ImproveLoop allows people to create "Loops" to gather feedback from users. ImproveLoop is a great, simple Uservoice Alternative. It can be used for existing apps, websites, podcasts and more. Register an account to participate in Loops or to create your own.

What is a Loop?

What is a Loop?

A Loop is a place where you can collect feedback to help you improve your app, podcast, website, YouTube channel, project, etc. ImproveLoop strives to have a simple, but highly effective interface for collecting user feedback. Check out our own Loop to see how they work.

What can a Loop do?

What can a Loop do?

  • Collect Improvement ideas or feedback from users.
  • Users can 'like' existing ideas to help you see popular ideas.
  • Get recommendation feedback and Net Promoter Score data.
  • Status ideas to let users know their feedback is important.
How much does this cost?

How much does this cost?

ImproveLoop is free to use. Members can create Loops and contribute to Loops for no cost. Additional customization options are available with our Pro plan, which is $10 a year. Cancel anytime.

Pro Plan Features

What are the Pro plan features?

  • Upload custom logos to your Loops, allowing you to better match your own brand.
  • Customize your Loop URL so that it is easier to share and remember.
  • Customize the 'thing' that users submit to your Loops, allowing you freedom in the kind of feedback you are looking for.
  • View Email addresses of members that contribute to your Loops.
  • Assign more than one manager to your Loops.

All for only $10 per year!

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