Currently the process of adding games to a list is slow as you have to search for a game, click on the game, click on "Add to List", and then choose the list. The first step obviously can't be taken out but it'd be nice to have a button when viewing a list of games to add to a list. Similar to how the "Complete" and "Mark as Playing" buttons appear on My Games page, there could be another button (+) that shows a pop up with all of your lists and allows adding to it easily. Look at for an example on how easy it is to add to a list.

Submitted on Feb 12th 2019 by OJ7


So part of this is I have a goal to add a long-press context menu to every game so that you can add it to a list, wishlist, collection, etc.

Submitted on Feb 12th 2019 by firestream

That'd be perfect! There are a lot of actions that are within the game page but having to load each one up slows down the process. I know this would definitely also be helpful for something "Not Interested".

Submitted on Feb 12th 2019 by OJ7