1]In order to get to a new planet. Rather than having to grind for an expensive ship. Make the player interact with the game by giving planets certain requirements to enter. For example.

To enter Mercury.
Buy said ship(lower price)
Be level xx.
Kill xx amount of titanA
Kill xxx amount of mobC
Kill xxx mobs on planet X.
Have x purple gear.
Have decode rank xx

Something around those lines.
This would make the player interact more with the game, rather than just tapping at one spot for an overpriced ship.

2]{I know this is a long shot since its adding a whole new aspect to the game, but I will let this idea sit here}
2.Pet system with mythological creatures.

Pets can give you perk boosts.
Pets can be used to attack/heal(depending on the type of class pet)

1 pet per hero.
Pets can be upgraded with resources dropped by certain mobs
Pets will have their own icon,name,level,power displayed under your heros stats.

Pets can be bought only with drachma.
Pet resources can only be found through mob farming.
As the pet levels up, so does their perk boosts
Pets can have different unique icons that can be bought only with AC.

This way it will prevent the player from being lazy and using money to get stronger, it will make the player interact with the game more.

More details on pets will be provided if the idea will come into action.

I will write a fully detailed email then.
So far this is just a surface proposition.

Thanks for reading.
Hope this helps.

Submitted on Jun 17th 2020 by Guest


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