SwitchList.app provides Nintendo Switch eShop data including a full game database, sales and upcoming game info. Also, the app is a community system providing chat, messaging and LFG features for Switch owners.

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Suggested Improvements

Descriptions missing paragraph breaks

I'm looking at new entries like Saints Row the Third and Strike Suit Zero, and their descriptions are presented as one chunk of text whereas on nintendo.com they are split into paragraphs. Since it's not easy to sort by added-to-SwitchList date it's hard to say how long this has been happening, but it seems like at least a week (Deponia is affected and was added April 11). Probably same time other changes happened that screwed up SwitchList's data collection?

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Apr 18th 2019

Company pages

Right now we can select a publisher and it will show the list of games they've published. Likewise with developers. I think it might be useful to allow, at simplest form, a text description which could allow links to their official presences online. Web site, Twitter, YouTube. Would make it easier for people to see if they're talking about new games, patches to existing games, find official trailers (which can then be added to SwitchList), or whatever.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Apr 17th 2019

More screenshots

Maybe there's reasoning behind having 4 screenshots, but I wonder why not display just as many as Nintendo makes available? Checking for further shots there remains one of the few reasons for clicking away from SwitchList to nintendo.com.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Apr 17th 2019

rss feeds

Make rss feeds available for prices changes and new release dates similar to the twitter account and my for the personal wish list.

Submitted by M0UL on Apr 12th 2019

Searching Tools

Would love to be able to use multiple filters in searching. For example rating + price would be pretty awesome

Submitted by TheXvProject on Apr 3rd 2019

Make mass messages more obvious

This could just be on the writer's end rather than a system change, but: As is getting a message firestream sends to everybody looks no different than if he'd written it specifically to you. So it's weird when I get a message that seems to be asking for help by using ImproveLoop and I'm thinking "What? I've got like 30 things there."

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Apr 2nd 2019

Ability to make lists and activity private

I would love to have the ability to make a list that I'm creating private. I would also like to have the option of making my activity hidden.

Submitted by Thenerdbasement on Apr 1st 2019

BUG: Small wishlist summary

Viewing some people with small wishlists, here's what's shown at the bottom.

"1 games in Wishlist. That is INF% of the total games released ()."

"7 games in Wishlist. That is INF% of the total games released ()."

"13 games in Wishlist. That is 1% of the total games released (1916)."

So it looks like it has a little problem when a person's wishlist rounds to less than 1%? Looking for somebody with a small collection, at the bottom it shows

"6 games in Collection. That is 0% of the total games released (1916)."

So it's not a problem everywhere.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Apr 1st 2019

BUG: Clicking a filter in Wishlist tab hides all games in Collection tab

- go to My Games
- Click Wishlist tab
- toggle any filter (released or on sale)
- Click Collection tab
- it will say all your games are there (53 in my case) but it hides all of them

Just noticed while typing this that the filter is being applied by adding a search term (released or sale). It would be good to clear it when switching tabs.

Also a similar bug, if you click both toggles, it only applies the latest one instead of applying both.

Submitted by OJ7 on Mar 30th 2019

Database "Collection" issue

Not exactly a bug, but an unintended behavior I think. In the Database you can sort things in various ways and also narrow down to things in your collection by typing in "Collection", but games that legitimately have Collection in their name also get included. Mutant Muds Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection to name just two. Which means it's NOT really possible to narrow down to just our own games. Maybe our own games could instead be tagged with something like "MyCollection" that's extremely unlikely to show up in a title?

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 28th 2019

Notification of new demos

Most of the space on my 400GB SD card is being taken up by demos. I was abroad for a month, with a slow connection, so when I got back I searched SwitchList for “demo” and downloaded all the ones I was missing. I only want to have to do that once, though; moving forward, I’d like to be notified when new demos are added to the eShop. Thanks for your consideration and hard work!

