With the clan control release. This suggestion comes from the fact that some places are easier to take them others. Scaling it correctly would make a lot of these higher places a lot more valuable since they are the same bonus as collecting lower planets..
Since enemies on earth are so easy, its easy to bang out 1000 kills. Now this creates a lot more of a battle for those places, but with places like Mount Olympus, or the underworld. it should be dropped for the number of required kills or at the very least get a higher bonus upon collecting the place..

Submitted on Apr 17th 2020 by Pure fire x2


Change kills to points so
You could have 1 hit kills get 1 point, 2 hit kills get 2 point, upto 10 hit kills get 10 points, so heavy hitters get less kills.
Or make the the points a ratio of player power vs area power, so at MO those with 20K power get more points than those with 50K power.

Submitted on Apr 18th 2020 by Visneer

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