Pseudo Code
1. Enter 4 players(you can change it fs)
2. After 4 players select Accept, a countdown will begin
3. They will be brought to an area filled with mobs, they must clear it to pass and go to the next level
(60 mobs in 1 minute) The power of the mobs scale with the power of 4 players combine or as they rise through the floor, the mobs increase in power. Or the mobs on planets can be used. earth is floor 1-10 etc etc
4. If they die, a 10 second countdown will commence before they revive.
4. Or to revive, they could use revive potion drop within the dungeon.
5. prize is boosters to ac
6. Cooldown time of 1 hr to try again after all players died in the dungeon.

Or there should've a save point in the dungeon (5, 10, 15....) to know if they want to proceed or to the next floor
If they die, there could be a penalty in stats.
Dieng in the dungeon will drop the ac-blam!-ulated prizes
I think we need skills or lifeline uses in the dungeon so this idea could be far away but i hope fs notice this.

Submitted on Nov 29th 2020 by Guest


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