I grouped this in one feedback because I feel it's too integrated to split. After Clan Control concluded, I feel there could be improvements to it that might make it more competitive but also make it a bit more fair for smaller clans. Although there are 30k plus registered players, the amount of active (or super active) players is a small percentage, making it a hard barrier of entry to anyone not in a top clan during that event. The following suggestions are based on that knowledge:

1) Reduce Clan size to 10 players. This helps increase the amount of competitive clans.
- Potentially add a 'Guild' feature that lets multiple Clans join a Guild. (Maybe only 2?) This would help with the desire to group up clans, but still keep clans as individual entities for items such as Clan Control.

2) Double the amount of reward tiers. (Same total amount given out as now, but with clan sizes halved, doubling makes sense.)

3) Once an area has been captured by Clan [ABC], then any other Clan trying to take it gets x2 points per kill. Clan [ABC] can still kill to retain, but gets only x1 points (current amount) per kill to fortify.
- This would help greatly with adding more chaos and incentive to competition. Even a smaller clan or less powerful one can fight with the more powerful ones and it keeps it more competitive until the very end.

4) Add a limit to how many zones can be captured.
- This would help greatly with competition. It was probably neat being part of a clan that took a dozen or two zones, but it only stifled further competition, and if someone couldn't be constantly active, they weren't tanking their clan as a result.

Submitted on Nov 30th 2020 by Guest


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