Submitted by bleepnik on Mar 27th 2019

Activity tab enhancements

I like the activity tab, but I sometimes wish I could specify seeing a certain type of activity. Like not many comments are added to games in a day, but you'll rarely see them in Activity because adding things to wishlists or collections is a much more common activity which usually dominates the list of the last 25 activities.

Also, though it shows additions to wishlists and collections, it misses showing when someone adds a game to a custom list.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 25th 2019

Filtering in my collection

It would be great if I can filter out completed games or filter to just games that I am playing in my list. Maybe even sort by when I added the game to the list.

Submitted by Nemonyte on Mar 24th 2019

region eshop link

when linking to the eshop website. link the region based on the user settings.

Submitted by M0UL on Mar 20th 2019

Sale link region select

When posting the sale link it defaults to US pricing. If I post and don't no the region they would need to select the region. Having users that aren't logged in shown a drop down with a region selection would make the link more sharable.

Submitted by Shawndroid on Mar 15th 2019

Regional sale link

Sometimes I want to share a list of sales to friends, all of who live in Canada. But when I share using the link it shows US prices. Links that show regional prices if not logged in and keep that region set as you click on games.

Submitted by Shawndroid on Mar 15th 2019

More currencies

I'm a Swedish user, so my eShop displays prices in SEK. The app is awesome but it isn't very useful when it displays prices in a completely different currency from my own, so support for more currencies should be added.

Submitted by Huggan on Mar 14th 2019

Bug: DLC descriptions dropping characters

Comparing the SwitchList and eShop versions of DLC descriptions, it seems like the last character of each line/paragraph is being cut off. This is only the DLC, not main games.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 14th 2019


It seems as if many people (including myself) really had no idea how many great features Switchlist has when we first downloaded it. When I first downloaded the app, I didn't use it much because I didn't realize how many great features it had. It took me a few months before I revisited the app and really looked at what Switchlist could do. The number of people that download the app and then delete (or just don't use) after a short time might be decreased if a tutorial that highlights the many functions of the app is provided when the app is first downloaded. I for one would have benefited from this and probably would have used the app more when I first downloaded it.

Submitted by Gigabowser on Mar 13th 2019

Full database results for front page search

As is right now the site/app starts you in the Upcoming section. Using the search there will only return results currently in that section, unless there are zero. This seems to be one of the more confusing things for people unfamiliar with it, as we occasionally see in chat people wondering why something isn't there. It feels inconsistent that one can search for "Mario" and only get an unreleased 2019 game, but search for "Diablo" and get last year's release. I'd suggest _always_ having the Database Results section showing underneath the regular results for Recent/Upcoming/Announced. Or maybe at least once a certain number of characters has been entered (2? 3?), since having hundreds of results showing there wouldn't be so friendly either.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 13th 2019

Better "Back" when viewing screenshots

On the Android app if I'm viewing screenshots, pressing the default Android Back button once has no effect. The second push either exits the app altogether or backs out of the game entry entirely to the list I came in from. Usually the first, I can't accurately reproduce the second. Anyway, seems like the expected action would be that a single press of Back would be the same as pressing Close.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 12th 2019

Chat notifications

I'm not sure of back-end service used for the chat. I know a lot of us use @username to get someone attention. Is it possible to implement some kind of notifications for chat.

Submitted by JinOhChoi on Mar 12th 2019

Thumbs up/like feature in chat

I always like to let people know that I appreciate their comments in the chat, but I don’t want to clutter up the chat a bunch. A thumbs up or like feature would be great for this.

Submitted by Gigabowser on Mar 12th 2019

User Profile (Comments)

I love reading user comments. Would it be possible to be able to expand the comments on the user profile to link to the comments a user has made about a game.

Submitted by JinOhChoi on Mar 12th 2019

Japanese eshop Games

As per chat please add Japan eShop data/games into app. There are a lot of exclusives in their eshop not available in the western world.

