Make it required to have the Light Seeker ship in order to purchase Yellow gear from the Clan shop and Hero shops. This will give Reds more of a meaning again, and require some of the grind that used to be there to get to Underworld, and then to Mount Olympus. It will also make getting to Mount Olympus more rewarding again.

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Bhelogan


I'm a definite fan of this idea, along with potential nerfs to Godly Clan gear to keep it from trivializing the normal Godly grind.

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by LeafOnTheWind

I can agree with this. But I also think that a slight nerf and a price hike could also be beneficial. You could make it were clan gear is the only godly gear obtainable outside of MO.

That way, people can get a taste of godly but cannot get the good godly stuff like slayer from player shops till they get to MO. Youd also have to eliminate things like the Thunderbolt from events to keep fairness.

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Pure fire x2

Possible reset the CLAN godly gear and make it so it can't be infused? Infused set of regular red would be better than.

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Awoir

Pure fire x2 - No, that defeats the purpose. The place of the Clan Godly right now is decent, but not better than a good DR Slayer or Oracle set. So, you still have somewhere to go after you could get it, under my proposal. It would be better to have maybe a RED clan set that is only unlockable after you get to UW, than to just try and rebalance the clan Yellow set, but not lock it the same as any other yellow gear.

I'm Ok with Thunderbolt, or the yellow memory from the Shrine of Zeus story still being available to non MO players.

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Bhelogan

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