Allow heroes to sell un-Decoded Memories in Hero Shops.

This would benefit in multiple ways:
-Max DR players could buy them to replenish shop
-Max DR players could sell them to generate AC
-Not Max DR players could buy them to rank up DR
-Not Max DR players could buy them to roll the dice on not-as-nice gear (as Max DR gear)

Allow it for sale for cheap and it would generate income for all shops selling, while also being beneficial to potentially any shop.
(e.g. Yellows for 10 AC, Reds for 5 AC, Purples for 3 AC, Blues for 2 AC, Whites for 1 AC)

This would create a smaller barrier-of-entry market that would not require a DR rank to sell (or buy), but would benefit literally everyone (whether buying or selling them).

Submitted on Sep 14th 2020 by Guest


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