I think adding perks to clans could be interesting. Each rank up provides one clan token. Clan leaders/managers can then use those tokens to purchase clan perks. I.e. +1% bonus drops in controlled area, or +1% drops per clanmate in same area. Nothing too op, but definitely an added benefit.

Submitted on Apr 15th 2020 by Kronos1307


For sure a great idea! But, Instead of making it were you get 1 token per level, maybe use Clan marks? Clan Marks really don't have a great use after buying clan gear, so as players battle, They can donate clan marks to the clan and have them used for perks.

Submitted on Apr 15th 2020 by Pure fire x2

As an addendum then, clan marks could be used to purchase tokens? I'm thinking unless upgrades were really expensive, clan marks are too easily obtained to be buying buffs. Or there could be two trees, one for marks, one for tokens.

Submitted on Apr 15th 2020 by Kronos1307

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