After the recent merging of RaZR and IRON, I had an idea for this. Instead of having 2 separate clans, the clan leader can request a merge with another clan leader to lump the clans together. Only clans in the top 50 (maybe 100) can merge. Here is an example. Lets say BEST and BCON wanted to merge. Firestream will send a merge request to pure fire x2. If Pure says yes, the clan merges and the average clan points is the clan points for the clan*.

*Rounded up

This means (At the time of writing) the clan total for BEST and BCON would be 17,596,483. Members for the merged clan go up to 40.

Clam merging is great for clan control weeks, and for having a larger clan.

Submitted on Nov 9th 2020 by Guest


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