In an attempt to figure out ways to make the supporter status more appealing but not conflict with subscriber status. Somethings I thought about I will list.
1.1st reset of a hero is half off.
I have had to reset hero's I don't know how many times.. Especially on deathless.

2.Give a 1-2% discount on the shipwright and weapons shop
While not financially helping the game, they are helping by leaving a review and that has to count for something. With the discount, that might make someone wanna spend that 5 bucks to get something cause its within their range. 50% of something is better then 100% of nothing

3.Ability to salute two times.
While not amazing and mainly looked over.. Supporters could render to salutes. They could not salute the same person twice, but may salute two separate people.

Submitted on Apr 21st 2020 by Pure fire x2


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