Ok. So the game has been here for a while. And there are necessary changes.
-Improved Shop System
Shops have been a staple of TC for a while. However, only taking AC is something poorer people don't want. So, maybe shops can take Drachma. It is useful for all stages, like runs, GT, and emblems*.
-Way to keep people playing
We have 71k players at the time of this message. Maybe 500 are active players.

*and hammy
(Or Anorak)

Submitted on Jun 7th 2021 by Guest


sorry but dramcha doesn't scale properly from mid to endgame. now imagine me farming for a few days for good yellows to be thrown in my shop then them being bought with drachma (something i can farm 25 trillion daily)

Submitted on Jun 7th 2021 by blastxcloud

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