Some enemies inflict more damage when faced by a specific race/class
Some enemies gives more xp/drachma
Some enemies have more crit chance but low defense
Some enemies have double the chance to be enrage
Some enemies inflict Status effect more often than others
etc etc.

Public events or titans:
Aphrodite can inflict covet and will skip a turn
Apollo inflict sleepyness (make % of atk lower) has more HP than other titan
Ares inflict more damage (bash - 1.25x damage) gets enraged more often
Artemis inflict hex (make % of def lower) increase the evasiveness of this PE
Athena inflict dizziness (can attack self and/or other players)
Hades can negate the use of subclass
Hera call Zeus and use thunderbolt (rarely)
Hestia inflict burn (high damage first then gets lowered with each turn)
Poseidon can cause stampede (force to run away)
Zeus inflict stun (can't do action for 2-5 turns)

- Overlife

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