Woah, hold up! Before you roll your eyes at what you think is someone else wanting rewards for coming second last, just hear me out. Today I spent all my special and heavy ammo on the necropolis sentinel. 45 minutes in, 820,000 damage dealt out of 1,000,000 total and someone else got the kill. It's no wonder nobody else helped early on. My idea is simply that rewards are given based on damage dealt to bosses. I don't want the participation award, I want to guy who deals 1,000 damage and takes the kill to get less.
So, details: I have seen this implemented in a few similar games before. The whole server lags because the servers are trying to keep track of 60 players attacking one boss. But it should be possible if the server keeps track of damage dealt and sends rewards through the postmaster instead. This could also help new players out who die to a boss and then someone else defeats it. This is purely for bosses, not normal enemies.

Submitted on Jul 7th 2020 by Guest


not really related, actually. but i will be glad to help u hit the sentinel if u wish to. just pm me.

Submitted on Jul 21st 2020 by kingvin

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