Submitted by Jabz on Mar 11th 2019

Double click to Reverse sort on sale listings

Sometimes it's nice to reverse the order of a sort (like size of game) for example. Could you add the double click to reverse sort feature to the sorting links on the sale listings?

Submitted by UMFJackson on Mar 11th 2019

Price changes

There's of course a Sales section for games which have temporary price changes, but as is games that have a _permanent_ price change go under the radar unless you specifically check their price history. Might be good to have a list of recent price changes. Also, if someone has a game on their wishlist, it's probably worth notifying them of a new permanently lower price like it would if it was on sale.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 11th 2019

Cross region sales

Because the Switch is region free, I buy from several eShops depending on price. I’d love to get notified of sales across regions.

Submitted by JinOhChoi on Mar 10th 2019

Sales Voting

With the large list of sales each week, (189 games on sale at time of submission based on switch list). It would be nice to add some sort of vote or bump mechanic, so users can push up certain gems/deals to the community.

Submitted by rich on Mar 8th 2019

Prominent link in 'New Message' email

The link to the app is small and gray on gray text. There should be a link to the app in the text, preferably to https://switchlist.app/#!/messages.php. Perhaps 'Open the app' could be a link.

Submitted by Shawndroid on Mar 4th 2019

In-site links opening in current window

I have a memory of this being done before, but chat links to pages within SwitchList are currently opening in new windows rather than loading into the main section of the current window. Tested on Waterfox and Edge, with both http and https forms of links in case that made a difference.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 4th 2019

Import titles

I'd like to see some import titles listed in the listings. I didn't see if this was possible. Is it?

Submitted by 8biteric on Mar 4th 2019

Email resubscribing

As was brought up in chat today, if you unsubscribe from emails following the link in the email, it seems the only current way to fix it is admin intervention. I suppose it would be a good thing if there was a straightforward way of undoing the unsubscription.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Mar 1st 2019

List Suggestions

There's a "You Might Also Like" at the bottom of game entries, how about something similar for user-created lists? It could suggest other lists that share items in common with the list you're looking at. Looking at a list of Final Fantasy games might then recommend someone's list of top RPGs, or the list of PS1->Switch ports.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 28th 2019

Impulse Buy Notifications

Let Pro users sign up for an email notification of new sales below an impulse buy amount. Any games on sale below 5 or 10 dollars get listed together in an email at the end of the day.

Submitted by Shawndroid on Feb 26th 2019

Hide "not interested" games globally

I'm not sure where the "not interested" games are hidden but I would like to have them globally. Especially in the top games charts where I don't want to see games duplicated with special/ultimate editions. This can be as simple as collapsing the uninterested games and being able to expand them with a tap.

Submitted by OJ7 on Feb 24th 2019

Add text notes to individual games on lists

We can add games to collection/wishlist/custom lists and write descriptions of the list as a whole for the last group, but it would be good to have notes for individual entries. For Collection one might keep track of where they got the game, or if it's an import copy, or they have two copies, whatever. For custom lists sometimes an explanation of why something makes the list is good, or maybe why it's an edge case that almost doesn't make the list. For my list of grid-based battle tactics games, I'd make a note for games that are on a hex grid rather than a square grid. For a list of PS1->Switch games, maybe a note for a game that is itself a collection, about which games were PS1 to begin with.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 23rd 2019

Prices for other regions

I think having a way to display prices for other regions would be a great idea. I was just able to purchase Stardew Valley off the Mexican eshop for half the price that it is in the US by just changing my account region. I am also aware that Japan sometimes gets game releases earlier than we do here in the US and even get some exclusive games that you can't purchase in the US. I think a feature like this would benefit people like me greatly who are interested in scoring some good deals and are interested in finding games that they can't get anywhere else.

Submitted by MagnificentMike on Feb 22nd 2019

Add DLC as a Separate Listing

Add DLC as a separate switchlist entry so we can rate the dlc and add it to our lists and collections. Things like Splatoon 2 octo expansion, Zelda BOTW DLC, etc.

