Bounties are in a relatively good spot I think. But there are two things I'd like to reccomend.

First: The enemy in question for a bounty is somewhat more likely to spawn in the same location as the player. I have failed bounties simply because I could not find enough of the enemies even when checking every location any worlds they were able to spawn in.

Second: A once a day bounty that provides more Vanguard Marks. This would be a harder than normal bounty that gives you 1 hour to complete. Let's say it takes either a Titan of a certain level or difficulty or it takes more enemies than normal maybe twice as much. The rewards would also be comparatively higher. Instead of 5 VM you would get any where from 10 -20 depending on the difficulty. This would provide a somewhat faster more reliable method of gaining VM.

Submitted on May 6th 2020 by Guest


I would like to add that it would be nice for bounties to scale better with level, so that bounties are worth doing as you get to the higher levels and further worlds. I enjoy the side missions but dislike that it's not really worth my while unless there is a good booster in them

Submitted on May 8th 2020 by TheBeardedB

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