My idea is a gambit like gamemode,make it level bassed or power bassed. Then put the two teams on a random map area and make them attack certain amount enemys. Add mini bosses so its 5 out of 100 a normal enemy is 1 and a boss is 10 points get to 100 and you get the boss. The boss has to be immune to players till they find and kill its three envoys then everyone gets a buff and can attack it. After 25 seconds of attacking the boss it is immune again and you have to rekill the envoys and they get harder as you go. you get heavy weapon drops from enemys and so on. The more envoys you kill they stack and you deal more damage like,Envoy slayer x1 or x3 and the more you kill the more damage you do. after a every 30 kills your team can invade or they can invade you,and they get a sheild. Everytime they kill a player the score goes back 5,kill all players and it goes back 10. The players can gang up on the invader and when the boss is in play every death heals the boss. When the boss is dead that can be a win for that team and have two versions. Prime can be harder and one round who ever kills their boss in that round wins no retrys and the rewards are better. Normal can be three rounds first one to win two rounds wins.

Submitted on Jun 17th 2020 by Guest


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