counter for a set duration, further enhancing the xp and drach gain, increasing lp gain, modifying the spawn rates of the different mob types in the area (regular mobs, titans, chests), summoning a clan PE in the area, removing the shields of the mobs in the area, and any number of things really.

Submitted by Pheonid on Apr 20th 2020

Purchasable Territory boosters.

I believe we should have a way to purchase and use territory boosters with clan currency. A few ideas for it would be stat boosts, stopping the kill counter for a set duration, further enhancing the xp and drach gain, increasing lp gain, modifying the spawn rates of the different mob types in the area (regular mobs, titans, chests), summoning a clan PE in the area, removing the shields of the mobs in the area, and any number of things really.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 20th 2020

Simple Gear Shop Improvement

Have the person who earned the gear named in the gear title.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 20th 2020

Gear management

An interesting few ideas i havent spoken of that TheThird0ne reminded me of is
1: make gear management screens per slot instead of all weapons or all armor
2: seperate gear into pages so you arent just seeing the first 100 (both for gear management and for shop management and for vault management; see suggestion 3)
3: bring vaults back to some degree, e.g. each hero has a "shop storage vault" that anybody with a shop has an addintional set of options to mass decode gear Directly into the vault instead of clogging your gear management screen with gear you dont want to use yourself, and will help make switching gear sets less of a pain to do when youre running a large shop since only the gear you want to use will be in your inventory and the gear in your vault is reserved for the gear you want to sift through to sell.

Submitted by Pirolamb on Apr 20th 2020

Max power Leaderboards

How about a stat to show the max power seen on your hero similar to how theres one for the highest attack made. Also a leaderboard to go along with it.

Submitted by Pirolamb on Apr 20th 2020

Ironman Competition

Each contestant creates a competition hero. The hero will exist for 24 hours with a 10,000 battle counter.
Winners for most XP, drachma and LP after 10k battles.
Die 10 times, and you're out.
Nominal AC fee to enter.
Optional: No shop gear, self-found only. No clan bonus.

Submitted by DeenGrildo on Apr 20th 2020

Contract/Loan System

It could be based on collateral and certain defined valuations.


X has a Thunderbolt but doesn't have enough AC on hand for a new item he wants that costs 6000 AC. This second hand Thunderbolt is valued at 80% of standard shop value, so 8000 AC. The system has a 5% transaction fee on the base, so X needs 300 AC on hand first to get the contract approved. Including 10% interest, X owes Y 6600 AC by date Z or they gain the ability to call the loan in and liquidate. If X hasn't paid up and Y exercises the option, the Thunderbolt would become 8000 AC... 6600 going to Y and 1400 to X.

Drachma, different cores, different memories, vanguard marks, etc could have defined relationships to AC too.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 19th 2020

Clan arena

With the newly proposed Clan Control system, a benefit to it could be used with a Clan arena. The rewards would no longer be red memories, but instead a clan currency. 1st gets 1000 2nd 500 3rd 250 or whatever. This currency can be used to do different things; summoned titans in a clan exclusive zone the drops different things for everyone in the clan. Power titan costs 500 points and drops 10 Attack Cores for everyone! Legendary Titan for purple memories, etc. Better rewards are harder titans and cost more points. Would also promote clans co-ordinating times when they can have the most members on to gain rewards. Would also allow the event to stay 24/7; you don't want to worry about the special titans? Don't worry about zone control. You want to summon that Paralos titan for 2500 points to get that final item to ascend to God Tier with your clan? Farm those zone kills baby!

Submitted by Guest on Apr 19th 2020

Lost captured area list

A list of lost areas that is only viewable by the Clan.
Just to make it easier to recapture these areas.

Submitted by Visneer on Apr 18th 2020

Clan capture scaling.

With the clan control release. This suggestion comes from the fact that some places are easier to take them others. Scaling it correctly would make a lot of these higher places a lot more valuable since they are the same bonus as collecting lower planets..
Since enemies on earth are so easy, its easy to bang out 1000 kills. Now this creates a lot more of a battle for those places, but with places like Mount Olympus, or the underworld. it should be dropped for the number of required kills or at the very least get a higher bonus upon collecting the place..

Submitted by Pure fire x2 on Apr 17th 2020

Clan only buildable gear

Similar to other ideas.
New type of item drop from kills 'Clan Items', e.g. broken gear, hide, junk, etc.
Memories have a chance to be 'broken' when decoded at high DR level or Player Level.

New clan buildings, purchased with CM.
Reprocessing plant.
Used to breakdown 'Clan Items' into raw materials.
Upgrade to get additional reprocessing lines, to allow more than one item type to be reprocessed at a time.
Used to turn raw material into usable gear.
Upgrade to produce different types of gear.
Where Clan members can put 'Clan Items'
Upgrade to increase storage level.

