Multiple Cores Related Ideas:

1) It would be neat to tie a Triumph to hitting Max Cores.

2) When you hit that Triumph, allow a bump to the 'max' amount. Maybe double the Max?

As it stands, unlocking the Core limit when you hit God Tier seems a bit unnecessary (at least for now), as you're already at the most powerful gear level you can be, and it only makes you even more powerful. Adding an incremental update to Cores allotments along the way could help the more incremental gain of power, while still allowing for the achievement of God Tier to matter (uncapped Cores).

3) Please allow us to 'lock' (or whatever) the cores in our Inventory so that they aren't accidentally used after we hit the Core Cap. I can easily see that being infuriating if you accidentally tapped/clicked 'Use All' and wasted 100s of Cores.

Submitted on Nov 18th 2020 by Guest


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