Submitted by Walktheplankgaming on Feb 22nd 2019

Switch Friend Codes To Games

I think it would be cool if you have added your ninteno switch friend code to your profile, that when you add a game to your collection, you would auto add your friend code to that game. So when you open up the game on switchlist, all nintendo switch friend codes would appear for those who own that game. Or you could have a separate button that you can request to add your friend code to the switchlist game. This would help find friends for a specific game. For example, I just bought diablo 3 and would love to find some more people who are playing it. If I could open up diablo 3 and see who has put their friend code in the game, I could add them and know that they are someone who plays diablo 3.

Submitted by Walktheplankgaming on Feb 22nd 2019

Light Theme

Right now everything is dark/gray and most elements are semi-transparent. It would be nice to have a brighter/light theme for the app.
I took a screenshot of the desktop site and inverted the colors just as a simple example (below link) but it can definitely be improved upon.


Submitted by OJ7 on Feb 19th 2019

More icons for custom lists

The ability to give custom lists icons is nice, but the list of options is pretty small and boring. More like "heart" and "star", less like "bag" and "bars".

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 17th 2019

SUGGESTIONS: "Physical" vs. "Digital" vs. "All" Database Filter, Pricing Data Change...

While importing my wishlist by hand, I noticed that some games were described as "physical" in the Database, but others weren't. This got me thinking:

10.) Are the games in your database differentiated by Physical vs Digital? Or are all games titles listed once in the database, and if there are both physical & digital copies the game specs will note that? My suggestion is to have it the second way for simplicity, but offer a toggle so we can filter the Database by Physical/Digita/All.

11.) But then this brings up another issue regarding pricing. Are the prices listed in Switch List only the eShop price of the game (even though there are game listings marked "Physical")? If this is the case, then the price alerts sent by Switch List would only take into account eShop pricing (and not physical pricing at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc)? I also assume pricing does not take into account physical game short-runs from Limited Run Games and other similar companies? The reason I ask is because as a collector, I prefer to collect physical games (and only buy digital if the game does not exist in physical version). The pricing information your app uses will affect the way I use your app's price alert system.

If you would like to brainstorm ways to solve these issues and/or implement these (or my previous) suggestions in your app, just email me. I have a few ideas, but won't bore everyone with the details here...

Submitted by Chokaay on Feb 15th 2019

DATABASE: Missing Games & Search Glitches.

This morning I got around to manually importing my wishlist (but not my game collection) into SwitchList, and found the following games are missing (or could not be found in your database):

