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Suggested Improvements

Borgen Bounties

Every weekend, borgen would have 1 task of middling difficulty. Ie get 500 kills, 10k battles. Not terribly difficult, but also not easy. You would have all weekend to complete it, and it would reward a small amount of AC. Like 15 or so.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 4 Comments

New Triumph Ideas

I was looking through the leaderboards and came up with some ideas for triumphs based on the LBs that aren't linked to a triumph/name colour already.

1 Million DMG in a Single Hit - Self explanatory, just hit at least 1 million dmg in one a hit, based on the Highest Attack Made LB

24 Hour 99 - Achieved by reaching lvl 99 within 24 hours of hero creation, not an incredibly difficult triumph, more in the middle in terms of difficulty, could serve as a good introduction to speedrunning, based on the Time to Level 99 LB

10 Heros / 10 lvl 99 Heros - have either 10 heros or 10 lvl 99 heros on your account, I'm leaning towards 10 99s as it won't disadvantage s2 players who can only have one non-99 hero while s1 players can have two, based on Most Heroes LB

These 3 triumphs would also bring the total to 20 triumphs in the game, a nice even number compared to the 17 currently.

Hope you like this suggestion :)

Submitted by CosmicThunder90 on Apr 21st 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Wall of legends

* **Wall of legends:** *So, our community is growing, we have hundreds of new players and our fantastic community is always attempting to help. But there are some within the community who have went above and beyond in learning the game, taking to it well, promoting, helping ETC. Unfortunately, One of the rewards that could come from it is becoming a vanguard, But Vanguard spaces are limited! So, I thought it would be cool to have a wall of legends.*

*The way it would work is, the member's have to be nominated and voted in and every month, we (the Vanguards) can hold a "yay" or "nay" vote on adding this person to the wall. The wall would include their emblem, date added to the wall, and what they were added for. Some of the ways to get added are as followed:*

1. Exceptional service to helping the advancement of TitanConquest
2. Being an exceptional leader within the community
3. Going above and beyond with promoting and learning of TitanConquest.

This may be a great way to award those who put in the extra effort and should have the recognition within our wonderful community

Submitted by Pure fire x2 on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 3 Comments

Bulk Gear Dismantle, non-themed

Add an option/toggle to dismantle gear that doesn't have a theme (Scholar, Slayer, etc.)

Submitted by -Removed- on Jun 24th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Lock Yellow gear to MO

Make it required to have the Light Seeker ship in order to purchase Yellow gear from the Clan shop and Hero shops. This will give Reds more of a meaning again, and require some of the grind that used to be there to get to Underworld, and then to Mount Olympus. It will also make getting to Mount Olympus more rewarding again.

Submitted by Bhelogan on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 4 Comments

Clan Perk Trees

I think adding perks to clans could be interesting. Each rank up provides one clan token. Clan leaders/managers can then use those tokens to purchase clan perks. I.e. +1% bonus drops in controlled area, or +1% drops per clanmate in same area. Nothing too op, but definitely an added benefit.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 15th 2020
Discussion: 2 Comments

Bounty Lures

A booster that causes bounty mobs to be sorted to the top of the mobs list so they're visible if there are any in the zone. It'd be an upgrade from the tracking beacon that highlights bounty mobs.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Unlocked Bounties

Possibly limit bounties to what zones you have unlocked? As someone attempting an earth only, no deaths, having anything else is just pointless. But also, new players coming in and making level 20 and seeing other zones they don't have might sway them away from bounty / intimidate them.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Ironman Competition

Each contestant creates a competition hero. The hero will exist for 24 hours with a 10,000 battle counter.
Winners for most XP, drachma and LP after 10k battles.
Die 10 times, and you're out.
Nominal AC fee to enter.
Optional: No shop gear, self-found only. No clan bonus.

Submitted by DeenGrildo on Apr 20th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

PE Banners

I’d like to see a setting where PE banners could be turned off, or an “X” for dismissing them.

Submitted by 54an3 on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Daily 99's

I think it would be cool to feature Heroes in the Acropolis that recently hit level 99 as their first major milestone. Their hero would be displayed in the acropolis for a couple days after reaching 99.

