These passive skills would start at level 1 and max out at 99. They would become increasingly hard to level as you move up in points and would impact different layers of the game and would be acquired via killing enemies. The mid-high range levels of skills taking a very long time to grind, making players needing to choose where they want to focus their time.

These could be some of the skills I can think of (change names how you see fit) :

Decoding - Very small chance to get a surge of decode points on decoding items on occasion (higher skill level giving a bigger surge).

Gear Forging - Minimal chance for decoded gear to have 1 random increased perk stat, higher than the normal (skill points could increase the range of the increased stat or give a higher chance of it happening).

Gold Rush - Chance of getting 10x gold on enemy kill on rare occasions.

Haste - Increases the speed in which you can kill enemies and move to the next monster (could be hard to implement since things are mostly already instant, maybe it could allow you to bypass enemy kill window sometimes for faster farming).

Double Strike - Chance to do 2 attacks at once.

Crit Surge - Increasing the overall damage of critical hits.

Skill ??? - Chance to gain increased xp on gear.

Regeneration - Giving you very low hp regen per battle or possibly increasing the amount of the Take cover heal.

Shop Storage - Every 10 skill points upgrading your shop storage by a small amount.

Bounty - Gives an added bounty quest starting at level 1 with slightly increased rewards (higher end skills giving substantial rewards, decent AC etc).

AC Rush - Small surge of extra AC on rare occasion.

Defense - Lower the amount of damage you take from crits, or maybe a chance to gain ?% defense for 10 battles when using Take Heal.

PvP Skills (more on this later when I submit my PvP ideas).

Submitted on Jun 26th 2020 by DragonWarrior7813


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