- 39 Days To Mars
- A Class Otaku Kanojyo
- Afterparty
- Among The Sleep
- Atelier Lulua: The Scion Of Arland
- Baldo's Tale
- Baldur's Gate (Enhanced Edition)
- Baldur’s Gate ll (Enhanced Edition)
- Baldur’s Gate: Siege Of Dragonspear (Enhanced Edition)
- Bayonetta 3
- Blade Arcus Rebellion From Shining
- BlazBlue: Central Fiction (Special Edition)
- Bow To Blood: Last Captain Standing
- Clannad
- Crystal Crisis (Launch Edition)
- Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet (Collector's Edition)******
- Dead Or School
- DEI GRATIA In The Fifth Day
- Deponia
- Descent
- Digimon Survive
- Disney Tsum Tsum Festival
- Donkey Kong: Jungle Freeze
- Dragon Quest Heroes I & II
- Dragon Quest X
- Dusk Diver
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Remastered Edition)
- Girls Und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX
- Grand Guilds
- Grandia I & II
- Guilty Gear (20th Anniversary Edition)
- Hazelnut Bastille
- Icewind Dale (Enhanced Edition)
- Inazuma Eleven Ares
- Jenny LeClue
- Kill La Kill The Game: IF******
- Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries Of Fujisawa
- Langrisser I & II******
- LEGO Movie 2 Videogame
- Little Friends: Dogs & Cats
- Lost Castle
- Memories Off: Innocent Fille For Dearest
- Moero Chronicle Hyper
- My Girlfriend Is A Mermaid?!******
- Neverinth
- Neverwinter Nights (Enhanced Edition)
- No More Heroes 3
- Omno
- Our World Is Ended
- Panty Party
- Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire
- Pikmin
- Planescape: Torment (Enhanced Edition)
- Prodeus
- Project Ragnarok******
- Rad Rogers
- Resident Evil
- Resident Evil 0
- Resident Evil 4
- Royal Anapoko Academy
- RPG Maker MV (Limited Edition)
- Rune Factory 5
- Saints Row: The Third
- Samurai Shodown Spirits
- Samurai Warriors 4 DX
- SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays
- Shakedown: Hawaii
- Shin Megami Tensei V
- Silence
- Skellboy
- Space War Arena
- Speedrunners
- Stranger Things 3: The Game
- Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission
- Super Lucky's Tale
- Super Neptunia RPG
- Super Robot Wars T******
- Susanoh: Japanese Mythology RPG
- Tardy
- Terraria
- Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil Of Decline
- Trine: Series 1-3
- Truberbrook
- Ugly Dolls: An Imperfect Adventure
- Ushiro
- Vampyr
- Vasara Collection
- War Tech Fighters
- Warborn
- Wizard’s Symphony
- Wolfenstein: Youngblood
- WRC 8
- Yo-Kai Watch 4
- YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World

7.) Many of these are announced titles, but aren't available yet. Some are pre-orders. A few are announced only for overseas regions (denoted with ******). A couple are already released (in the U.S.) but still aren't included in your database. Where do you get your game listings from? Is it from Nintendo's official public listings: https://www.nintendo.com/games/game-guide?pv=true#filter/switch|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|release|des|-|-|- Or are these games from other sources?

8.) Another issue is that not all games show up when searched in Database. For example, the database has a listing for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, but it doesn't show up in the results when "Dragon" or "Dark" is typed in... I only found it after typing "Dogma". Subsequent searches for these terms show this game in the results now, but I don't know if that's because I wishlisted it. Another example is the game Forgotton Anne, which doesn't show up when I type in "Forgotten", but shows up when I type in "Anne".

9.) Another issue I encountered was that the search results that come from using the Search Bar on the Home Page vs Database page were different. I understand the Home Page search displays results from all different sections of the site, but that is no excuse to omit relevant results. For example, searching "Super Mario" on the Home Page omits New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (and probably some other games with the term) from the results, but it shows up when searching from the Database page. My suggestion would be to include all results on the Home Page as well (since that's primarily where users will try searching first). If the search results are too long, then you can list the top 6 followed by a "more..." link which will re-search the terms on the Database page when clicked... and do the same with all the other sections if they have more than 6 results.

Submitted by Chokaay on Feb 15th 2019

Wishlist sorting

Along with default alphabetical I think at least sorting by release date would be good. After the Direct I've got a lot of 2019 stuff on there, it would be nice to see them as they'll be coming. Price could be good, too.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 15th 2019

SUGGESTIONS: Change app message button from "Send R..." to "Reply".

6.) Change app message button from "Send R..." to "Reply".

Submitted by Chokaay on Feb 14th 2019

SUGGESTIONS: Create way to record multiple game editions, DLC, downlad/email feature, more user avatars...,

1.) Please add a way to record multiple copies of games in user's Game List.

2.) Please add a way to notate what copies they are (i.e. Standard, Limited Edition, Collector's Edition, International Version, etc).

3.) Please add a way to see what DLC is available for each game in database (if not available yet) and way to record which DLC you purchased for each game in your game list (can be as easy as a check box by each available DLC in the game).