Submitted by firestream on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 2 Comments

Clan dungeon

Everyday u can fight the 'clan boss' in 1min. Every 1M dmg u get 1AC. max 20AC

Submitted by Guest on Dec 18th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Scaled lottery

Make it so when a person wins the lottery. It scales with the drachma gain they have.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Sep 18th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Custom Bounties

It would be super neat if we could create personal / custom bounties to track personal goals. (Not with rewards). Like, if I wanted to make 3B Drachma today, I could set that goal and have it appear near/in/above/below the Bounties (or even on the bottom bar?), and be able to more easily keep track of my personal goal(s) for today.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 4th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

See Inactive Cores

I would like to be able to see the number of Cores that are "stored" for when I enter GT. Maybe if it displayed that number under the amount of Cores that are active on the Gear page?

Submitted by Guest on Dec 17th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

New booster

Make a booster where finding higher tiered enemies more common which could making grinding easier.

Submitted by GODSOFPOOP on Aug 13th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Bulk infusion

Infusing 1 at a time is a slow and tedious process, especially for yellow gear.

Submitted by -Removed- on Jul 1st 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Active Clan Tracker and Filtering

Way for others to see how active a clan is. For example, "Current Members Online Last ? Days: #"

Inactive clans shouldnt appear on join searches and should be * on LB.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 15th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Location Point Bonus for Zones & Areas

I think it'd be cool if having double the LP needed for a zone would give a bonus to item drop rate or drach earned in that zone. That would make earning more LP a bit more exciting, and could have a bigger boost for having triple or quadruple the LP needed for a zone.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 3rd 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Staff Titans/PE's at Dark Arenas

I'd heard that initially it was planned that there would be VG bobbles or something. It would be cool if there were titans based on VG's at the arena's, would kinda fit in nicely. Just a thought.

Submitted by Guest on Oct 6th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Kratos Improvements.

Currently, I don't see a use for the Kratos once you get to level 99 (If you are not using Oracle gear). If you had the ability to buy a Slayer or Oracle Kratos, I feel like it would be a lot more useful. You could also make a booster/item that has the ability to change any item from Oracle to Slayer and the other way around.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 3 Comments

Unique Upgrade-able Rename-able Clan Gear

All current clan gear is considered legacy clan gear (not removed but also not available for sale anymore). In the future clan gear infusions use clan marks. Clan gear starts as white tier. Every upgrade to clan gear improves to next rank, so green next. Infusions become a part of base stats and infusions are opened up again to use. Clan gear then is considered unique because you decide the stats of your gears base stats over time. Clan gear is rename-able. Clan gear can be reset for either AC or clan marks maybe back to white but you need to spend clan marks again to upgrade stats.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Background Music

Loving the game so far, mine is something quite basic but feel it adds to the immersive ness kind of. I’m a music kind of guy where if I listen to a well made song or score I can feel it. The background really blew me away and listening to it while playing was a new feeling. Really made my mind think in that atmosphere and environment. I hope the improvement is that there is going to be more background music added into the game of same caliber. Possibly separate sounds that go in to make the game more lively!

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

"All Time" Button.

The "All Time" button on the leaderboards does not work. It can be a little annoying at times when you are trying to see who has the most all-time, and not by season.

Submitted by LazarTC on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

New special name color

A new special name color for pe pulses. It could be a good idea since pe pulses have no use right now.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 2 Comments

Clan Shop Gear Expansion

I would like to see some updated clan gear that could bridge the gap between some of the BiS stuff from Borgen. For example, for some players it could be almost impossible to purchase items like Thunderbolt, but if they could purchase a lesser version with Clan Points that might be a nice option. And maybe there could be other requirements to purchase those pieces, like needing a full set of Slayer or Oracle or something instead of simply getting to MO that may help with balance issues.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 28th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments


Add a wiki page with all the probability of something happening e.g Ancient Coin Drop Rate

Submitted by Guest on Aug 10th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Clan Members in Zone

Since zones are instanced by level, you can't tell what clans are active in a zone. Below the Clan Control info there should be a message that shows the number of members in the zone for each clan. It would help gauge what the competition is like for control over each zone other than only the current kill target. This count would span all instances.

Ex: "Clan members in this zone: RaZR (2), BEST (1), ELXR (3)"

Submitted by Guest on Aug 3rd 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Watchable ads to support the dev

Although 99% of the players don't spend money on the game, I definitely think that a majority of the players are those who cannot monetarily support the game directly. For such people, it would be amazing to have an option to willingly watch ads daily, just to support the dev with a tiny bit of revenue. Maybe it won't be much, but it will be something.

