The Trident was supposed to be the first of many Showcase Gear that was going to be introduced to the game. Basically, it's special gear that had a graphic show up in your profile if you acquired it. Would like to see the idea implemented and have more pieces of gear that were special and had unique attributes to it. One idea would be

Weapons/Gear that level up by getting kills/taking damage instead of XP. However they all start at base 1 and only level up base and take awhile to level up but have no cap. (would be good to acquire if God Tier doesn't have a cap on infusions or if you wanted infusions into a stat other than base.)
The rarity would also change after a certain number of base levels and gain random perks that match up with how many that tier can actually have.
For example, A weapon would start white and base 1 with one random perk after you acquire it. For every base level up, you would need to get 3500 kills with that specific weapon. Every 100 base level ups, it would get promoted to a new rarity, so 101 base would make it green, and a 2nd random perk would get added and so on. Highest Yellow Primary I've seen so far is 590 so it would take a couple million kills to get that high up. Gear that is already that high up is still usable right away, but anyone willing to grind this weapon up that high would eventually be able to have the strongest weapon in the game if they can keep at it.

Submitted on Jul 22nd 2020 by Guest


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