To keep it fair with new players or new clans so that they can compete, I'm in favor of there being a reset of clan stats and gear either every month or every other month.

Clan members can earn a specific ranking in their clan to get them Clan Gear. The higher rank they get the higher tier the clan gear is. Clan leaders can get full leader gear and choose up to 2 of their best clan members who will also get full clan gear. Like a General and a Lieutenant in the clan.

Clan gear has a default value for all clans. All leaders have the same gear value as the Generals, Lieutenants and so on and so on... However by competing to against other clans, gaining better stats and controlling more areas, your default clan gear can be infused so that it becomes a much higher tier. Losing your position means you will also lose the benefits that came with that position.

Rankings as Generals or Lieutenants are just given as an example you could have a hero (leader) and sidekicks, or even better since we've got some mythology here we could have deities: gods, demi-gods, heroes, demons, followers...

Submitted on Apr 14th 2020 by Guest


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