* **Wall of legends:** *So, our community is growing, we have hundreds of new players and our fantastic community is always attempting to help. But there are some within the community who have went above and beyond in learning the game, taking to it well, promoting, helping ETC. Unfortunately, One of the rewards that could come from it is becoming a vanguard, But Vanguard spaces are limited! So, I thought it would be cool to have a wall of legends.*

*The way it would work is, the member's have to be nominated and voted in and every month, we (the Vanguards) can hold a "yay" or "nay" vote on adding this person to the wall. The wall would include their emblem, date added to the wall, and what they were added for. Some of the ways to get added are as followed:*

1. Exceptional service to helping the advancement of TitanConquest
2. Being an exceptional leader within the community
3. Going above and beyond with promoting and learning of TitanConquest.

This may be a great way to award those who put in the extra effort and should have the recognition within our wonderful community

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Pure fire x2


I love this. It would give people an incentive to put in work to making this game even better!

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by pseudocamelot

I think it would benefit to call it "Awoir's Wall of Approval"

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Awoir

I like this idea a lot! The vets always try to help a lot, also i've seen newer players try to help a bunch too and recognition makes people feel good!

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Darth

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