So I have had this idea a while and figures since this exists I can see at least if anyone else likes it. What if we had an event that randomly spawned in a named enemy like Randal the Vandal, but to a random location. He wouldn’t be as strong as a PE so new players could still kill it. It could have a special item drop or maybe just an achievement. Don’t think it would warrant a triumph. Maybe even like an emblem unlock after a few kills.

It would pop up in chat only just like the vendor sale, and not a banner so only people in chat would see. It would probably be better to randomly pop up, instead of on the hour but I know on the hour would be easier.

There is just not really an enemy you have to go hunt down other than bounties but those still tell you where to find them. This is just the basic concept so anybody else that has ideas to make it more fun I’d love to hear them.

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by TheThird0ne


Soooo like war mech or server hamster?

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Kronos1307

Kind of but I was thinking more of an event. Plus if the alert for this thing is only in chat it might bring some people into chat that normally don’t hangout there. Which I don’t think is a bad thing at all. And there would only ever be one of these things at a time. Preferably in the 99 instances only, so I guess it being able to be killed by new players wouldn’t matter.

Submitted on Apr 15th 2020 by TheThird0ne

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