The leap between Mount Olympus and Astral Plane is punishing and literally takes months of real-world persistent farming (even if going 100b a day, with Crazy Tapper, multiple transposes). This is further elongated by the reality that there are multiple people farming Zeus as the best source of XP, and only two Zeus' at a time (which is a massive improvement over there being only one).

I propose that after receiving the 1k Zeus Shard Triumph, you unlock a Zeus-Only area, or something like that, that is a stepping stone between Mount Olympus and Astral Plane, to help a bit with the grind to Onyx. It doesn't lessen the requirements, but gives you a more reliable source of XP. As it stands right now, burnout is very possible due largely to the scarcity of Zeus' for XP each day.

Submitted on Nov 18th 2020 by Guest


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