An interesting few ideas i havent spoken of that TheThird0ne reminded me of is
1: make gear management screens per slot instead of all weapons or all armor
2: seperate gear into pages so you arent just seeing the first 100 (both for gear management and for shop management and for vault management; see suggestion 3)
3: bring vaults back to some degree, e.g. each hero has a "shop storage vault" that anybody with a shop has an addintional set of options to mass decode gear Directly into the vault instead of clogging your gear management screen with gear you dont want to use yourself, and will help make switching gear sets less of a pain to do when youre running a large shop since only the gear you want to use will be in your inventory and the gear in your vault is reserved for the gear you want to sift through to sell.

Submitted on Apr 20th 2020 by Pirolamb


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