It could be based on collateral and certain defined valuations.


X has a Thunderbolt but doesn't have enough AC on hand for a new item he wants that costs 6000 AC. This second hand Thunderbolt is valued at 80% of standard shop value, so 8000 AC. The system has a 5% transaction fee on the base, so X needs 300 AC on hand first to get the contract approved. Including 10% interest, X owes Y 6600 AC by date Z or they gain the ability to call the loan in and liquidate. If X hasn't paid up and Y exercises the option, the Thunderbolt would become 8000 AC... 6600 going to Y and 1400 to X.

Drachma, different cores, different memories, vanguard marks, etc could have defined relationships to AC too.

Submitted on Apr 19th 2020 by Mykil


While an interesting idea, I dont believe that a loan system should be within the game. Mostly because ancient coins can be bought with money, it is not good for things that can be bough with money to be loaned out within the game.

When it comes to drachma, i still don't believe so since there are some just chillin with billions and some with trillions in drachma they could easily provide a loan to get people to MO.

Submitted on Apr 20th 2020 by Pure fire x2

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