Buildings are upgradable using raw materials.

When Skills are implemented, have skills to:
Decrease wastage when reprocessing.
Decrease reprocessing time.
Decrease the materials required for an upgrade.
Increase the gear level that can be made.

Submitted by Visneer on Apr 17th 2020

Merging bikes.

This suggestion is pretty straight forward. The idea is that as long as youniwn the two bikes, say the phalanx and the item drop bike, for an addition amount of AC, you could merge these two bikes were while riding, you get both perks of both bikes.

However, after merging bikes, you cannot undo the action and if say you merged the attack bike with the item bike, but decide you want to merge the attack bike with defense bike, youd have to buy that attack bike again.

Think it would add some interesting aspects to the game, or become majorly overpowered... who knows.

Submitted by Pure fire x2 on Apr 17th 2020

Clan daily super titan

Have a chance to spawn one or several super titans daily/weekly with CM or w/e currency. Accepting suggestions

Submitted by Guest on Apr 16th 2020

A Very Urgent and Game Changing Suggestion

I hereby submit this improvement to act as a petition of renaming "Shipwrecked!"'s heavy weapon reward "Worm Slayer" into “Bhelo-gun”.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 16th 2020


Base chance that a battle will aggro in a second monster to fight you together, whether a titan, local mob, or a generic "Angry Resident of ?" as practical for coding. Maybe aggro escalation for more jump ins?

By some determination - such as daily time on a planet or in an area, or universal kills/battle in a day or simply such on specific planet - increase that base chance by steps.

Nullify rage could decrease or prevent this too. Enraged makes more likely or certain.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 16th 2020

Rage Day

A permanent but random or FS initiated event like Super Titan event where a random planet experiences an unexplained mass rage for a day.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 16th 2020

Clan bounties

To build off my earlier perk tree idea somewhat, the clan vendor could have bounties that award bonus clan xp progress, as well as maybe a clan upgrade token for tougher bounties. Bounties would be things like, get 1000kills with your classmates, meaning get 1000kills with classmates being in the same area as you.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 16th 2020

"Sell All"

Pretty simple QoL suggestion.
Having a "sell all" button for each item instead of typing the number in. Just like the "All" and "some" options in using items.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 16th 2020

Auto collect collect from postmaster

Can you make it a setting. I don’t have postmaster notification so it get annoying to have to check.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Apr 16th 2020

Clan daily boost

A global temporary boost among clan members that can be purchased with the clan treasury (see clan treasury suggesion) that last for a day. Those with clan administrative previlege can choose wich perk to boost for a day. For example: 50% def for 2000 cm

Submitted by Guest on Apr 16th 2020

Clan shrines/temples

This feature will introduce shrines/temples dedicated to greek gods.
Each shrine/temple represent a stat, those stats are globaly shared among clan members.
A shrine/temple need to be bought with CM that within the clans treasury (See clans treasury suggestion) by a players with the administrative previlege.
The shrine will be upgradable, with a max level, and non linear increasing price (it should be very hard to reach max level), so the gap between the clans will not be big.
For example: each level gives +1% to the stat (attack, defence, etc...).
The shrine and shrine level will be visible in a special tap.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 16th 2020

Clan treasury

Players will be allowed to donate CM marks to the clan. This feature will be the foundation of other features which are able to be purchased by a clan.
Those with administrative previlege could use clans treasury to buy with the CM within the treasury.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 16th 2020

Translations and language chats

Title is self explanatory. Needed to draw in your niche population from all over the world. Server population could help free of charge.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 15th 2020

Timed boosters

The ability to convert through booster shop your current boosters for same type but timed boosters (10-20mins or w/e you consider best) so they have an use while kratos farming.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 15th 2020

Clan Perk Trees

I think adding perks to clans could be interesting. Each rank up provides one clan token. Clan leaders/managers can then use those tokens to purchase clan perks. I.e. +1% bonus drops in controlled area, or +1% drops per clanmate in same area. Nothing too op, but definitely an added benefit.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 15th 2020

Active Clan Tracker and Filtering

Way for others to see how active a clan is. For example, "Current Members Online Last ? Days: #"

Inactive clans shouldnt appear on join searches and should be * on LB.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 15th 2020

Shop management tweaks

I tried to think of some simple stuff that would make editing shop inventory a little easier without changing it entirely. Here’s some option I thought of:

1. Add the ability to lock/unlock all items currently in shop inventory (the ones with the green star)

2. Be able to select by item type (primary, class item, heavy weapon...) and be able to lock and unlock all of these items.

