Similar to other ideas.
New type of item drop from kills 'Clan Items', e.g. broken gear, hide, junk, etc.
Memories have a chance to be 'broken' when decoded at high DR level or Player Level.

New clan buildings, purchased with CM.
Reprocessing plant.
Used to breakdown 'Clan Items' into raw materials.
Upgrade to get additional reprocessing lines, to allow more than one item type to be reprocessed at a time.
Used to turn raw material into usable gear.
Upgrade to produce different types of gear.
Where Clan members can put 'Clan Items'
Upgrade to increase storage level.

Buildings are upgradable using raw materials.

When Skills are implemented, have skills to:
Decrease wastage when reprocessing.
Decrease reprocessing time.
Decrease the materials required for an upgrade.
Increase the gear level that can be made.

Submitted on Apr 17th 2020 by Visneer


Update - Additional
(See Clan treasury suggesion) this would fit well as a new building.
Have seperate GT buildings that required high upgrade normal buildings.
Clan controlled areas to drop higher value 'Clan Items', but the drop rate decreases as the number of controlled areas increases, this would add some additional tactis to the game.

Submitted on Apr 18th 2020 by Visneer

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