Land Grab- A large prize is awarded to the clan (clan-wide buffs, memories, or AC perhaps) that can get the highest net positive increase of territory. For instance: A clan that took 2 zones and lost none would win vs a clan that took 5 but lost 4. Ties would be broken by total kills in that span of time and perhaps kills in each zone would be reset for a short time to make it fairer and not have to take 30k+ kill strongholds. Optional, 1v1, or server wide? This might be a few hours long
1v1 Titan Beatdown- An optional, 1v1 clan fight. Each clan would have a mega titan spawn in a seperate arena and whichever clan does the most damage or kill it in a certain amount of time (tbd) wins. This mode would not have prizes so as to prevent boosting. Another option is to limit each player to a certain amount of time (5 min) or # of attempts (3) and give the event a 1 day limit so that as many people can participate as possible. Also, the titan could always do a set amount of damage per turn based on level so low levels dont get one shot and high levels arent unkillable. Perhaps no cover in this match.
1v1 Kill based War- Optional war in which the clan that gets more kills than the other in a set amount of time wins.

Submitted on Jun 18th 2020 by Boahp


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