3. Be able to lock all items of a given color.

These are three different ways to be able to make editing inventory a little easier that I hope wouldn’t be terribly hard to add. I would think having one of these would be good. This would still require us to manually sort through and dismantle the ones we don’t want to put in our shops. But for adding items or refreshing stock I think these might help. 1 is my favorite because it wouldn’t interfere with like armies that people actually want to keep either way.

The other tweak possibly could be to have a favorite ability along with locking. So like slayer sets, oracle sets, so on, we could favorite those and favorite can’t be accidentally dismantled either, but wouldn’t be accidentally unlocked and dismantled. This feature would probably be needed with option 2, and maybe 3 but probably not, because it’s a bulk lock/unlock for everything my item type. Maybe even a place to just look at favorited gear instead of everything. So ya shop keepers don’t have to scroll through 500 items or something to equip our different sets.

There’s a lot here I know, but I think overall they aren’t terrible changes. Open to feedback from others though this is just my take on it.

Submitted by TheThird0ne on Apr 15th 2020

Decode items

A rare item that can be used to increase the chance of decoding a certain set. Idk just a random thought I had to help reduce grind RNG. It wouldn't guarantee a certain decode, but it would increase the chances.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 14th 2020

New Event

So I have had this idea a while and figures since this exists I can see at least if anyone else likes it. What if we had an event that randomly spawned in a named enemy like Randal the Vandal, but to a random location. He wouldn’t be as strong as a PE so new players could still kill it. It could have a special item drop or maybe just an achievement. Don’t think it would warrant a triumph. Maybe even like an emblem unlock after a few kills.

It would pop up in chat only just like the vendor sale, and not a banner so only people in chat would see. It would probably be better to randomly pop up, instead of on the hour but I know on the hour would be easier.

There is just not really an enemy you have to go hunt down other than bounties but those still tell you where to find them. This is just the basic concept so anybody else that has ideas to make it more fun I’d love to hear them.

Submitted by TheThird0ne on Apr 14th 2020

Bobble Crawl

Bobble crawl should be no more than 30 min.
Bobble crawls should not spawn in a row.
Bobble crawls should have a limit of how many possible times it can accur in a day, (example: 2 times in a day max)
The chance also might get lowered a bit.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

PE Banners

I’d like to see a setting where PE banners could be turned off, or an “X” for dismissing them.

Submitted by 54an3 on Apr 14th 2020

Clan Control competition

With the introduction of the new clan control feature, I think it could be interesting to hold a limited time event, maybe about a week, between clans to compete for amount of zones controlled. Maybe different planets could have different point values? Ie a zone on earth is 1 pt, and MO zones are 5 each based on difficulty of planet.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 14th 2020

Clan Controlled Areas

I think it would be cool if there was a small reward for the clan who controlled the most areas at the end of the week (maybe some drachma or 5 ac to each member.. something small to keep everyone competitive) :)

Submitted by pseudocamelot on Apr 14th 2020

Wall of legends

* **Wall of legends:** *So, our community is growing, we have hundreds of new players and our fantastic community is always attempting to help. But there are some within the community who have went above and beyond in learning the game, taking to it well, promoting, helping ETC. Unfortunately, One of the rewards that could come from it is becoming a vanguard, But Vanguard spaces are limited! So, I thought it would be cool to have a wall of legends.*

*The way it would work is, the member's have to be nominated and voted in and every month, we (the Vanguards) can hold a "yay" or "nay" vote on adding this person to the wall. The wall would include their emblem, date added to the wall, and what they were added for. Some of the ways to get added are as followed:*

1. Exceptional service to helping the advancement of TitanConquest
2. Being an exceptional leader within the community
3. Going above and beyond with promoting and learning of TitanConquest.

This may be a great way to award those who put in the extra effort and should have the recognition within our wonderful community

Submitted by Pure fire x2 on Apr 14th 2020

Unique Upgrade-able Rename-able Clan Gear

All current clan gear is considered legacy clan gear (not removed but also not available for sale anymore). In the future clan gear infusions use clan marks. Clan gear starts as white tier. Every upgrade to clan gear improves to next rank, so green next. Infusions become a part of base stats and infusions are opened up again to use. Clan gear then is considered unique because you decide the stats of your gears base stats over time. Clan gear is rename-able. Clan gear can be reset for either AC or clan marks maybe back to white but you need to spend clan marks again to upgrade stats.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

Area control

When an area is stolen lock the previous clan out from attacking for x amount of time; (Potential Perk?) Give the clan a boost of some sort with a Revenge perk to attack their lost area

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

Clan perks

Require purchasing clan perks with CM + infusion materials (thus requiring players to fight in other areas and not just sit and control x planet)

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

Clan perk

Change color of occupied area to Yellow instead of blue when another clan is close to stealing your area with a pop-up notification. (make this a purchasable perk with a threshold setting of 50/100/150/200 kills?)

