I tried to think of some simple stuff that would make editing shop inventory a little easier without changing it entirely. Here’s some option I thought of:

1. Add the ability to lock/unlock all items currently in shop inventory (the ones with the green star)

2. Be able to select by item type (primary, class item, heavy weapon...) and be able to lock and unlock all of these items.

3. Be able to lock all items of a given color.

These are three different ways to be able to make editing inventory a little easier that I hope wouldn’t be terribly hard to add. I would think having one of these would be good. This would still require us to manually sort through and dismantle the ones we don’t want to put in our shops. But for adding items or refreshing stock I think these might help. 1 is my favorite because it wouldn’t interfere with like armies that people actually want to keep either way.

The other tweak possibly could be to have a favorite ability along with locking. So like slayer sets, oracle sets, so on, we could favorite those and favorite can’t be accidentally dismantled either, but wouldn’t be accidentally unlocked and dismantled. This feature would probably be needed with option 2, and maybe 3 but probably not, because it’s a bulk lock/unlock for everything my item type. Maybe even a place to just look at favorited gear instead of everything. So ya shop keepers don’t have to scroll through 500 items or something to equip our different sets.

There’s a lot here I know, but I think overall they aren’t terrible changes. Open to feedback from others though this is just my take on it.

Submitted on Apr 15th 2020 by TheThird0ne


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