I was looking through the leaderboards and came up with some ideas for triumphs based on the LBs that aren't linked to a triumph/name colour already.

1 Million DMG in a Single Hit - Self explanatory, just hit at least 1 million dmg in one a hit, based on the Highest Attack Made LB

24 Hour 99 - Achieved by reaching lvl 99 within 24 hours of hero creation, not an incredibly difficult triumph, more in the middle in terms of difficulty, could serve as a good introduction to speedrunning, based on the Time to Level 99 LB

10 Heros / 10 lvl 99 Heros - have either 10 heros or 10 lvl 99 heros on your account, I'm leaning towards 10 99s as it won't disadvantage s2 players who can only have one non-99 hero while s1 players can have two, based on Most Heroes LB

These 3 triumphs would also bring the total to 20 triumphs in the game, a nice even number compared to the 17 currently.

Hope you like this suggestion :)

Submitted on Apr 21st 2020 by CosmicThunder90


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