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

New special name color

A new special name color for pe pulses. It could be a good idea since pe pulses have no use right now.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

Lock Yellow gear to MO

Make it required to have the Light Seeker ship in order to purchase Yellow gear from the Clan shop and Hero shops. This will give Reds more of a meaning again, and require some of the grind that used to be there to get to Underworld, and then to Mount Olympus. It will also make getting to Mount Olympus more rewarding again.

Submitted by Bhelogan on Apr 14th 2020

"All Time" Button.

The "All Time" button on the leaderboards does not work. It can be a little annoying at times when you are trying to see who has the most all-time, and not by season.

Submitted by LazarTC on Apr 14th 2020


Be able to see (Cores) on other player characters.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 14th 2020

Lottery Report

Be able to see who won the lottery in the last X hours and how much.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 14th 2020

Clan stats and clan gear

To keep it fair with new players or new clans so that they can compete, I'm in favor of there being a reset of clan stats and gear either every month or every other month.

Clan members can earn a specific ranking in their clan to get them Clan Gear. The higher rank they get the higher tier the clan gear is. Clan leaders can get full leader gear and choose up to 2 of their best clan members who will also get full clan gear. Like a General and a Lieutenant in the clan.

Clan gear has a default value for all clans. All leaders have the same gear value as the Generals, Lieutenants and so on and so on... However by competing to against other clans, gaining better stats and controlling more areas, your default clan gear can be infused so that it becomes a much higher tier. Losing your position means you will also lose the benefits that came with that position.

Rankings as Generals or Lieutenants are just given as an example you could have a hero (leader) and sidekicks, or even better since we've got some mythology here we could have deities: gods, demi-gods, heroes, demons, followers...

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020

Clan Gear

Just throwing out some ideas.

Keep the raised price.

Implement a kind of probation and incremental aspect too.

The probation aspect is people recently leaving one clan to join a higher one for discount. They can't purchase gear for X days.

By incremental aspect I mean the base set bonus is lower but increases to current over a period of time. Eventually you become vested. If you switch clans before vested, your clan gear perks reset and start ac-blam!-ulating again.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 13th 2020

Kratos Improvements.

Currently, I don't see a use for the Kratos once you get to level 99 (If you are not using Oracle gear). If you had the ability to buy a Slayer or Oracle Kratos, I feel like it would be a lot more useful. You could also make a booster/item that has the ability to change any item from Oracle to Slayer and the other way around.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020

Unlocked Bounties

Possibly limit bounties to what zones you have unlocked? As someone attempting an earth only, no deaths, having anything else is just pointless. But also, new players coming in and making level 20 and seeing other zones they don't have might sway them away from bounty / intimidate them.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020


Prohibit dismantling Kratos of any type if you only have 1 Kratos of any type.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020

Daily 99's

I think it would be cool to feature Heroes in the Acropolis that recently hit level 99 as their first major milestone. Their hero would be displayed in the acropolis for a couple days after reaching 99.

Submitted by firestream on Apr 13th 2020

Background Music

Loving the game so far, mine is something quite basic but feel it adds to the immersive ness kind of. I’m a music kind of guy where if I listen to a well made song or score I can feel it. The background really blew me away and listening to it while playing was a new feeling. Really made my mind think in that atmosphere and environment. I hope the improvement is that there is going to be more background music added into the game of same caliber. Possibly separate sounds that go in to make the game more lively!

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020

Page transitioning

Not sure how plausible it would be, but somehow make all the fight/area transitioning within the game and instead of being within another page, as it clusters History quite a bit.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020

Bounty Lures

A booster that causes bounty mobs to be sorted to the top of the mobs list so they're visible if there are any in the zone. It'd be an upgrade from the tracking beacon that highlights bounty mobs.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020


It’d be cool if getting player of the day got you some additional reward. The reward could be a PotD-only piece of gear, an emblem, AC, VM, or some items.

Submitted by 54an3 on Apr 13th 2020

Buy things in bulk

Make it so I can buy boosters in bulk and infuse in bulk. I'm sure there are other things I should do in bulk but I'm too much of a noob to know yet.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020

Borgen Bounties

Every weekend, borgen would have 1 task of middling difficulty. Ie get 500 kills, 10k battles. Not terribly difficult, but also not easy. You would have all weekend to complete it, and it would reward a small amount of AC. Like 15 or so.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020

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