Submitted by Guest on Jul 25th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Lottery Leaderboards

Although this addition would be luck-based unlike most of the other leaderboards, it would be cool to see who has won the most lotteries and who has won the biggest pots of ac and the amount. If this data isn’t recorded or retrievable, it could be implemented at the start of the next season.

Submitted by BlkDiamond6 on Jun 24th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Shop Sales

Being able to view the items that are sold would be quite beneficial in players learning which items sell best for them. Many times I would like to know what stats this item had that I had sold are but it is gone in the wind!

Submitted by Guest on Jun 24th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Shop management tweaks

I tried to think of some simple stuff that would make editing shop inventory a little easier without changing it entirely. Here’s some option I thought of:

1. Add the ability to lock/unlock all items currently in shop inventory (the ones with the green star)

2. Be able to select by item type (primary, class item, heavy weapon...) and be able to lock and unlock all of these items.

3. Be able to lock all items of a given color.

These are three different ways to be able to make editing inventory a little easier that I hope wouldn’t be terribly hard to add. I would think having one of these would be good. This would still require us to manually sort through and dismantle the ones we don’t want to put in our shops. But for adding items or refreshing stock I think these might help. 1 is my favorite because it wouldn’t interfere with like armies that people actually want to keep either way.

The other tweak possibly could be to have a favorite ability along with locking. So like slayer sets, oracle sets, so on, we could favorite those and favorite can’t be accidentally dismantled either, but wouldn’t be accidentally unlocked and dismantled. This feature would probably be needed with option 2, and maybe 3 but probably not, because it’s a bulk lock/unlock for everything my item type. Maybe even a place to just look at favorited gear instead of everything. So ya shop keepers don’t have to scroll through 500 items or something to equip our different sets.

There’s a lot here I know, but I think overall they aren’t terrible changes. Open to feedback from others though this is just my take on it.

Submitted by TheThird0ne on Apr 15th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Clan Controlled Areas

I think it would be cool if there was a small reward for the clan who controlled the most areas at the end of the week (maybe some drachma or 5 ac to each member.. something small to keep everyone competitive) :)

Submitted by pseudocamelot on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments


Prohibit dismantling Kratos of any type if you only have 1 Kratos of any type.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 2 Comments

Page transitioning

Not sure how plausible it would be, but somehow make all the fight/area transitioning within the game and instead of being within another page, as it clusters History quite a bit.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Lottery Report

Be able to see who won the lottery in the last X hours and how much.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Sellable un-Decoded Memories

Allow heroes to sell un-Decoded Memories in Hero Shops.

This would benefit in multiple ways:
-Max DR players could buy them to replenish shop
-Max DR players could sell them to generate AC
-Not Max DR players could buy them to rank up DR
-Not Max DR players could buy them to roll the dice on not-as-nice gear (as Max DR gear)

Allow it for sale for cheap and it would generate income for all shops selling, while also being beneficial to potentially any shop.
(e.g. Yellows for 10 AC, Reds for 5 AC, Purples for 3 AC, Blues for 2 AC, Whites for 1 AC)

This would create a smaller barrier-of-entry market that would not require a DR rank to sell (or buy), but would benefit literally everyone (whether buying or selling them).

Submitted by Guest on Sep 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Gambling System

Imagine all the AC people would spend. A great way to get the economy flowing. You could have various prizes such as xp, more AC, colors for your nametag, and more. If nothing else, it can be used as a valuable lesson to teach people gambling is almost never the answer ;D.

Submitted by Guest on Aug 1st 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Tiered/Longevity Triumphs

Color or picture of the triumph could change when hitting each tier. Perhaps tier specific emblems/backgrounds/name colors could be unlocked when hitting a specific tier. For example

100,000 -> 500,000 -> 1,000,000 kills etc. Tiers could go up to 10 and some new unlocks when reaching said tier.

New name color could be, reach tier 5 on 5 different triumphs. Just another little something that the hardcore players can grind for that can differentiate them a little more from casual players. Hitting a tier 10 in any category could reward AC or something.

Submitted by wsey54

Submitted by Guest on Aug 2nd 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Timed boosters

The ability to convert through booster shop your current boosters for same type but timed boosters (10-20mins or w/e you consider best) so they have an use while kratos farming.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 15th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Clan Control competition

With the introduction of the new clan control feature, I think it could be interesting to hold a limited time event, maybe about a week, between clans to compete for amount of zones controlled. Maybe different planets could have different point values? Ie a zone on earth is 1 pt, and MO zones are 5 each based on difficulty of planet.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Clan perk

Change color of occupied area to Yellow instead of blue when another clan is close to stealing your area with a pop-up notification. (make this a purchasable perk with a threshold setting of 50/100/150/200 kills?)

