Ya know. There should be a awakening system for gear and even the hero it'self. The hero thing like for example, the classes gets a higher percentage of the certain stat. You can awaken the subclass into a higher rank by "class points" then soon awaken that class into a "masterworked subclass". if you want you could even have the races have specification on a subclass Or even having a special subclass you can only get for being a supporter and or unlocking a triumph or achievement. And for the gear it would "awaken" meaning it would upgrade the rarity of the gear, in foreword to that you'd need to use that weapon for a ever long time including when you have enough "Gear points" you can upgrade it as long as you have enough drachma and materials. The materials become more rarer and more hard to find as the go on. And perhaps you could have a 'reroll set' option when going to a higher rarity? that way reds get the chance to be slayer/oracle upon upgrade. Also there should be like you said settlements put for only specific for that certain class or race. Like Athens or Sparta for example. Oh and you should have a contest for people to write a backstory for each race and how they came to be and see who has the best one and use it. or do a poll for the best one. So you don't have to worry about doing it all by yourself.

I think that wraps it up for the ideas i have. I'll try to come up with better ones if you think these are bad or if you need me to explain some things i will just message me on the titan conquest thingy and i'll try to message you back as fast as i can.

Safe travels my guy.
- Kade Tomorrow

Submitted on Oct 12th 2020 by Guest


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