With the newly proposed Clan Control system, a benefit to it could be used with a Clan arena. The rewards would no longer be red memories, but instead a clan currency. 1st gets 1000 2nd 500 3rd 250 or whatever. This currency can be used to do different things; summoned titans in a clan exclusive zone the drops different things for everyone in the clan. Power titan costs 500 points and drops 10 Attack Cores for everyone! Legendary Titan for purple memories, etc. Better rewards are harder titans and cost more points. Would also promote clans co-ordinating times when they can have the most members on to gain rewards. Would also allow the event to stay 24/7; you don't want to worry about the special titans? Don't worry about zone control. You want to summon that Paralos titan for 2500 points to get that final item to ascend to God Tier with your clan? Farm those zone kills baby!

Submitted on Apr 19th 2020 by Guest


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