4.) Please add a way to download/email your Game Collection List and Wishlist (preferably in CSV or other compatible Excel format).

5.) I just thought of this... please add a way for Pro users to upload our own avatars in the app, or add more avatars from popular AAA and indie Switch games.

Submitted by Chokaay on Feb 14th 2019

Make chat text box window overflow to multiline

When entering a large body of text in the chat window, it shows up as a single line of text. It's not too much a problem on desktop but it's harder to edit/view the message on mobile (only tested Android) as scrolling the text box is slow.

Submitted by OJ7 on Feb 14th 2019

Desired Price for Sale Alerts

Add an option to only be notified of a sale if it is at the target price that you specify. This would also be a good way to track how much I'm willing to pay for a game. Idea inspired by camelcamelcamel.com alerts.

Submitted by OJ7 on Feb 12th 2019

"Add to List" should be more accessible

Currently the process of adding games to a list is slow as you have to search for a game, click on the game, click on "Add to List", and then choose the list. The first step obviously can't be taken out but it'd be nice to have a button when viewing a list of games to add to a list. Similar to how the "Complete" and "Mark as Playing" buttons appear on My Games page, there could be another button (+) that shows a pop up with all of your lists and allows adding to it easily. Look at grouvee.com for an example on how easy it is to add to a list.

Submitted by OJ7 on Feb 12th 2019

Nintendo Labo

Sorry for the back to back submissions, however the Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons have yet to be added to the database (unless there's a qualification for games to be on the database I'm not aware of).

Submitted by penguin on Feb 12th 2019

A way to submit new games not yet in the database

I saw a YouTube roundup of recently announced games, went to SwitchList to add it to my wishlist, but it wasn’t in the db. Now I don’t even remember the name of the game anymore.

It would be nice to have a way to add new games to our wishlist that aren’t in the db yet. Even if it’s just some sort of private note for ourselves until you update.

Submitted by InfiniteHench on Feb 11th 2019

Link to profile from collections/etc.

I've just noticed that when sharing a collection URL, anybody will be able to see the list and the username attached to it--but there's no direct way to get to that person's profile to view extended information. They'd need to go to the Members section and type the username in. Making it more direct would feel more cohesive.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 11th 2019

More in-list sales notifications

Show the "X% off" small text for games in more locations, like Custom Lists and Collections.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 11th 2019

Game Screen Viewing

Clicking on any of the game screens always opens the first image, and then you have to scroll through all the images to get to the one you want. Since all images are displayed on the game page, it would be nice if the image you click on is expanded rather than it always being the first image in the group. Just a minor detail but I still thought I’d mention it.

Submitted by Gigabowser on Feb 10th 2019

The Game : Odallus: The Dark Call price not ok

I have a German account and the Game : Odallus: The Dark Call is available everywhere in the EU 9,59 € normal price 11,99 € and not 3,93 € and also in the UK the price is 8,63 £ .Hope admin or mode can change it please

Submitted by Chopper on Feb 10th 2019

Chat log

When chat is active it doesn't take too long for things to scroll to oblivion, so someone returning after several hours might miss a useful response. Would be good to have a place to look that could be counted on to save at least a record of the last day or two.

Submitted by JoshuaJSlone on Feb 8th 2019

Consolidate sale emails into one

Right now, you get an email for every single game on your wishlist that is on sale. It would better if you got a single email with a list of all of the games that are on sale at once, periodically.

Submitted by firestream on Feb 7th 2019

Top Games Under $ Amount

Under top game section, have list of top games in $20/15/10 categories, or allow the user to put in a dollar amount and show them the top games
Also the ability to only show indies, vs all would be nice

Submitted by rich on Feb 7th 2019

Community Lists

Allow users to make public lists that can be added to by others. Example, 2D Zelda-like Games. Anyone can add a game, and people can vote on how well they think it matches the list. Rank based on votes.

Submitted by Shawndroid on Feb 6th 2019

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