Just my initial thoughts and feedback on the new status effects, and some improvements off of the top of my head.

Overall I think its a nice idea, adds an extra layer of depth to the game and means late-endgame players can't just mindlessly click on PEs/STs/Titans. However I do think it should be limited to Saturn/Phobos and beyond, and not on the "starter" planets. I think that these effects could be too brutal against players just starting out and for those doing deathless runs, and could be a turn off for some just trying to get into the game.

General Feedback for all Effects:

The rate of infliction seems to be good, however the rate of it wearing off could use a bit more tweaking. Not sure if these are already a thing but I think it could help balance it out some more:

- If a player has multiple SEs on them, it increases the chance that one of the effects will wear off (maybe a 1.5x multiplier when inflicted with 2 status effects and a 2x multiplier when inflicted with all 3 effects) so that it's less likely that a player will be stuck with multiple SEs for long periods of time and be completely debilitated as a result.

- Make using "take cover" have an increased chance to remove a SE. not an insanely high chance but maybe 2-3x the chance for a regular attack to remove an effect.

- Have every consecutive attack where a SE is not cured make the next attack have a slightly higher chance to remove an effect (a small boost, maybe 1.025x the effect, but compounding so that after 30 battles the chance to be cured is doubled, after 50 battles the chance to be cured is ~3.5x etc) to help prevent incredibly long SEs that last for 100+ battles.

- After being cured from an effect, have a say 10-20 battle cooldown which prevents SEs from being instantly chained after one another.

Submitted on Apr 29th 2020 by CosmicThunder90


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