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Clan perks

Require purchasing clan perks with CM + infusion materials (thus requiring players to fight in other areas and not just sit and control x planet)

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

New Event

So I have had this idea a while and figures since this exists I can see at least if anyone else likes it. What if we had an event that randomly spawned in a named enemy like Randal the Vandal, but to a random location. He wouldn’t be as strong as a PE so new players could still kill it. It could have a special item drop or maybe just an achievement. Don’t think it would warrant a triumph. Maybe even like an emblem unlock after a few kills.

It would pop up in chat only just like the vendor sale, and not a banner so only people in chat would see. It would probably be better to randomly pop up, instead of on the hour but I know on the hour would be easier.

There is just not really an enemy you have to go hunt down other than bounties but those still tell you where to find them. This is just the basic concept so anybody else that has ideas to make it more fun I’d love to hear them.

Submitted by TheThird0ne on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 2 Comments

Clan Gear

Just throwing out some ideas.

Keep the raised price.

Implement a kind of probation and incremental aspect too.

The probation aspect is people recently leaving one clan to join a higher one for discount. They can't purchase gear for X days.

By incremental aspect I mean the base set bonus is lower but increases to current over a period of time. Eventually you become vested. If you switch clans before vested, your clan gear perks reset and start ac-blam!-ulating again.

Submitted by Mykil on Apr 13th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Bottom Bar Customization Options

It would be great if we could either move the 'Today's Stats (etc)' info to the top or toggle the bottom bar (Drachma, LP, AC, VM) to show that (or other custom choices) instead.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 4th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Boosters in Combat

It would be awesome if the Combat screen would show what Boosters you have active (and how many hits/etc left). This can help avoid surprise crits because the Defense booster dropped, etc.

Submitted by Guest on Aug 4th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Decode items

A rare item that can be used to increase the chance of decoding a certain set. Idk just a random thought I had to help reduce grind RNG. It wouldn't guarantee a certain decode, but it would increase the chances.

Submitted by Kronos1307 on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Bobble Crawl

Bobble crawl should be no more than 30 min.
Bobble crawls should not spawn in a row.
Bobble crawls should have a limit of how many possible times it can accur in a day, (example: 2 times in a day max)
The chance also might get lowered a bit.

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Area control

When an area is stolen lock the previous clan out from attacking for x amount of time; (Potential Perk?) Give the clan a boost of some sort with a Revenge perk to attack their lost area

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
Discussion: 1 Comments

Quick Action Bar Notepad

It would be neat if I could put notes in the Quick Action Bar, like a little notepad only I could see. I could make notes about where I saw a rare, or where I needed to go for Titan Cards, or so on.

Submitted by Guest on Sep 16th 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Raids, Dungeons, Partys.

soo FS I talked too you back in the day about this topic during the drpg days. Now the time I think has come for the players to experience "six" man raids and dungeons which drop very vauleable gear for the self improvement of one's characters requires 50-85 for dungeons and 86-99 for raids. It would be a good team building idea. but also a good improvement for clans with the addition too adding party's for these players as we'll where do exp is shared for the clan members in a party for the enemy's they defeat on the same map together.

Submitted by Guest on Aug 3rd 2020
Discussion: 0 Comments

Clan stats and clan gear

To keep it fair with new players or new clans so that they can compete, I'm in favor of there being a reset of clan stats and gear either every month or every other month.

Clan members can earn a specific ranking in their clan to get them Clan Gear. The higher rank they get the higher tier the clan gear is. Clan leaders can get full leader gear and choose up to 2 of their best clan members who will also get full clan gear. Like a General and a Lieutenant in the clan.

Clan gear has a default value for all clans. All leaders have the same gear value as the Generals, Lieutenants and so on and so on... However by competing to against other clans, gaining better stats and controlling more areas, your default clan gear can be infused so that it becomes a much higher tier. Losing your position means you will also lose the benefits that came with that position.

Rankings as Generals or Lieutenants are just given as an example you could have a hero (leader) and sidekicks, or even better since we've got some mythology here we could have deities: gods, demi-gods, heroes, demons, followers...

Submitted by Guest on Apr 14th 2020
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