Hard Mode Kratos 99
Exactly what it sounds like. Get to lvl 99 with the Kratos (starter) in Hard Mode.

100,000 Items Used
Use 100,000 items.

10,000 K/D Ratio
Your K/D Ratio needs to be 10,000 or over to unlock this. Triumph lost if K/D drops below 10,000. Triumph regained if K/D gets back over 10,000

200 Shards of Zeus
Get 200 Shards of Zeus.

10,000 Titans Killed
Kill 10,000 Titans.

1 Trillion XP
Have over 1 trillion XP.

500 Avenged Heroes
Avenge 500 heroes.

Submission by Conquestlord

Submitted on Apr 21st 2020 by Guest


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